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SeaWorld Orlando Experience Guide

Want to make a splash on your next family vacation? Make your way to SeaWorld Orlando. Home to an ocean of undersea creatures, some truly impressive roller coasters and the kid-friendly Sesame Street Land. 

So, put on your Splash Zone poncho and dive into this guide to SeaWorld Orlando, Florida’s coolest theme park. 

Visiting SeaWorld Orlando

Is it a SeaWorld Orlando 2022 trip for you and your crew? Start planning your vacation here.

SeaWorld Orlando Hours

SeaWorld hours can vary greatly from day to day and even week to week no matter what month you visit. Seriously, there’s no real rhyme or reason – one Tuesday it’s 10 AM-6 PM, then a few weeks later it’s 9 AM-8 PM. 

Needless to say, if you’re hoping to have as much time in the park as possible – especially since most shows at SeaWorld last around 20 to 25 minutes – be sure to check the calendar when planning your visit. In general, SeaWorld Orlando opens at 9 AM or 10 AM, while park close ranges from as early as 5 PM or 6 PM at the beginning of the week to as late as 9 PM or 10 PM on Fridays and weekends. 

Getting to SeaWorld in Orlando

Whale in water at Seaworld

Located at 7007 Sea World Drive just off International Drive, SeaWorld Orlando is in the heart of tourist central. Best of all, at roughly a 16-minute drive from Disney Springs and around 20 minutes from Universal Orlando, it’s an easy add-on for your next trip to Central Florida

Parking at SeaWorld

Unfortunately, parking at SeaWorld Orlando isn’t free – unless you have a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Annual Pass, that is. General Parking is $30 per vehicle most of the year, or $35 if you visit during certain holidays. 

You also have the option to upgrade your parking. Preferred Parking spots are closer and just slightly more expensive, starting at $35 per vehicle, while the closest VIP Parking spaces nearest the entrance start at $45 each. 

SeaWorld Orlando Tickets, Annual Passes & Add-Ons

Wondering how much it costs to go to SeaWorld Orlando? Not sure what kind of tickets to get? We’ve got the answers. 

Overall, guests can choose between several single-day or multi-park tickets – or a Fun Card or annual pass, if you’re planning on going a bunch. Here are the current SeaWorld Orlando ticket prices when purchased directly through the park (or skip ahead if you’re looking for discounted SeaWorld tickets):

Single-Day SeaWorld Orlando Tickets

When it comes to single-day tickets, you’ll have to decide if you want to go the cheaper route and book a ticket for a single specific day or go for the more expensive – and more convenient – Any Day Ticket. Whichever option you choose, you can also opt to add on the All-Day Dining deal (more on that later). 

Stingray against tank

Since you need to choose a travel date in advance, standard Single-Day SeaWorld Tickets do take some planning. However, since prices increase during busy periods, you can really save some money if you’re able to travel during the slow season.

In contrast, Any Day tickets allow you to show up to the park any day you like within six months of purchase. But keep in mind that you will be paying for that convenience with steeper ticket prices. 

Single-day ticket prices, including taxes and fees, through SeaWorld Orlando are:

  • Single-Day Ticket – As low as $105.83 
  • Single-Day Ticket + All-Day Dining – As low as $143.10 
  • Any Day Ticket – $136.72
  • Any Day Ticket + All-Day Dining – $184.63
Multi-Park SeaWorld Tickets Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando may be the main event, but it isn’t the only aquatic-inspired destination in the family. Discovery Cove, an all-inclusive luxury theme park, and Aquatica, the brand’s incredible waterpark, are both right next door. Plus, don’t forget Busch Gardens Tampa, their wild cousin. 

If you’ve got time to see them all, or maybe even just one more, consider buying a Multi-Park SeaWorld Ticket instead. Just choose how many parks you’d like to visit – two, three or all four (Discovery Cove not included). 

Whale jumping out of water at SeaWorld

Multi-park ticket prices, including taxes and fees, through SeaWorld Orlando are:

  • Two Park Ticket – $137.31 
  • Two Park Ticket + All-Day Dining Deal – $190.82 
  • Three Park Ticket – $170.48 
  • Three Park Ticket + All-Day Dining Deal – $250.74 
  • Four Park Ticket: Unlimited Visits + Free Parking – $245.30 
Orlando SeaWorld Annual Passes & Fun Card

Like SeaWorld so much that you want to go again and again and again? You might want to buy a SeaWorld annual pass or Fun Card. 

Consider your SeaWorld Orlando Fun Card a less-powerful annual pass. In other words, while you can visit as many times as you’d like (sort of), there will be blockout dates. Plus, unlike an actual annual pass, you won’t receive merchandise or dining discounts or free parking. 

In contrast, along with your admission, SeaWorld annual passes come with a variety of benefits depending on which pass you choose, such as complimentary guest tickets, free parking & photo downloads, discounts, no blockout dates and much more. 

Options, with taxes and fees, start at:

  • SeaWorld 2022 Fun Card – $139.91
  • Bronze Annual Pass – $176.13 or $13/month + tax
  • Silver Annual Pass – $233.64 or $17.50/month + tax
  • Gold Annual Pass – $275.18 or $20.75/month + tax
  • Platinum Annual Pass – $478.65 or $36.50/month + tax

SeaWorld Orlando Discount Tickets

Don’t want to pay full price? Us either! That’s why we partner with Undercover Tourist to bring you awesome deals on SeaWorld Orlando discount tickets.

“How awesome?” you might be wondering. Well, depending on which option you choose, you could save over $50 per ticket, or up to $150 per annual pass. That’s a whole lotta cash for Shamu Ice Cream Bars! 

The tickets you buy with Undercover Tourist are the same ones you get when you buy from SeaWorld. And best of all, while SeaWorld dazzles you with reasonable rates only to surprise you at the end with taxes and fees, the price you see is the price you get, since all taxes and fees are included in Undercover Tourist’s straightforward pricing.

And for those who can only spend one day at SeaWorld, you’re definitely going to want to buy with our trusted ticket partner. Why? Because Undercover Tourist’s Single Day Tickets are actually Any Day Tickets without the ridiculously high convenience fee. We’re talking a savings of almost $39 per ticket! 

SeaWorld Orlando discount ticket deals currently being offered by our partner include:

  • Weekday Only Single Day Ticket – $85.19 
  • Weekday Only Single Day Ticket + Free Meal Voucher – $85.19 
  • Single Day Ticket – $97.97 
  • Single Day Ticket + Free Meal Voucher – $97.97 
  • Single Day Ticket + All-Day Dining – $133.10 
  • Two Park Ticket – $120.19 
  • Two Park Ticket + All-Day Dining – $154.60
  • Three Park Ticket – $150.45 
  • Three Park Ticket + All-Day Dining – $197.16
  • Four Park Ticket: Unlimited Visits + Free Parking – $212.79 
  • 2022 SeaWorld Fun Card – $112.91
  • 2022 SeaWorld + Aquatica Fun Card – $186.93
  • Silver Annual Pass – $204.96
  • 4-Park Silver Annual Pass – $327.50

Want to shop around and see what’s out there? You’ll also find discounted SeaWorld Orlando tickets through:

SeaWorld Orlando Ticket Add-ons

Want to spend more time going on rides and seeing the animals and less time waiting in line? Have plans to stay in the park all day long or just an especially voracious appetite? You might be interested in these ticket add-ons. 

SeaWorld Quick Queue & Reserved Seating

Quick Queue is SeaWorld’s answer to Disney Genie+ and the Lightning Lanes. Just like the name implies, Quick Queue fast-tracks you to the front of the line. 

There are a few different tiers available when it comes to Quick Queue, including options with Reserved Seating at SeaWorld’s animal shows and even line-jumping access at the park’s new Ice Breaker coaster. Pricing starts at $14.99 each (plus tax) for either Quick Queue Unlimited or Reserved Seating, while access to both plus one priority ride on Ice Breaker will run you at least $29.99 per person (plus tax). 

Quick Queue attractions include:

  • Ice Breaker – At least 48” (not available for all SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue options)
  • Mako – At least 54”
  • Manta – At least 54”
  • Kraken – At least 54” 
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin – Exhibit only
  • Infinity Falls – At least 42”
  • Journey to Atlantis – At least 42” (must have supervising companion if between 42” and 48”)

Animal presentations with Reserved Seating include:

  • Orca Encounter
  • Dolphin Stadium
  • Sea Lion & Otter Stadium
  • Ignite Fireworks at Bayside Stadium

While all those add-ons can really add up, especially if you’re traveling as a family, Quick Queue and Reserved Seating can certainly be worth the splurge if you’re trying to get a ton done in not a lot of time. 

SeaWorld All-Day Dining 

I don’t know about you but waiting in line in the hot Florida sun and screaming my head off on rollercoasters all day really gets me hungry. If you think you and your crew will be eating quite a bit while you’re in the park, think about indulging in the SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining. 

Walking around a theme park all day can really work up a hunger. If you think you’ll be eating often and a lot throughout the day, you may want to get the All-Day Dining Deal. For $47.92 for adults and $24.49 for kids ages three to nine (or $42.59 for adults and $21.29 for kids if you buy with Undercover Tourist), guests can eat and drink as much as they want all day long – with a few restrictions. 

Now, keep in mind that this is only going to be worthwhile if you’re planning on eating several times while you’re in the park or for those with big appetites. Consider checking out the menus and prices beforehand to get an estimate of how much you might spend to see if it’s worth it for you.

SeaWorld Rides, Shows & Animal Experiences

Similar to its sister park Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, SeaWorld Orlando celebrates the beauty of our world’s creatures – with a watery twist – while still bringing the fun of a traditional theme park. There really is something here for everyone, from families with small children to thrill-seekers, and, of course, animal lovers. 

If you’re visiting on a Friday or weekend from May 28 through September 6, be sure to end your day with a fireworks finale at the Bayside Stadium during Ignite, a dazzling display of pyrotechnics, lights and music.

SeaWorld Orlando Rides

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for a roller coaster fix or family in search of some kid-friendly rides, SeaWorld Orlando has it all. Get the lay of the land and plan your attack from the tippy top of the Sky Tower. Then, if you aren’t tired out yet from all that walking, get out on the water (and get in a calf workout) on the Flamingo Paddle Boats.  

Attention, thrill-seekers! While this aquatic playground may be known for its menagerie of marine mammals, it’s also home to some incredible thrill rides, including the all-new Ice Breaker roller coaster:

  • Ice Breaker (NOW OPEN!) – Arctic-inspired coaster featuring four launches, forwards and backwards, and the steepest beyond-vertical drop (93 feet at 100 degrees) in the Sunshine State
  • Mako – The tallest (up to 200 feet) and fastest (up to 73 MPH) coaster in a city filled with roller coasters, crowned the best coaster in 2021 by the USA Today 10Best Reader’s Choice awards
  • Manta – Swoop, soar and dive like a manta ray on this extreme coaster that even big kids will love 
  • Kraken – An intense floorless coaster that’s the only one of its kind in Orlando, truly befitting of its monstrous inspiration
  • Journey to Atlantis – Voyage into the sunken city of Atlantis – and get drenched! – on this log flume coaster

Opened in 2021, Sesame Street Land is a dream for little ones (and adults). Now, you and your kiddos can stroll down that famous street for yourselves and meet all the furry friends you’ve come to know and love along the way. Hi, Elmo!  

As you explore, be on the lookout for unique interactive elements that let you get hands-on with the world around you, like Bert & Ernie’s Doorbell and Elmo’s Window. And for even more fun, don’t miss the Sesame Street Party Parade for the chance to boogie to the beat alongside Big Bird and the gang. 

And for all the parents of children with autism out there, Sesame Street Land is designed with you and your kiddo in mind, thanks to sensory guides that outline each attraction’s stimulation levels. 

  • Abby’s Flower Tower – A pint-sized version of the Sky Tower overlooking Sesame Street Land
  • Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl – Mad Tea Party, Sesame Street-style 
  • Cookie Drop! – Kid-friendly drop tower starring Cookie Monster
  • Elmo’s Choo Choo Train – Mellow train ride with Engineer Elmo 
  • Rosita’s Harmony Hills – Hands-on play area with different musical instruments
  • Rubber Duckie Water Works – Water play area inspired by Ernie’s bath time pal 
  • Slimey’s Slider – Rock and spin around through Oscar the Grouch’s compost heap alongside his pet worm, Slimey
  • Sunny Day Carousel – Classic merry-go-round with cartoonish horses
  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby – Kiddie coaster helmed by everyone’s favorite fuzzy blue monster

SeaWorld Animal Experiences

While people may be screaming about SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters like Mako and Ice Breaker, you’ll want to be sure to slow down and enjoy the many incredible creatures that call the park home. 

Don’t let the extremely high speeds confuse you – SeaWorld is made for wandering. Take in the many wildlife habitats (either on your own or as part of a guided tour at an additional cost), toss fish to sea lions, high five stingrays, even eat alongside killer whales at Dine with Orcas.

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin – Five species of penguins
  • Dolphin Cove & Dolphin Nursery – Bottlenose dolphins, including mothers with their calves
  • Jewel of the Sea Aquarium – Jellyfish
  • Manatee Rehabilitation Area – Five-acre Rescue Center home to rescued manatees 
  • Manta Aquarium – Manta rays near the Manta roller coaster
  • Orca Underwater Viewing – Killer whales
  • Pacific Point Preserve – Sea lions (feeding available)
  • Pelican Preserve – Rehabilitated pelicans
  • Shark Encounter – One of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels
  • Stingray Lagoon – Stingrays (feeding available)
  • Turtle Trek – Sea turtles
  • Wild Arctic – Beluga whales and walruses

Want to see the animals do what they do best (and rest your feet for a while)? See one of the fascinating animal presentations. Keep in mind that depending on where you sit, you may get wet. So, choose your seats wisely. 

  • Dolphin Adventures – See the natural behaviors and charming playfulness of bottlenose dolphins
  • Orca Encounter – Watch the hunting techniques of the powerful killer whale
  • Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight – See the adorable and amusing California sea lions and Asian small-clawed otters in action 

SeaWorld Orlando FAQs

Still more you want to know about SeaWorld Orlando? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Does SeaWorld Orlando require reservations?

No, as of July 2021, you no longer need a reservation to go to SeaWorld in Orlando. 

How many days should you spend at SeaWorld Orlando?

Even if you don’t plan on visiting Big Bird in Sesame Street Land, there’s still a lot to experience at SeaWorld Orlando. Especially when you take into account that each of the shows last around 20 to 25 minutes and SeaWorld’s recommendation that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early (or earlier if it’s especially busy) to make sure you get a seat. 

If you plan you day out carefully, show up early and don’t mind doing some backtracking for the shows, you can get a lot done in one day. However, if you have kids and you’re planning on enjoying everything Sesame Street Land has to offer along with everything else, or it’s your first time visiting, you may want to plan for two days instead. 

Is SeaWorld Orlando worth going to?

Yes! If you love roller coasters, marine mammals, Sesame Street or some combination of the three, then SeaWorld is definitely worth it. The roller coasters are some of the best Orlando has to offer, while Sesame Street Land is as family-friendly as it gets and award-winning to boot. Not to mention that it really is amazing to see these incredible creatures up close. 

Does SeaWorld still do orca shows?

Yes, while the format isn’t the same as in past years, you can still watch killer whales show their stuff at the daily Orca Encounter presentation. 

What animals can you touch at SeaWorld?

While you can touch a dolphin during the Dolphin Encounter, you would need to pay for the privilege. Instead, make your way over to Stingray Lagoon for a chance to stroke a velvety ray. 

Is the Dolphin Encounter at SeaWorld worth it?

Although you can’t swim with dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando (you’ll need to go to Discovery Cove, SeaWorld’s sister park to do that), you can get up close and personal at the Dolphin Encounter. Starting at $25 per person for a 15-minute experience that includes both learning about the animals’ care and touching them, we think it’s well worth the price for all the dolphin lovers out there. 

Have you been to SeaWorld Orlando? Which animals and rides are your favorites? Where should you go for All-Day Dining? Let us know in the comments! Then, learn how you can save on SeaWorld tickets and other family-friendly destinations.