Man Arrested After Streaking Through “it’s a small world” at Disneyland

On November 27th, 2023, a 26-year-old male guest was arrested at Disneyland after removing his clothes and walking around the “it’s a small world” attraction nude. Videos show the man stripping inside the ride and wandering through the sets exposed before being detained by security. The incident has brought attention to Disney’s rules regarding proper attire and guest conduct, their security procedures, and the potential effect inappropriate behavior can have on the family-friendly environment.

Guest Behavior & Park Rules

Disneyland aims to maintain a casual, family-oriented environment and has established rules to ensure guest safety and comfort. This includes requiring proper attire like shirts and shoes at all times, even on rides. Guests over 14 cannot wear costumes, except during Halloween. The man’s public nudity clearly violated these policies. Some feel Disney hasn’t sufficiently addressed problematic guest behavior lately, so this high-profile incident and arrest may lead to stricter enforcement.

Security Measures & Response

Disney uses extensive security measures including uniformed officers, undercover personnel, camera surveillance, and more. Though specifics aren’t shared publicly, this allows quick response to disturbances. In this case, Disney security rapidly detained the nude guest on the ride and escorted him from the park. He was arrested by Anaheim police for indecent exposure and controlled substance intoxication.

Attraction with clock tower and foliage

Impact on Guest Experience

Disney emphasizes that “everyone has an important role to play” in maintaining a safe, respectful environment. Guest misconduct can negatively impact other visitors, marring family vacations. This shocking incident inside a cherished Disney attraction may have distressed or offended some riders. But will stricter enforcement of rules and security protocols help prevent such occurrences and preserve the parks’ atmosphere?

There’s only so much a Cast Member can do when they spot something like this. Cast Members aren’t allowed to detain guests, so they report the incident and wait for security. In the meantime, guests are exposed to whatever the situation is, in this case, a naked man. Being subjected to something like that can be very traumatizing to both young and old. 

Preventing Future Incidents

This disturbing event highlights the need for vigilance in maintaining Disneyland’s family-friendly atmosphere. While such occurrences are rare, even one incident can detract from guests’ experience. To prevent similar events, Disney may consider even stricter enforcement of conduct policies and dress codes. Security personnel can be stationed near problematic attractions.

Surveillance systems and rapid response protocols already in place should be regularly reviewed and updated as needed. Most importantly, Disney must continue emphasizing that visiting the parks is a privilege requiring respectful, responsible behavior. Guests must comply with rules so everyone can enjoy safe, wholesome entertainment. With cooperation from visitors and proactive measures by Disney, inappropriate conduct can be minimized.