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8 Tips for Going to Disneyland Alone

Going to the Happiest Place on Earth alone might seem like a sad endeavor, but it can actually be quite fun and rewarding. Sure, visiting Disneyland with your family is great, but some folks just aren’t able to do that, and that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go at all.

Of course, the experience is entirely different when you’re on your own. It’s easier to feel overwhelmed, and when unfamiliar faces surround you with no guidance from anyone you know, things can quickly become stressful.

Don’t lose hope, though. Here are some things you can do to make your trip to Disneyland alone more enjoyable even though you have no one to share it with.

8 Tips for Going to Disneyland Alone

Download the Disney Mobile App

Whether you’re going alone or with friends and family, planning a trip to any theme park is essential, and Disneyland is no different. With so many shows, attractions, street entertainment, and characters, having an itinerary will easily help you navigate the resort.

The Disney Mobile App is the best way to do this. It offers all you need to make your way through a day at the park, with features that help you find a nearby ATM, check the wait times for certain attractions, and even order some food from a nearby eatery with one press of a button.

Meet Cast Members and Interact With Them

Cast members are the backbone of all Disney theme parks and are there not only to provide entertainment, but to assist you when you have a question about an event or attraction, need directions, or just want to know where the tastiest food is.

Spending just a little extra time with a cast member will make your day more magical, and it’ll make theirs better too. You’ll be able to trade pins with them, take a photo with them, and even ask for a celebratory button.

Your Food is Your Food

That means no sharing with friends or family members. When you’re at Disneyland by yourself, you can think of all restaurants, food stalls, and eateries as personal buffets for one, and you’ll have total control of the menu.

It also means that you won’t have to stop at any of the kid-friendly food stops, like hot dog stands, and can instead make your way to the jambalaya from the French Market Restaurant. Eating for one is also much cheaper – great for the tourist on a budget.

Make Use of the FastPass

In theory, going to Disneyland by yourself means you have more access to the attractions. However, you may get frustrated by maintenance being done on an attraction, long lines, or a special event happening at the park.

The FastPass is the best way to circumvent these problems and helps you cut the long queues. Essentially, the FastPass system holds your place in line – all you need to do is find a kiosk at one of the participating attractions, scan your ticket, and you’ll get a return time.

When you return at the time specified, you will be shown to a shorter queue that is separate from the standing line. Be sure to download the Disney Mobile App so that you can determine which attractions use FastPass.

Ride the Single Riders

This is another great way to get around those long attraction queues. They’re great for going to Disneyland by yourself because… you’re by yourself. There are plenty of attractions that have single riders, which will significantly reduce the time you spend waiting.

In Disneyland Park, these rides are Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. At Disneyland California Adventure Park, they are the Incredicoaster, Goofy’s Sky School, Radiator Springs Racers, and Grizzly River Run.

Go to Some Live Entertainment

Most people that visit Disneyland want to see the larger entertainment shows, like the parades, fireworks, and stage shows. However, there are also entertainers scattered throughout the park. They can be found doing things like dancing, singing, and coaxing guests with their performances.

There are a number of these acts that are continuously being performed during the park’s open hours. At Disneyland Park, you can find the Dapper Dans, the Hook and Ladder Company, the Bootstrappers, and the Refreshment Corner Pianist.

At the Disneyland California Adventure Park, expect to find the Red Car Trolley News Boys, Five and Dime, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!

Talk With the Characters

One of the most magical moments during any trip to Disneyland is meeting your favorite Disney characters. It’s no less magical when done alone, and it can be pretty fun to try and find rare characters that are out for a short time each day.

Even if you aren’t able to find Edna Mode or Jack and Sally, you’ll still feel like your child self when you ask Mickey to sign a souvenir. The Disneyland Mobile App lists some of the character meet-and-greet times, as well as on the daily guide.

Take Your Time

Visiting Disneyland is not an everyday experience, and you’ll want to savor it as much as you can. If you look past the characters and thrilling attractions, you’ll find a completely different side to Disneyland – a side that lets you slow things down and take a walk to enjoy the more relaxed experiences. Try to spend a few extra minutes to look for these special places and interactions.

Wrapping Up

Going to Disneyland alone is not a lonely experience. In fact, it’s something to enjoy and savor. It gives you time to visit all of your favorite places without having to worry about keeping up with family members or friends, and the less-rushed feeling allows you to really take in the magic of the place.

You can spend your money the way you want to, and pick up as many of your favorite souvenirs as you like. We hope that this guide has been helpful and has inspired you to take a trip to Disneyland by yourself!