Patrick Wartburton Surprises Fans at Soarin’ Ride

Disneyland Resort is a place where dreams come true, and on March 15, 2024, a group of lucky guests experienced a truly magical moment. As they prepared to board the beloved Soarin’ Over California attraction at Disney California Adventure Park, they were greeted by a familiar face – none other than Patrick Warburton, the iconic voice behind the attraction’s pre-show safety video.

For over two decades, Warburton has welcomed guests to the Soarin’ attractions at Disney California Adventure and EPCOT in Florida with his signature “important safety tips.” However, this time, he decided to take his role as the Chief Flight Attendant to new heights by conducting the safety checks in person, much to the delight and surprise of the unsuspecting guests.

Patrick Warburton Returns as Chief Flight Attendant at Soarin’ Over California | Disneyland Resort

A Soarin’ Surprise

As guests lined up to board the Soarin’ Over California attraction, they were met with an unexpected sight – Patrick Warburton himself, standing in front of them, ready to deliver his safety spiel live and in person. The actor, known for his roles in shows like “Seinfeld,” “The Emperor’s New Groove,” and “Family Guy,” greeted the awestruck guests with his trademark charm and wit.” It’s just magical to see how beloved Soarin’ Over California still is after all of these years,” Warburton shared with the crowd.

 “I can remember my first trip to Disneyland at the age of five, and I continue to be a huge Disney fan, so to be part of a Disney attraction that has lasted this long has just been such a sweet and wonderful thing for me. “The surprise appearance was part of the celebration for the limited-time return of Soarin’ Over California during the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, which runs until April 22, 2024.


Fan Reactions

The reactions from the guests were priceless, with many struggling to contain their excitement and disbelief. Some were left speechless, while others couldn’t help but cheer and applaud the beloved actor. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Patrick Warburton standing there,” said one guest, Emily Thompson. “I’ve been riding Soarin’ for years, and his voice has become so iconic. To see him in person was just surreal.” Another guest, Jason Lee, shared a similar sentiment. “I’ve always loved his work, and to have him deliver the safety spiel in person was just an incredible experience. It really added to the magic of the attraction.”


Behind the Scenes

While the surprise appearance was a hit with fans, it was also a special moment for Warburton himself. In an interview with the Disney Parks Blog, he expressed his joy at being able to interact with guests in such a unique way. “Getting to surprise guests today was super fun, and it’s great to see the impact that this safety intro has made for the past 23 years and how people still love it,” Warburton said.

“It was such a blast getting to be the Chief Flight Attendant for Soarin’ Over California once again!” Warburton’s connection to Disney runs deep. In addition to his role as the voice of Soarin’, he has lent his talents to various Disney projects, including voicing the character Kronk in “The Emperor’s New Groove” and the Grand Macaw in “Elena of Avalor.”

Soarin' in Epcot at Walt Disney World

Media Coverage

The surprise appearance quickly gained traction in the media, with news outlets and social media platforms buzzing with excitement. Videos of Warburton’s interactions with guests went viral, capturing the pure joy and wonder of the moment. Entertainment Weekly praised the actor’s ability to bring the attraction to life, stating, “Warburton’s surprise appearance was a masterclass in immersive storytelling, transporting guests into the world of Soarin’ in a way that only Disney can.” Meanwhile, social media was flooded with posts from fans sharing their experiences and expressing their gratitude for the unforgettable moment.

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A Lasting Legacy

As the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival comes to a close, the memory of Patrick Warburton’s surprise appearance will undoubtedly linger in the hearts and minds of those who witnessed it. It was a moment that reminded us all of the magic that Disney is capable of creating, and the power of a beloved character to bring joy and wonder to people of all ages.

For Warburton, the experience was a testament to the enduring legacy of Soarin’ and the impact his voice has had on generations of Disney fans. “Nice work, Pal!” he exclaimed, echoing the iconic line that has become synonymous with the attraction. And for those lucky enough to have been there, it was indeed a job well done – a soaring success that will be remembered for years to come.



In a world where surprises are few and far between, Patrick Warburton’s appearance at Soarin’ Over California was a reminder of the magic that Disney is capable of creating. It was a moment that brought smiles to the faces of guests young and old, and a testament to the enduring power of beloved characters and attractions. As the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival comes to a close, and Soarin’ Over California takes its final bow (at least for now), one thing is certain: the memory of this unforgettable surprise will soar on, etched into the hearts and minds of all who witnessed it.