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The Cost of Disney FastPass At Every Park

When the Disneyland Resort introduced the MaxPass service for their parks, many guests started getting confused as to whether FASTPASS was a free service or not at the rest of the theme parks throughout the world. Even at Disneyland, guests assumed because the MaxPass service had a daily charge that the regular FASTPASS option was the same. In this guide we’re going to break down the cost of Disney FASTPASS at every park starting with Disneyland.


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To help lay all the confusion to rest concerning the cost of Disneyland’s FASTPASS service we’re going to be breaking down the two services that are offered and explain each one. This will help you understand that there is a difference and that one service is completely free and one is not.

Disneyland’s FASTPASS Service costs $0 – Free to every guest that has a valid ticket. It doesn’t matter how you got your ticket whether straight from Disney, a third party seller or military tickets. The FASTPASS service is included for however many days your ticket is valid for. For more details on how FASTPASS works and the best practices you may want to read a bit more. Essentially though, the free FASTPASS service at Disneyland requires a guest to visit the actual attraction in order to get a FASTPASS.

How Much Does MaxPass Cost?

The additional service known as MaxPass does cost $15 per day, per person and is an optional service. The reason guests tend to upgrade to it is because they can schedule their FASTPASSES from their phones without having to physically be at the attraction. What this does for the guest is it saves them a lot of time from the back and forth. For example, if you’re at Haunted Mansion but you want a FASTPASS for Incredicoaster, it would take you 15 minutes to walk over and get one. During this time the FASTPASSES are being given out to other guests and your return time gets later and later. For us, MaxPass is worth the additional cost.

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Be sure to download the free Disneyland Resort app to take advantage of MaxPass including scheduling and changing reservations.

Disneyland does offer VIP Tours for guests who can get FASTPASS access to all attractions without having to use the actual system. The guide will take you to whatever attractions you want and let you get into the FASTPASS line. These can cost anywhere from $200 – $500 per hour with a minimum of 6 hours per day. These are open to be booked by any guest. It does not include park access.


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The Walt Disney World Resort offers one of the most unique FastPass systems when compared to all the other parks. What makes it stand out is two fold: First, the system is free to use for all guests no matter the type of ticket they have. There are no additional services that can be added that cost money. Second, the program allows guests to plan their FastPass+ attractions and shows in advance of their arrival to the resort. This can either be done 30 or 60 days ahead of time.

How Much Does Walt Disney World FastPass+ Cost?

So Disney World’s FastPass+ service costs $0 – FREE! And guests can take advantage of booking in advance. If you don’t, you can still just use it while at the parks but the selection of available times may be significantly less or none at all depending on the attraction. The system is valid at all four parks – Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Be sure to have the free My Disney Experience App downloaded to your phone to take advantage of the FastPass+ system at Disney World. Guests are able to modify existing reservations, make new ones as well as check ride times. There may be days when changing a FastPass+ reservation is necessary due to an attraction closing down or you just want to strategize your day better.

Paid Upgrades To Disney World FastPass+

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Guests who stay at a property hotel at Walt Disney World can technically get an advantage over other guests who stay off property. The way this works is guests who stay on property can book their FastPass+ reservations 60 day in advance vs. guests who stay off property at 30 days. The extra 30 day booking window allows guests to get the more popular attractions like Flight of Passage and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Guests who only book 30 days may not be able to get a reservation at all.

Guests who stay Club Level at any of the property hotels can pay $50 per day per guest to upgrade to a 90 booking window ensuring they get all the attractions they want. We don’t find this service particularly worth it however.

VIP Tours at Disney World are also a way to get FastPass+ like access to attractions at the parks but doesn’t involve using the actual system. These work by using a tour guide all day at the parks who can access the FastPass+ lines at many of the attractions. These guides can cost anywhere from $300 to $600 per hour with a minimum of 7 hours per day.


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The Disneyland Paris FASTPASS system works very much like the one found at Disneyland Resort. Guests can use their theme park ticket to get a FASTPASS at machines located near the attractions. All you have to do is insert your ticket into the machine, get your return time and then return to the FASTPASS line once it’s time. The service is available to any guest who has a valid ticket.

How Much Does Disneyland Paris FASTPASS Cost?

The Disneyland Paris standard FASTPASS costs $0. Like Disneyland, it’s a completely free service to any guest attending the parks. Guests can use the system as much as they want throughout the day with only one restriction: you can only have one out at a time. While this isn’t a big restriction it’s good to know that you can only have one FASTPASS at a time and no more than that.

How Much Do Disneyland Paris SUPER And ULTIMATE FASTPASS Cost?

This system can get confusing for guests, especially when it comes to costs. The SUPER FASTPASS service can cost around $30 per person per day (done in Euro’s) for access to 3 attractions without having to schedule them. You simply show up and scan your ticket at the FASTPASS line.

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Guests who are looking to do the same service but for more attractions will be paying $175 per person per day for the ULTIMATE FASTPASS service. It gives the guest access to 9 attractions for each day they pay.

Disneyland Paris does offer Hotel Guests the opportunity to additional FASTPASS access which can cause some confusion. There are 2 options for this. First is the Club level FASTPASS access which is only available for Guests staying at Disney’s Hotel New York (Empire State Club rooms), Disney’s Sequoia Lodge (Golden Forest Club room) and Disney’s Newport Bay Club (Compass Club rooms), who will receive one FASTPASS per day per person.

The second option is the Hotel VIP FASTPASS service which is for Castle or Suite guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club and Disney’s Sequoia Lodge.


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The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort FASTPASS system works just like Disneyland’s in Anaheim, CA. It’s a free basic service which allows guests to get FASTPASS throughout the day using their valid admission tickets. Only certain attractions have FASTPASS and you can only have one out at a time.

There are annual passes (Magic Access) that allow the holders to receive additional FASTPASSES. There are no paid upgrades to FASTPASS currently.


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The Shanghai Disney Resort currently has two FASTPASS systems if that’s what you want to call one of them. First there is the Disney Standby Pass which costs $0 and is free for any guest to use via the mobile app. This program works for 4 major attractions at the park and can be required to use for guests to access them. We say can be because not all days or park hours require it. You will be notified upon entering the parks if it will be or not.

This system has not replaced FASTPASS and does not give guests faster access to the attraction/show.

The 4 attractions that use the Disney Standby Pass is:

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Tron Lightcycles Power Run
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

When this service is running on a day it does so from 12 pm to 5 pm local time. Again, you can use this system for free via the Shanghai Disney Resort App.

The actual FASTPASS system at Shanghai Disney is free for guests to use and does give them access to faster lines. It works just like Disneyland’s MaxPass in that you can use your phone to reserve times and make changes.

How Much Does The Shanghai Disney Resort Premier Service Cost?

The Disney Premier Access service costs vary by ticket type and day. It starts as low at $17 and goes all the way up to $123 for a set of 8 attractions. The way this service works is you can buy your way into almost any FASTPASS line (they don’t call them that) either by purchasing a set or an individual attraction. You can also purchase them by Family or Adventure (theme).

This is a completely different service from all the other Disney Parks in the world and can be confusing for first time visitors. Downloading the Shanghai Disney app and linking your tickets to this will help you navigate this system easier as tickets are required before buying Premier Access.



Like Shanghai, the Tokyo Disneyland Resort now uses what’s called Standby Pass which allows guests to enter any given attractions normal line. It does not give them access to FASTPASS. This service is a temporary service put in place during COVID. To use this new system you must download the Tokyo Disneyland App.

To use the regular FASTPASS service at Tokyo Disneyland guests can again, download the park app to their phone and then make FASTPASS reservations by selecting an available time and then scheduling it. Once your return time has come simply head to the attraction and go to the FASTPASS line. You can use this service all day with one at a time.

How Much Does Tokyo Disneyland FASTPASS Cost?

The system is currently free – costing the guest $0. It’s included with any valid theme park ticket no matter where you purchased it from.


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As you can see most FASTPASS services are completely free to use during your vacation. Some work in advance and some only work once you’re inside the parks. Some resorts including Shanghai and Tokyo have introduced a new Standby Pass which is for the standby lines only and does not affect FASTPASS.

There are several resorts that allow guests to upgrade their FASTPASS experience for money. Most are reasonable and ones like MaxPass at Disneyland are highly recommended. Others are overpriced and not worth the cost.

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