Park Savers: 3 Must-See Attractions at Disney World

Family and friends alike have encouraged you to plan a family trip to Disney World, and you’re finally doing it. Congratulations! But the more you hear various suggestions about what to do, the more overwhelmed you feel. Don’t worry — you can simplify your trip by focusing on a few core activities that you simply shouldn’t pass up at this Orlando park. Here’s a look at three things you must make time for when you visit Disney World, according to Park Savers.

    1) Yo Ho

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has been around for a few decades, but it remains among the most popular ones at Disney World. What’s truly intriguing about it is that it was a popular ride way before the movie by the same name came out. In fact, it inspired the flick starring Johnny Depp. It’s just another reason why you shouldn’t overlook it when you head to Disney.

    2)Typhoon Lagoon

If you love water and you live rides, then the Typhoon Lagoon is the perfect place to enjoy the two together. It’s a thrilling and spectacular water park that’s known for its whimsical and evocative seaside theme, combined with its lazy river and beautiful flora canopy. One could argue that it’s the best water park on Planet Earth, and we’d agree.

    3)Tower of Terror

Looking for a thrill? Be sure to stop by this attraction. It’s a drop tower ride with special effects that’ll make you feel as though you’ve entered The Twilight Zone. You can’t beat that.