The Magic of Streaming Unites Disney+Hulu

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The partnership between Disney+ and Hulu brings an unparalleled streaming experience by combining the magical worlds of Disney with the diverse entertainment offerings of Hulu. This integration allows subscribers to access an extensive library of content, ranging from beloved Disney classics to critically acclaimed Hulu Originals, all within the Disney+ app. To celebrate the launch of Hulu on Disney+, Disney is offering limited-time immersive experiences at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney District. These experiences allow guests to step into the worlds of popular Hulu shows and capture memorable moments.


Disney Springs (Through April 10)

Near the AMC movie theater and Orange garage, guests can:

  • Classroom Photo Op: Recreate scenes from “Abbott Elementary” by posing at school desks in front of a chalkboard backdrop.
  • Golden Girls Kitchen: Gather around the iconic kitchen table from “The Golden Girls” and dish with the beloved characters.
  • Planet Express Headquarters: Join the crew of “Futurama” at the Planet Express headquarters for an intergalactic photo op.

After visiting the photo ops, guests can complete a quick survey for a chance to win a $100 Disney+ gift card.


Downtown Disney District (March 27-April 2)

At the Downtown Disney LIVE! Stage, guests can enjoy:

  • Live Entertainment: Nightly live bands and DJs performing.
  • Photo Backdrops: Similar photo opportunities inspired by “Abbott Elementary,” “The Golden Girls,” and “Futurama”.
  • Lawn Games: Classic games like cornhole and tic-tac-toe near the lawn area.
  • Specialty Cocktails (Ages 21+): Limited-time cocktails like “California Streamin'” and “Experiment 327” at select restaurants through April 14.
  • Immersive Mural (Through April 14): An interactive mural by artist Ryan Riller where guests can take photos commemorating their visit and the Hulu on Disney+ launch.


Additionally, an immersive mural by artist Ryan Riller is installed across from Star Wars Trading Post through April 14, allowing guests to take photos commemorating the Hulu on Disney+ launch. These experiences transport guests into the worlds of beloved Hulu shows, celebrating the diverse content now available on Disney+ for Bundle subscribers. Whether it’s the family restaurant from “Bob’s Burgers,” the medical drama of “Grey’s Anatomy,” or the French countryside of “Vanderpump Villa,” Hulu’s stories offer a gateway to countless unique destinations