The Tropical Hideaway wooden sign with waterfall

The Tropical Hideaway Now Open

The Tropical Hideaway now serving dole whips and more!

The Tropical Hideaway

The Tropical Hideaway is now open at Disneyland Park and it’s offering some really great food options. It’s located between The Enchanted Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise attraction where Aladdin’s Oasis used to be.

When you first arrive you’ll notice that there is a bridge that takes you back into the The Tropical Hideaway. As you’re walking over it there’s a sign welcoming you surrounded by tiki torches and a waterfall. A pathway will lead you straight to the dole whip bar. Along the way there are several signs showing you what’s ahead including desserts and hot food.

At the dole whip bar guests have a much bigger menu to choose from than the original dole whip stand. New flavors include raspberry and orange, both of which we highly recommend. You can still get any of your flavors as stand alone whips or you can make them a float. The newest item on the menu is called the “ambush” and it’s a pretty intense concoction. You’ll get your choice of dole whip smothered in bite size fruits including mangos, pineapple and mandarin oranges. It’s topped with toasted coconut and some pocky sticks. It can be shared!

After the dole whip bar you’ll head over to the hot food stand which serves bao’s stuffed with meats and veggies or just veggies. Our favorite was the beef bao but they also have chicken. If you don’t know what a bao is it’s basically a dumpling. Very delicious! You can choose to make any of the bao’s spicy as well with the addition of an extra sauce.

The last item served at the hot food stand is a dessert called the Lumpia. This actually came from the snack stand at Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. It’s a very popular item so we’re not surprised that it made its way here. The Lumpia is a deep fried roll (like an egg roll) that has cream cheese inside. It’s a pretty intense dessert that comes with a dole whip dipping sauce and is topped with cinnamon sugar.

After you’re done getting your food you’ll check-out at one of three registers and then head to a table. It’s open seating and there is a fair amount of tables, most of which are in the shade. As you’re enjoying your food be sure to take a look around and enjoy the decor of The Tropical Hideaway. There’s a new bird name Rosita who’s always telling jokes to guests, Jungle Cruise ships drive by on the river and if guests look close enough they can even spot the homes of the stars of The Enchanted Tiki Room show.

Guests who have just finished watching The Enchanted Tiki Room show now have the option to exit straight into The Tropical Hideaway to enjoy a snack. As you’re exiting the attraction just make a left turn and the walkway will take you directly to the dole whip bar!

Lastly, be sure and walk around either before or after eating your treats. You’re sure to run into some pretty fun items including a room that’s dedicated to what was once there: Aladdin. You may even see some flying carpets..

The Tropical Hideaway is the perfect addition to Adventureland and is sure to please guests with all its new offerings. If you’re planning a visit to the Disneyland Resort be sure to stop by and enjoy a tropical treat! And don’t miss out on Disney’s Spring Savings offer where guests visiting between Jan 7th and May 23rd, 2019 can enjoy up to $86 off per ticket!