Super Bowl Sunday at Disneyland Park

Super Bowl Sunday brings a festive atmosphere to Disneyland as football fans descend on the park to continue celebrating the big game. While it’s not an official Disney event, you’ll see plenty of guests sporting jerseys and football-themed accessories as they enjoy the rides and attractions. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Disneyland on the day of the Super Bowl.

donald and goofy in ref shirts

Is it Busy on Super Bowl Sunday?

Contrary to popular belief, Super Bowl Sunday does not thin out crowds at Disneyland. In fact, the park is typically busier than an average Sunday this time of year. Annual passholders flock to Disneyland to celebrate, and out-of-town visitors often extend their stay through the weekend to be part of the excitement. Expect longer lines, especially in the late morning and afternoon, when crowds peak. Popular rides like Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure could see 60+ minute waits, while even quick-service restaurants have 30+ minute lines around mealtimes. Stake out your parade viewing spot by early morning if you want a good view of any football-themed entertainment.

Special Events and Entertainment

Disneyland doesn’t have any official Super Bowl festivities, but that doesn’t stop guests from coming dressed in support of their favorite team. Keep an eye out for pop-up photo ops with characters decked out in football gear, or other spontaneous entertainment celebrating the big game. In the past, makeshift “tailgate parties” have sprung up around the park with face painting, games, and music. And on Main Street, you might catch the Dapper Dans serenading guests with football-themed tunes. As long as guest enthusiasm is high, Disney is happy to spur on the revelry!


The main Disneyland shops won’t carry much NFL merchandise, but you can usually find Super Bowl hats, pins, and t-shirts in the smaller boutiques around the park. Team-specific jerseys and accessories are especially popular for fans to show their pride. Some of the more unique, limited-edition items in recent years have included Mickey Mouse nutcrackers modeled after famous quarterbacks, leather footballs with Disney characters printed on them, and varsity jackets that blend NFL and Disney themes. Keep an eye out to see what special merchandise gets released each Super Bowl Sunday!

Visiting the Day After the Super Bowl

The day after the Super Bowl, attention shifts to whichever Disney park is hosting the winning team for their celebratory parade. In 2024, the tradition will continue at Disneyland Park when the LVII champions visit on February 13th.

The Celebration Cavalcade

The centerpiece of the festivities is a celebratory cavalcade rolling down Main Street, U.S.A. featuring Mickey Mouse and the Super Bowl MVP riding together. Disney fans and football lovers alike start reserving prime viewing spots as early as 10am to cheer on the victory parade. In addition to the MVP, you might see appearances from other star players or the winning coach. Recent celebrations have included confetti cannons, pyrotechnics, and customized merchandise and photo ops to capture the excitement. After the cavalcade, players usually make appearances around the park to greet and take photos with fans.

Crowds and Wait Times

The Super Bowl celebration brings some of the heaviest crowds of the year to Disneyland, rivaling peak days like Christmas week. From open to close, all rides, restaurants, and stores will be packed with throngs of fans. Expect to wait 60+ minutes for headliner attractions like Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. Quick-service restaurants will have 30+ minute waits even for mobile order. And popular souvenir shops will have long lines just to get in the door to buy merchandise. If huge crowds aren’t your thing, you’ll want to avoid Disneyland on this day. But if you don’t mind waiting and battling the masses, it’s a uniquely electric atmosphere that’s fun to experience!


Super Bowl Sunday and the day after provide two very different Disneyland experiences. If you want to join in football celebrations, Super Bowl Sunday has festive energy and special merchandise. But the crowds are heavy all day. Returning the day after allows you to see the Super Bowl parade and players, but also draws peak Disneyland attendance. Carefully weigh the pros and cons to decide if you want to brave the busy parks on these dates!