Train trolley on tracks
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The clang of the trolley bell, the hum of the electric lines overhead, and the distinctive hue of the bright red cars – if you’ve ever wandered the streets of Disney California Adventure Park, you’ve undoubtedly come across the enchanting Red Car Trolley. Here’s an in-depth dive into this classic attraction.

Location: The Red Car Trolley runs a route stretching from the entrance of Disney California Adventure Park, passing through Hollywood Land, and terminating at the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction. Its placement not only offers practical transportation but also adds to the immersive atmosphere of the park’s different districts.

Average Wait Times: Generally, the Red Car Trolley boasts some of the shortest wait times among park attractions. On most days, you’ll be hopping aboard in just a matter of minutes.

Height Requirements: One of the great things about the Red Car Trolley is that there’s no height requirement, making it a family-friendly option for guests of all ages.

Single Rider, Genie+, Lightning Lane: The Red Car Trolley doesn’t have a single rider line. It also isn’t currently part of the Genie+ or Lightning Lane lineup, mostly due to its nature as a transport service rather than a traditional ride.

Rider Switch & DAS: Given its accessibility, the Red Car Trolley doesn’t typically require Rider Switch. The attraction is also DAS (Disability Access Service) friendly.

Best Times to Ride: While wait times are generally short, embarking early in the morning or later in the evening can provide a more intimate, less crowded experience.

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The Red Car Trolley is inspired by the Pacific Electric Railway system, which once sprawled across Southern California. Opening alongside Disney California Adventure in 2012, the trolley aims to transport guests back to the 1920s and 1930s, a golden era of burgeoning Hollywood glam and growing Californian infrastructure.

The design boasts meticulous detail. From the authentic wooden benches inside to the vintage advertisements that adorn the interiors, Disney Imagineers made a commendable effort to capture the essence of the past. The exteriors, painted in a vibrant shade of red complemented by the sheen of yellow and silver, add charm to the already picturesque streets of the park.

The Ride Experience

Boarding the trolley itself feels like stepping into a bygone era. The sound of jazz or swing music softly playing in the background, the friendly conductors in their period-appropriate uniforms, and the gentle rumble as the trolley starts its journey – it’s nostalgia personified. The route provides an ever-changing scenic backdrop, from the replica of Hollywood’s Carthay Circle Theatre to the bustling energy of Hollywood Land.

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Personal Experience

The first time I hopped aboard the Red Car Trolley, I was accompanied by my grandmother. She recounted tales of riding similar trolleys during her younger days. The joy in her eyes as she relived memories, combined with the authentic atmosphere, made the ride unforgettable. To this day, every clang of the trolley bell takes me back to that special afternoon.


The Red Car Trolley isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a time machine on wheels. Whether you’re looking to rest your feet or immerse yourself in the golden age of Hollywood, this trolley ride promises a heartwarming experience for all.

Train trolley on tracks
Red Car Trolley Ride Review