Aqua Blast in Soak City at Kings Dominion
Aqua Blast at Soak City © Kings Dominion

Ultimate Guide to Soak City, the Kings Dominion Water Park

There’s no better place to beat the heat during a hot Virginia summer than Soak City, Kings Dominion’s water park. Part of the thrill-heavy theme park, Soak City is home to almost 15 different aquatic attractions, from splash-tastic slides and wave pools to kid-friendly water playgrounds to a relaxing lazy river. In short, there’s something for everyone at this Virginia water park, no matter how you like to cool down. If you’re hoping to visit, grab a pool noodle and bring your beach towel as we dive into all the details about Soak City at Kings Dominion.

Everything You Need to Know About Kings Dominion’s Soak City

Whether you’re planning to hang out in the lazy river all day or you want to level up your adrenaline rush with a mix of roller coasters and water slides, Soak City at Kings Dominion has you covered. In fact, although you could split your time between both the theme park and the water park, it is possible to spend your entire day hanging out at Soak City. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your day, including logistics like tickets and operating hours, as well as what attractions and dining options are available. Let’s get to it!

Lazy River at Soak City in Kings Dominion
#event photography king dominion by crackcitysurvivors is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Getting There

Ready for your day at Soak City and Kings Dominion? There are first a few things you should know.


Soak City is one of the themed lands at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. This theme park/water park combo is located 86 miles south of Washington, DC, and 20 miles north of Richmond, or around an hour-and-45-minute or 25-minute drive, respectively, depending on traffic and which direction you’re coming from. Regular Kings Dominion parking costs $25 per vehicle, and close-up preferred parking is $35 each. A limited number of accessible spaces are also available on a first-come, first-served basis by showing a disability placard.

Operating Hours and Schedule

Although Kings Dominion is open all year round (albeit with limited hours during the off-season), that certainly isn’t the case for Soak City. Virginia can get cold in the winter, ya’ll! In general, you can expect Soak City to be open from Memorial Day weekend at the end of May through Labor Day in early September, with operating hours between noon and 7 PM. However, even during the summer months, it is possible for the water park to be closed on select weekdays, particularly in August, as it gets closer to fall. So, be sure to check the calendar on the Kings Dominion website or app when planning your visit.

Soak City Kings Dominion Tickets

One of the best things about Soak City is that, as it is attached to the Kings Dominion theme park, access to the water park is included in your regular park admission. In other words, it’s like getting to enjoy two parks for the price of one. Talk about a great deal! In general, parkgoers can choose between either basic daily tickets or season passes, which are perfect for those who plan on going back several times throughout the year. Even better, Kings Dominion passes also come with access to the park’s seasonal events like Halloween Haunt, The Great Pumpkin Fest and WinterFest, so you really can keep the fun going all year long.

But what if you want to make a splash at Soak City without spending too much cash? Although admission to Kings Dominion and Soak City is already pretty reasonable, you can also sweeten the deal a little bit more by taking advantage of the different discounts that are available. For those who qualify, military discounts and group rates can be used to snag a savings. Alternatively, if you aren’t in the armed forces or traveling with a large group, you can also save by booking your tickets directly through us at Park Savers. We offer discounted Kings Dominion and Soak City tickets with the help of our ticket partner, Undercover Tourist, which can save you around $20 to $30 off the regular gate price per person. Cha-ching! Buy your discount Kings Dominion tickets to Soak City here.

Hurricane Heights in Soak City at Kings Dominion
Hurricane Heights at Soak City © Kings Dominion

Soak City Slides and Other Attractions

The best part of any water park is, of course, all of the cool attractions. No matter if you’re in the mood for the heart-pounding thrills of jetting down water slides and body surfing in the wave pool or you’re hoping for more laidback fun like a leisurely float down the lazy river or an aquatic play area for the kiddos in your family, Soak City has whatever you’re looking for.

Aqua Blast

Part of Hurricane Heights, Aqua Blast lets you zip down a 449-foot enclosed body slide that features four thrillingly tight 360-degree loops. High on the intensity meter, this is one of the more exciting water slides at Soak City, making it a great choice for adrenaline-seeking tweens, teens and adults.

Height Limit: At least 48″

Intensity: 5/5

Baja Bends

Splash down a twisting, turning open body slide on Baja Bends. Although the height requirement is the highest of any Soak City slides at Kings Dominion, the thrills are more manageable than some of its counterparts.

Height Limit: At least 52″

Intensity: 4/5


It’s all smooth sailing on FreeStylin’, a laidback tube ride with plenty of curves along the way to keep things interesting. Right in the middle of the pack when it comes to intensity, this is one of the Soak City water slides that is a fun time for riders, both young and old.

Height Limit: At least 40″

Intensity: 3/5

Lazy River

No trip to any water park is complete without a float down the lazy river. Low on thrills but high on relaxation, this leisurely stream stretches for 1,000 feet, offering plenty of space and time to go with the flow.

Height Limit: At least 42″

Intensity: 2/5

Freestylin' in Soak City at Kings Dominion
Freestylin’ at Soak City © Kings Dominion

Lighthouse Landing

For families traveling with kiddos, Lighthouse Landing in the Coconut Shores part of Soak City is one of the water park’s attractions that you definitely won’t want to miss. With eight kid-friendly slides, two splash-tastic tipping buckets and hundreds of other aquatic elements, this interactive, multi-level water playground has a whole lot to offer younger Kings Dominion guests and their parents.

Height Limit: At least 36″ or 40″, depending on the slides

Intensity: 3/5

Lil’ Barefoot Beach

So, what about those with little ones? Kings Dominion has you covered there, too, with Lil’ Barefoot Beach. Tiny tots are bound to have an awesome time at this aquatic play area in Soak City that offers tons of shallow water to accommodate short legs and a tiny water slide perfect for adrenaline junkies in training.

Height Limit: None

Intensity: 1/5

Paradise Plunge

Are you ready to take the plunge? Part of Hurricane Heights, Paradise Plunge is made up of three enclosed body slides. And yes, just like the name suggests, the thrilling fun begins by waiting for the floor to drop out from under you, leading to a thrilling free fall followed by some high-speed twists and turns through a series of s-curves and loops. Add in a translucent panel that makes it easy to keep an eye on the action, and this isn’t just one of the most thrilling attractions in Soak City but in Kings Dominion overall.

Height Limit: At least 48″

Intensity: 5/5

Pipeline Peak

Home to four different enclosed slides, each just as thrilling as the next, Pipeline Peak is your one-stop shop for aquatic thrills at Kings Dominion. With a lofty launch from 77 feet in the air, body slides Night Slider and Power Plunge are intense from beginning to end. Hoping to get your adrenaline pumping with a friend or family member? Tube slides Rip Slide and Turbo Twister are the way to go, with each starting on the tower’s 45-foot-tall platform.

Height Limit: At least 48″

Intensity: 5/5

Sand Dune Lagoon

As much as we love a good wave pool, sometimes those towering swells can be a bit too much for younger swimmers. That’s where Sand Dune Lagoon comes in. Topping out at 36″ deep and boasting one-foot waves and other interactive splash elements, this pint-sized wave pool is a great place for kiddos to get their sea legs and another of the most family-friendly attractions in Soak City.

Height Limit: At least 42″

Intensity: 3/5

Lighthouse Landing in Soak City at Kings Dominion
Lighthouse Landing at Soak City © Kings Dominion

Splash Island

Another watery playground in Soak City made with little ones in mind is Splash Island. Here, tiny tots can have a whale of a time getting drenched in the water jets that shoot up, down and all around or slipping and sliding down one of the area’s fun-sized water slides. And with a bunch of loungers nearby, this is the perfect place for parents to kick back and relax a bit while their kiddos cruise down the slides.

Height Limit: None

Intensity: 1/5

Thunder Falls

Touting twists, turns and high-speed drops, the twin tube slides of Thunder Falls are one heckuva ride. Another one of the more intense attractions at Soak City, this wet-and-wild ride at Hurricane Heights is a whole lotta fun.

Height Limit: At least 48″

Intensity: 5/5

Tidal Wave Bay

There’s nothing quite like riding body-surfing the swells in a wave pool, and Tidal Wave Bay at Soak City is no exception. Whether you want to challenge yourself in the pool’s deeper depths or stick to the shallow waters, this exciting aquatic attraction is a great place to cool off for a while.

Height Limit: At least 42″

Intensity: 3/5

Zoom Flume

Get the whole gang together because this raft slide is perfect for thrill-seeking families and groups of friends, with each raft holding up to four people. Though the ride is ranked a bit higher on the intensity scale, Zoom Flume is still bound to be a ton of fun for younger riders.

Height Limit: At least 42″

Intensity: 4/5

Pipeline Peak in Soak City at Kings Dominion
Pipeline Peak at Soak City © Kings Dominion

Soak City Dining Options

If you’re anything like us, then the only thing that works up an appetite faster than screaming your head off on roller coasters and other thrill rides all day is screaming your head off on water slides. There’s just something about splashing around, soaking up some sun and basically having a near-constant adrenaline rush that makes us so hungry. Luckily, Soak City is stocked with a bunch of different dining options that are sure to satisfy whatever you’re craving, no matter if it’s pizza, seafood or icy delights.

  • Beachside Bowls Asian-inspired rice and noodle bowls
  • Boardwalk Fries – French fries
  • Dippin’ Dots – Ice cream of the future
  • ICEE Mix-it-Up – Slushies
  • Pizza Paradise – Flatbread pizza
  • Rita’s Italian Ice – Ice cream and other frozen treats
  • Sand Bar – Alcoholic drinks
  • Sharkey’s Eats – Bar-food favorites like burgers, wraps and chicken tenders
  • Surfer Joe’s – Bar-food favorites like sandwiches, hot dogs and chicken tenders
  • The Captain’s Catch – Seafood

Soak City Cabanas

We don’t know about you, but our least favorite part about going to a water park is finding a good set of pool chairs to call home base for the day. Fortunately, thanks to Soak City cabana rentals, you don’t have to worry about that. Offered in a range of prices, sizes and perks, there’s a cabana option to fit every need and budget and make sure that your group has a great time at the park. And while they can be a little expensive, they do make a very convenient and relaxing retreat during a long day spent riding down slides and surfing some waves at Kings Dominion if you don’t mind splurging.

  • Tidal Wave Bay Standard Cabana – 10×10
    • Space for up to 8 guests
    • Includes: 8 chairs, 2 chaise loungers, patio tables, 8 complimentary bottles of water, and food and beverage service (additional cost)
  • Tidal Wave Bay VIP Cabana – 10×10
    • Space for up to 8 guests
    • Includes: A welcome package with 4 towels and a tube of sunscreen, 4 cushioned chairs, 2 chaise loungers, a patio table with 4 chairs, 8 complimentary bottles of water, and food and beverage service (additional cost)
  • Tidal Wave Bay Party Cabana – 25×35
    • Space for up to 12 to 30 guests
    • Includes: A welcome package with 12 towels and a tube of sunscreen, cushioned seating, chaise loungers, patio tables with chairs, bar-top seating, 24 assorted bottled drinks, and food and beverage service (additional cost)
  • Coconut Shores VIP Cabana – 10×10
    • Space for up to 8 guests
    • Includes: A welcome package with 4 towels and a tube of sunscreen, DirecTV, cushioned seating, 2 chaise loungers, patio table with 4 chairs, 8 complimentary bottles of water, and food and beverage service (additional cost)
  • Coconut Shores Luxury Lounger
    • Space for up to 2 guests
Tidal Wave Bay in Soak City at Kings Dominion
Tidal Wave Bay at Soak City © Kings Dominion

Soak City FAQs

Still have questions? We’ve got answers!

How much time do I need for Soak City?

If you wanted to, you could easily hang out all day long at Soak City. With almost 15 attractions, there’s plenty to keep you busy, especially if it’s a hot day and the lines are long. Of course, it’s also just as easy to spend your time enjoying a little bit of both. It really depends on your priorities and interests.

Do you need a separate ticket for Soak City at Kings Dominion?

Nope! Admission to Soak City is included with every Kings Dominion ticket or season pass. In other words, just like how season passes give you unlimited access to the theme park, it also allows you to get into the water park as much as you want.

Does the Soak City water park have the same hours of operation as the Kings Dominion theme park?

No, not only is the water park closed on days when the theme park is open, but the times when Soak City is open also tend to be different from the operating hours at Kings Dominion. In fact, in most cases, Soak City tends to open later and close earlier than the rest of the park. On the bright side, this means that you can spend part of the day at the water park and then spend the rest of the evening enjoying the best that Kings Dominion has to offer.

Do I need to bring my own towels?

Yes. Unless you are renting a cabana or get to the water park early enough to claim one of the few towels that are available to rent, towels are not really available at Soak City. So, make sure to bring your own so that you are able to dry off once it’s time to go.

My kids still aren’t great swimmers. Do we need to bring our own life vests?

Although you certainly can bring your own life jackets to Soak City, you definitely don’t need to, as life vests are plentiful throughout the water park.

Lazy River at Soak City in Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion Lazy River by Christine Schmidt from Laurel, USA is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Tips & Tricks

Heading to Kings Dominion’s Soak City water park? Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your day at the water park.

Dress Comfortably and Bring a Change of Dry Clothes and a Pair of Water Shoes

Since you can spend time at both the water park and theme park parts of Kings Dominion with one admission ticket, we suggest that you dress accordingly for both so that you’re able to experience each of them if you want to. Your best bet is to either wear your swimsuit beneath your clothes or pack your suit so that you can change into it in one of the locker rooms or changing areas in Soak City. That way, you’re already ready with a set of dry clothes that you can wear once you’re ready for some roller coasters on the theme park side of Kings Dominion.

You may also want to pack a pair of water shoes to wear while you’re hanging out in the water park. As the concrete paths and slabs around Soak City can get very hot, the water shoes will not only protect your feet from the heat but also the grossness that awaits you on the floors in the bathrooms. If you like, you can even wear them when walking around the rest of Kings Dominion, too.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While playing around in the water and sweating it out in the heat at Soak City all day can be a lot of fun, it can also be very dehydrating. So, you’re definitely going to want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. The easiest way to do this is by grabbing a refillable cup from one of the stations at Kings Dominion or, for those with a season pass, bringing along your refillable passholder cup. Either allows you to get free refills every 15 minutes.

Get Ready to Walk

Whether you’re at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or Kings Dominion, spending the day at a theme park means that you are going to be doing a lot of walking. On top of that, the Soak City section of the park is at the back of the rest of the theme park. Needless to say, after a fun-filled day of thrill rides and water slides, it is going to be a very long walk back to the parking lot. For those visiting with young children, you may want to consider bringing a stroller with you to make the trek a little more bearable. Alternatively, if you’d rather not take up space in your vehicle, stroller rentals are also available directly through Kings Dominion.

Pack a Portable Charger and a Water-Resistant Phone Pouch

No matter if you hope to do a little summer reading by the wave pool or you want to take pictures of all the fun, you’re going to want to come prepared. A fully charged battery pack is essential for keeping your device ready to go, while a dry bag for your cell phone (Amazon has tons of options) will help keep your phone water-free and, if desired, conveniently located on a lanyard around your neck.

Aqua Blast in Soak City at Kings Dominion
Aqua Blast at Soak City © Kings Dominion
Lazy River at Soak City in Kings Dominion
#event photography king dominion by crackcitysurvivors is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Well, that’s a wrap on our guide to Soak City. Have you ever been to Kings Dominion’s water park? Let us know in the comments! Then, find out how to save some cash for your next visit with our discount Kings Dominion tickets.