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The Ultimate Guide To Epcot’s World Showcase

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Where is the only place where you can visit 11 different countries in less than a day and you can do it all on foot? Epcot World Showcase at Walt Disney World! We know, we know – you’re not technically traveling crisscrossing the globe in under 24 hours. In fact, at just 1.2 miles around, it will take you just 20 minutes to walk around World Showcase Promenade. However, there is plenty of international cuisines to be had, travel souvenirs to be bought, and culturally inspired attractions to be seen. 

So, if you’ve ever wished you could have breakfast in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower at a petite café in France, grab some sushi for lunch after shopping for keepsakes in Japan, then finish your day with a peaceful boat ride and tacos under the stars in a small village in Mexico, this Epcot World Showcase guide is for you – no passport required! Keep reading, as we break down all the things to do at World Showcase, from dining and shopping to entertainment and attractions. 

Epcot World Showcase Basics

China gate and building at Epcot

Epcot, originally called EPCOT Center, stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disney once dreamed that Epcot would become a global community where people would come to live and exchange cultures, technologies, and ideas. And while that specific dream never came to fruition, its underlying goals remain. Today, World Showcase stands as a sort of World’s Fair – which, given Walt’s history with the World’s Fair, we like to think he’d still enjoy. 

Guests can visit 11 different Epcot World Showcase countries, which Disney calls ‘Pavilions.’ Those countries are Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the United States of America, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. As the host, the United States rests at the center with its pavilion called The American Adventure. The US’s neighbors to the north and south, Canada and Mexico, sit at the tips of World Showcase’s right and left sides, welcoming guests to this part of the park. This means that Mexico and Canada, but especially Mexico, can get pretty busy throughout the day. 

In addition to the main entrance, there is also a rear entrance called International Gateway that sits between France and the UK. This entrance is accessible for those staying at an Epcot resort (Beach Club, Yacht Club, BoardWalk Inn, or Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort), as well as those arriving by the Disney Skyliner. While it is very easy to walk all of World Showcase, Disney also provides complimentary water taxis called FriendShips which run between Showcase Plaza and the rear of World Showcase, with launches located near the Mexico, Canada, Germany, and Morocco pavilions. 

This might come as a bit of a shock to all the early birds out there, but World Showcase typically opens later than the rest of Epcot at 11 AM. But don’t worry, that’s still more than enough time to see everything and eat all the tasty Epcot food. 

Flower beds and a river

While World Showcase is fun any time of year, our favorite time to go is during one of Epcot’s famous festivals. With even more delicious food and drinks to be had from themed food kiosks spread across World Showcase and parts of Future World too, it can get crazy busy, but we think it’s well worth the fun. The Flower & Garden Festival and Food & Wine Festival are the originals, while the Festival of the Holidays and Festival of the Arts are newer additions. 

Epcot World Showcase Countries

World Showcase is all about culture, from different types of cuisines and iconic souvenirs to imported entertainment in front of recreations of typical architecture.  Our favorite part of World Showcase, however, is the cast members. Each of these cultural representatives actually calls their specific countries home. Not only are these individuals a great resource for park-related things like where the closest bathroom is, but they can also provide some fascinating insights into their home countries. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on opportunities to have conversations with international cast members. Whether asking how to say ‘thank you’ in their language or getting their recommendation on the most authentic snack on the menu, you’re sure to leave with some new perspectives and memories to last a lifetime. 

With all this education, you might think that World Showcase isn’t what you’d call kid-friendly, but that definitely isn’t the case. A number of the pavilions host rides and character meet-and-greets, both surefire ways to a child’s heart. But you also won’t want to miss the Kidcot Fun Stops found at any of the World Showcase pavilions. A Ziploc baggie “suitcase” can be picked up at any Kidcot location. Then, guests can collect unique traveler’s cards at Kidcot Fun Stops along the way. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the arrival of DuckTales World Showcase Adventure, Epcot’s soon-to-be-coming interactive scavenger hunt

German village at Epcot

As a general note, we’ll only be discussing what World Showcase restaurants are available in general at each country pavilion. For further details, please refer to our Epcot Dining Guide. Finally, one of our favorite ways to experience World Showcase is by eating and drinking our way around the world. If the matching t-shirts are any indication, this is also incredibly popular with everyone else at Epcot. But, you don’t need alcohol or even food to have just as much fun if you follow one of our alcohol-free alternatives to a drink-around-the-world Epcot adventure

Although it doesn’t matter which pavilion you start in – Mexico, Canada, or even France – we always seem to find ourselves migrating towards Mexico first. Blame it on the margaritas! So, we’ll do the same thing here, although you can certainly switch things up however you see fit.


Our first stop is Mexico, and trust us, you won’t miss it. Just look for the giant Mesoamerican pyramid towering over World Showcase Lagoon. While the Mexico Pavilion is certainly impressive on the outside, the real highlight is the inside: It’s set up to look like a quaint, waterfront village square at twilight. Talk about atmosphere! Oh, and the blissful air conditioning doesn’t hurt either. This is definitely on our list of the best spots in World Showcase. 

Here, guests can shop for beautiful souvenirs handmade in Mexico, visit the table service restaurant or lounge, peruse a few exhibits on Mexican culture, and even sit down for a moonlit boat ride through Mexico. Plus, there’s even more to see and do outside. 

Typically either the first or last country guests come to on their circuit around World Showcase, Mexico can get extremely busy throughout the day. So, depending on how much you’d like to do there, you may need to visit the pavilion out of turn or return at least once more throughout the day. 

Mexican Ruin at Epcot

PRO TIP: Looking for a good spot to take a photo? The pyramid makes a recognizable backdrop – just keep an eye out for other guests trying to enter or exit the pyramid. If you can get the exposure right with the dim lighting inside, you can get a great shot on the balcony overlooking the rest of the plaza. 

Mexico – Epcot Attractions

For what feels like a relatively small space inside the Mexico pyramid, there’s actually a lot to do here. When you first enter the pyramid, you’ll walk through the small Mexico Folk Art Gallery. The current exhibit is called Remember Me!, featuring art by Mexican and Mexican-American artists which celebrates the traditions of the Mexican holiday, Día de Muertos. This is also where the Kidcot Fun Stop is. Inside, Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros is a slow, dark boat ride where you follow Donald Duck and his feathered friends through Mexico. It’s mellow and a nice change of pace from some of Epcot’s other rides. Back outside, guests can also meet with the duck himself. Meet Donald Duck at the base of the pyramid across from La Hacienda de San Angel. 

The Mexico Pavilion is also home to some of World Showcase’s best music. Mariachi Cobre are an Epcot favorite. They play rousing renditions of traditional folk music and we highly recommend you take some time to listen to them perform. Their stage is at the end of the Mexico Pavilion facing towards Norway.  When they aren’t playing, you can also find Marimba de las Americas, a trio that plays songs from across Latin America. 

Mexico – Epcot Drinks & Dining

With no less than five dining outlets, there is no shortage of places to grab something to eat or drink in the Mexico Pavilion. Inside the pyramid, a meal at the table service San Angel Inn Restaurante feels like you’re dining al fresco in the plaza. The menu here is very similar to what you’d find at Mexican restaurants across the US, albeit with heaps more atmosphere. You can also get a top-notch margarita at La Cava del Tequila, a tequila bar with more than 200 tequilas and another Epcot favorite. 

Outside you’ll find a margarita stand, a quick service restaurant, and another table service restaurant. Choza de Margarita has a decent selection of drinks and food, though we still prefer the margaritas from La Cava del Tequila. La Cantina de San Angel is the quick service spot and is a great place to grab some tacos, soak up some shade, and possibly some fireworks. La Hacienda de San Angel, the other table service restaurant, also overlooks World Showcase Lagoon. With its dim lighting and slightly more authentic Mexican cuisine, this is a fun place for a date. 

San Angel Pyramid at night

Mexico – Epcot Shopping

While there is a small stand outside called El Ranchito del Norte with things to buy, we suggest you save your money for the immersive atmosphere inside. Plaza de los Amigos is a store in that it sells a ton of unique gifts from Mexico like sombreros, piñatas, and ceramics. However, inside the pyramid, it feels more like a bustling, open-air marketplace. Towards the fountain, you’ll even find an artisan selling carved wooden animals called alebrijes painted in vibrant and stunningly detailed patterns. If you’re looking for a good gift from Epcot for someone interested in Latin America or sustainable travel, these are a win. La Tienda Encantada stocks accessories like leather goods and fine jewelry. Near Gran Fiesta Tour, you can also find La Princesa de Cristal, the Epcot outlet of the Arribas Brothers store.  


Continuing our journey around World Showcase, our next stop is Norway. Set up to look like a charming village in Norway, this pavilion boasts a table service restaurant with Disney character dining, a bakery, and one of the most popular rides at Epcot, among other things. 

PRO TIP: Looking for a fun group photo idea? Stop into The Fjording, grab a toy shield and sword, and don a Viking helmet for the fiercest vacation snap you’ve ever seen. Or take a pic in front of the giant troll.   

Norway – Epcot Attractions

When entering Norway from Mexico, one of the first things you’ll see is a large, wooden church. Inside the Stave Church Gallery, guests can explore an exhibit on the fantastical myths and legendary gods of the Vikings. The main event, however, is Frozen Ever After, another dark boat ride. This time, you’ll be exploring the wintery wonderland of Arendelle and Frozen. In other words, this ride is incredibly popular. Mostly slow, this one does have a couple of small drops; so, even though your little ones will like it, the older kids will like it too.  You can also Meet Anna and Elsa at the family’s summer home, Royal Sommerhus. Kids, or kids at heart, can enjoy the Kidcot Fun Stop tucked in The Fjording and Puffin’s Roost. 

Norwegian buildings with waterfall

Norway – Epcot Drinks & Dining

Norway may not have a ton of dining options, but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is the pavilion’s quick service restaurant, offering up traditional Norwegian sweets and specialties like cinnamon-and-sugar Lefse and everyone’s favorite School Bread. Across the pavilion, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall hosts one of the only Disney character dining experiences in the park. If your kiddos go crazy for Disney princesses, this is where you want to go. As character dining goes, the menu is also a pleasant change with an authentic Norwegian smorgasbord and Scandinavian entrees like Norwegian Meatballs. 

Norway – Epcot Shopping

Searching for a Viking helmet or a thick Norwegian hand cream? Stop into The Fjording for a range of Norway-inspired items and authentic imports. What about some Frozen gear? Visit the Wandering Reindeer for fun Frozen finds like costumes and toys. 


Next, make way for China. With a recreation of the Temple of Heaven in the center and a Chinese-style garden perfect for a quiet-contemplation break (doesn’t everyone have those?), this truly is one of World Showcase’s most beautiful pavilions. Stop here for a quick bite to eat, a longer meal, or a bit of shaded and air-conditioned relaxation.

PRO TIP: Although basically everywhere in this pavilion is Instagram-ready, for a unique photo, we recommend heading into the Temple of Heaven and looking upwards. Not exactly towards the heavens, but to the intricately painted ceiling. With the right angles and a photographer who doesn’t mind getting their knees dirty, you can get a fun shot of someone with all those gorgeous details in the background. 

China – Epcot Attractions

From the moment you reach the China Pavilion, you’ll be transfixed by the beautiful recreation of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. Walk inside and you’ll discover Reflections of China, an immersive Circle-Vision 360° film, which is due to be replaced by an updated film called Wondrous China sometime in the near-ish future. Not only is this a great chance to rest your feet and get some A/C while you wait, but the movie is a lovely, albeit outdated, representation of the beauty of China. Before the film, take some time to wander through the House of the Whispering Willows, an exhibit on the Shanghai Disney Resort. From cast member costumes to scale models, it’s an interesting sneak peek at this international Disney park. Do you love characters? Walking around the temple and Chinese-style gardens you may even come across Mulan or Mushu from time to time. 

Chinese buildings and gardens

Prior to the pandemic, you could also watch a breathtaking acrobatic act perform under the intricately painted Chinese-style gate at the entrance of the pavilion. Due to COVID-19, unfortunately, this act, along with many others, have had to return to their home countries. Whether this specific group will return, we aren’t sure; however, we hope to see them, or a similar group, return as the world returns to normal. 

China – Epcot Drinks & Dining

Looking to grab something to eat in China? You’ve got a few options to choose from here including a table service restaurant, a quick service restaurant, and a snack & drink stand. Towards the front of the pavilion, the table service Nine Dragons Restaurant serves up Chinese-inspired cuisine with a contemporary twist in an ornate setting. Next door, the Lotus Blossom Café, the pavilion’s quick service option, offers standard Chinese takeout options and plenty of shaded seating. And before you head on to the next country, pay a visit to Joy of Tea, a snack & drink stand serving cocktails and the world’s most popular drink. 

China – Epcot Shopping

The China Pavilion has two shops with souvenirs from your miniature trip to the far east. Next to Joy of Tea, Good Fortune Gifts has fun, traditionally inspired gifts like puppets, parasols, and toys. Even more fortuitous items can be found near the Temple of Heaven at the House of Good Fortune. Stop here for jade, panda umbrellas, traditional Chinese clothing like qipao, and more. This is also where you’ll find the pavilion’s Kidcot Fun Stop


The next country you’ll reach on your journey around the World Showcase Lagoon is Germany. Designed to look like an old-world, walled Bavarian village straight out of a fairytale, you’ll see several German architectural styles here from the center of the platz, or town square, as well as a fountain with a statue of Saint George. While the attractions are light here, there’s no shortage of food to eat, beverages to drink, or things to buy. 

PRO TIP: Want to earn some respect from the German cast members here when ordering a beer? Rather than sticking up your index finger to order one glass, do like the Germans do and stick up your thumb instead! 

Germany – Epcot Attractions

Unfortunately, there are no rides, films, or exhibits here. However, you definitely won’t want to miss the charming Romantic Road Miniature Train Village on the way to Italy. And if you time your visit right, you may even get a chance to hear and see the pavilion’s version of the Glockenspiel mark the hour. Oh, and did you spy the wishing well on the outside of the pavilion? That’s where Snow White sets up court to meet with her faithful subjects. 

German village buildings

Germany – Epcot Drinks & Dining

As we just mentioned, one of Germany’s strong suits is its food and beverage options. Biergarten Restaurant is an immersive table service restaurant set to look like an open-air beer garden under the moonlight. Guests sit at long communal tables, dining on German classics like bratwurst, schnitzel, and apple strudel as a polka band plays. Typically a buffet, meals have been served family-style during the pandemic. Don’t have time for a sit-down meal? No worries, visit the quick-service Sommerfest for a stein of beer and a bratwurst to go.  

Germany – Epcot Shopping

There may not be any rides or exhibits in Germany, but that certainly doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see here. In fact, guests can stroll through eight different shops featuring an array of treats and authentic German gifts. Follow your nose to Karamell-Küche, a sweet shop serving tempting treats featuring Werther’s caramel. Be sure to grab a bag of fresh caramel corn to snack on as you wander. Die Weihnachts Ecke is a Christmas lover’s dream, with colorful glass ornaments like the quintessential pickle, wooden nutcrackers, and more. Do you have a friend that always asks for a mug from your travels? Get then a beer stein instead from Stein Haus. Delicate pieces of crystal and glass can be found at Kunstarbeit in Kristall, while the Weinkeller is your one-stop-shop for bottles of German beer and wine. 

Across the platz, Das Kaufhaus stocks gear dedicated to German fussball, or soccer. If you need a gift for a child in your life, be sure to visit Der Teddybar for authentic German teddy bears and other toys, along with merchandise for the princesses that call Germany home: Rapunzel and Snow White. Finally, pop into Volkskunst for yet another traditional German item, the famous cuckoo clock. If you go on the hour, expect a noisy visit as dozens of clocks sound the alarm at once. This is also where you’ll find Germany’s Kidcot Fun Stop location. 


Leaving the charm of Bavaria and Germany behind, our next stop is Italy. Walking past the gondolas and bridges on World Showcase Lagoon, you may notice that this is the first pavilion we’ve seen so far to incorporate buildings and landmarks from multiple Italian cities. While much of the pavilion is made to look like Venice – St. Mark’s Square, the towering Campanile bell tower, and the Doge’s Palace included – you’ll notice echoes of other great Italian cities as well, like the Neptune Fountain resembling Rome’s famed Trevi Fountain. Another pavilion with no real attractions to speak of besides the architecture, there is still plenty to do here by way of eating and shopping. 

PRO TIP: While all of these landmark replicas make excellent photo backdrops, there’s another fun photo opportunity hidden here. Head into La Gemme Elegante and ask to use one of the Venetian mask props. Don’t worry about dropping it – this isn’t one of the actual handmade beauties, just another replica set aside for guests to use for the ‘gram. 

Italy Tower and gate at Epcot

Italy – Epcot Attractions

Like we just mentioned, the main attraction in Italy is probably all the various photo opportunities. Aside from that, however, you may catch Pinocchio doing meet-and-greets here every now and again. He is from there, after all! Kids will like visiting the Kidcot Fun Stop outside by La Bottega Italiana. Before COVID-19, you could once watch a master juggler and troupe of Italian flag throwers here. As we mentioned, this is no longer happening due to the pandemic. However, we are hopeful that entertainment will return here in some form as the pandemic recedes.  

Italy – Epcot Drinks & Dining

As with any trip to Italy, aside from all the landmarks and museums, the real highlight here is the food. There are several World Showcase dining options here including two different table service restaurants, a wine cellar, and a gelato stand. With colorful murals depicting life in ancient Rome lining the walls, Tutto Italia Ristorante is a pleasant spot for lunch and dinner, serving a mix of both Italian and Italian American favorites. The restaurant’s attached lounge, the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, features a menu of small plates and more than 200 Italian wines. Next door to the wine cellar, Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria takes guests to Naples with its wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas. For those with a sweet tooth, stop by the Gelati stand on your way out of the pavilion.

Italy – Epcot Shopping

As the homeland of renowned designers like Valentino and Armani, no Italian vacation is complete without a bit of Italian shopping. Fortunately, the Italy Pavilion has plenty to choose from. Il Bel Cristallo is home to chic items like Murano glass while neighboring La Gemma Elegante stocks handmade Venetian masks, perfumes, and designer handbags. Across St. Mark’s Square, La Bottega Italiana is a shop with cookware, Italian food items, and even wine by the glass. 

The American Adventure

Our next stop is The American Adventure. Guess what? We’re halfway through! Aside from the America Gardens Theatre sitting on World Showcase Lagoon, the centerpiece here is the large building inspired by Colonial American architecture. With its concert stage, quick service restaurant, and air-conditioned Audio-Animatronics show, this midway point is an excellent spot for a rest. 

PRO TIP: Don’t miss out on the opportunity for dinner and a show. Musical acts play throughout the day at America Gardens Theatre, making this an ideal spot to catch some shade and a snack all while listening to some sweet, sweet music. 

The American Adventure sign and liberty building

The American Adventure – Epcot Attractions

When we say that this pavilion’s attraction is the headlining act, we mean it! The American Adventure is a 30-minute long show with Audio-Animatronics which highlights moments from the country’s past. Sitting in the dark and air conditioning on comfy cushioned seats, some might say that this is also the perfect spot for a nap. Before you catch the show, however, you won’t want to miss the American Heritage Gallery or the melodic stylings of the Voices of Liberty.

The American Heritage Gallery hosts rotating exhibitions celebrating the United States like an American Indian art exhibit straight from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC and an ode to jazz music courtesy of the movie Soul. And as for Voices of Liberty, they are a true Disney treasure. You won’t want to miss this incredible group sing in soaring, multipart harmonies. You can also find the Kidcot Fun Stop near the Art of Disney store. 

The American Adventure – Epcot Drinks & Dining

Looking for something patriotic to eat or drink? We hope you’re in the mood for barbecue and fried food. The Fife & Drum Tavern across from the America Gardens Theatre is a small food kiosk offering American and theme park classics like turkey legs and root beer floats. Meanwhile, the quick service Regal Eagle Smokehouse serves up regional barbecue favorites. How about dessert? Stop by the Funnel Cake stand, then wash it all down with a craft beer from Block & Hans.  

The American Adventure – Epcot Shopping

Besides a small merchandise cart out front, the only shopping available here is the Art of Disney store. Whether you’re planning on buying one of the limited-edition prints or animation cels, this is a great stop to visit, even if it’s just to window shop. 


Moving on, the next stop in our World Showcase adventure is Japan. With its iconic red torii gate,  towering pagoda, and numerous food options, this zen pavilion boasts some of the best dining and most unique shopping in all of Epcot. 

PRO TIP: Wanting a reprieve from the crowds? Climb the stairs towards Katsura Grill for some lovely shaded seating nestled among some pine trees. And don’t be afraid to try your hand at some Japanese customs, like handing something to someone with two hands instead of one. 

Japanese Buildings at Epcot

Japan – Epcot Attractions

This is another pavilion that’s slim on attractions but more than makes up for it with places to eat, drink, and shop. In general, the only attractions here are Bijutsu-kan Gallery and the Kidcot Fun Stop. The Bijutsu-kan Gallery uncovers the Japanese culture known as kawaii, or cute. After soaking up some culture, make your way over to the Kidcot Fun Stop near the entrance to the Mitsukoshi Department Store. Prior to the pandemic, traditional Japanese drummers also used to play on the front of the pagoda, but performances have since ended as a result. However, we are hopeful that entertainment will return in some form here as COVID-19 dissipates.

Japan – Epcot Drinks & Dining

With a snack stand, a quick service option, and three different table service restaurants, there’s no doubt that Japan is all about dining. There truly is something for everyone here, whether picky eaters or fans of Japanese fine dining. As you reach the pavilion, stop at the Kabuki Café food kiosk for Japanese snacks like edamame and kakigōri, or Japanese shaved ice. Perched on the hillside behind the pagoda, the quick service Katsura Grill serves everything from sushi and ramen to teriyaki chicken and Japanese-style curry. 

On the other side of the pavilion, enjoy dinner and a show of a different kind at Teppan Edo, a traditional Japanese steakhouse. With plenty of menu options and fun entertainment provided by the performing chefs, this is a great pick for groups of all ages and sizes. Takumi-Tei isn’t just one of the best restaurants in Epcot – it’s one of the nicest on Disney World property. Its peaceful setting, multi-course menu, and elevated dishes make this signature restaurant a Disney dining experience unlike any other. Japan’s last restaurant is Tokyo Dining, offering up an impressive sushi selection and views of World Showcase Lagoon.

Japan – Epcot Shopping

In general, there is only one shop available in the Japan Pavilion, and what a shop it is. The sprawling Mitsukoshi Department Store is part of an international department store chain, the Epcot location being the only one in North America. This huge store stocks an astonishing array of items, from Pokemon plushies and anime-themed socks to authentic kimonos and Japanese food items. There is also a Mitsukoshi Kiosk on the opposite side of the pavilion. 


As we enter the last leg of our whirlwind trip around the world (showcase), we arrive at the beautiful Morocco Pavilion. If perhaps you’re thinking that this one seems just a little bit more immersive than the others, there’s a reason for that. The pavilion is actually under the guidance of the Morocco Tourism Board and the Moroccan Embassy, plus its construction was actually overseen by some of the King of Morocco’s very own artisans. Talk about authenticity! 

Moroccan Buildings and tree

PRO TIP: This is really one of those pavilions that can only truly be enjoyed by just taking some time to wander around and get lost in the network of rooms, shops, and winding pathways. We suggest you grab some baklava and a glass of sangria or frozen mint tea from Oasis Sweets & Sips and go exploring!

Morocco – Epcot Attractions

On paper, the only attractions here are the Gallery of Arts and History and Morocco’s Kidcot Fun Stop. In actuality, we think the best part of the Morocco Pavilion is its stunningly detailed and immersive design. This is a pavilion made to be uncovered with each new corner you turn. Be sure to check out the Fez House. 

Once you finish ogling over the painstaking attention to detail (all those mosaics!), pop into the Gallery of Arts and History for their exhibit called Race Against the Sun: Ancient Technique to Modern Competition” showcasing life in the Sahara. Then stop by the Marketplace in the Medina for Morocco’s Kidcot Fun Stop. If you want to take your experience with you, you can even get a traditional Henna one. From time to time, you can also meet Aladdin and Jasmine here. This is another pavilion that had entertainment prior to the pandemic, so hopefully, that will come back as COVID-19 cases decrease.

Morocco – Epcot Drinks & Dining

Moroccan food may not be the first type of cuisine that springs to mind when you think of Disney World but trust us – after visiting some of the restaurants in the Morocco Pavilion, that might very well change. As we already mentioned, the snack stand, Oasis Sweets & Sips, toward the front of the pavilion is a great place to snag a quick beverage or Moroccan dessert. Next door is Spice Road Table, a waterfront lounge with Mediterranean-inspired small plates, a sizeable drink menu, and stunning views of World Showcase Lagoon and the Epcot fireworks. Across the walkway, the quick service Tangierine Café dishes up fresh, flavorful Mediterranean dishes like shawarma and tabouleh. Finally, for a meal as transporting as it is tasty, try Restaurant Marrakesh. Hidden in the back of the pavilion, a meal here truly feels like you’ve magically landed in Morocco. There’s even a lively belly dancing performance – audience participation is encouraged.  

Moroccan shops at Epcot

Morocco – Epcot Shopping

Aside from tasty restaurants, atmosphere for days, and abundant charm, another thing the Morocco Pavilion has going for it is a whole lot of shopping. While there is a small store next to Spice Road Table, Souk-al-Magreb, selling assorted souvenirs and Aladdin merch, the best shopping rests within the winding passageways. Made to look like an actually Moroccan market, Marketplace in the Medina is the main retail location and offers souvenirs like woven baskets, sheepskin wallets, and more. The Brass Bazaar stocks gleaming Moroccan housewares, while Casablanca Carpets holds stacks of (non-magical, sorry) Moroccan carpets, lamps (genie not included), and fez hats. Tangier Traders is another spot for colorful ceramics and unique jewelry.  


This next country is set to become the most popular spot in all of Epcot with the opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Designed to look like a picturesque Parisienne neighborhood with the Eiffel Tower towering in the background thanks to forced perspective, you almost feel as if you’re actually walking the cobblestoned streets of the City of Lights. With plenty of shopping, dining, and even attractions to be had here, there is no shortage of things to do and see. 

PRO TIP: With tons of nooks and crannies to explore and a seemingly infinite number of postcard-perfect backgrounds all but made for Instagram, this is another pavilion meant to savor. So, grab a croissant or a cone of artisan ice cream and get to wandering. Just be sure to have your camera ready!

France – Epcot Attractions

With three different attractions and a Kidcot Fun Stop, France just might be the most fun-filled pavilion in all of World Showcase. Impressions de France is the pavilion’s film, with the country’s epic land- and cityscapes set to classic music. Hoping for some more kid-friendly entertainment? The Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along is another film in the pavilion, albeit with much more crowd participation. When it opens, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will give guests a 4D mouses-eye view of the bustling kitchen in Gusteau’s renowned Paris restaurant. Belle and Aurora both do meet-and-greets here on occasion. Plus, we’re hopeful that the street entertainment that was once here will return as the pandemic recedes. 

France – Epcot Drinks & Dining

No visit to France is complete without eating your weight in glorious carbs and foods dripping in butter. So, it stands to reason that a visit to the France Pavilion is all about the food. There are six different World Showcase dining outlets here. At the front of the pavilion, Les Vins des Chefs de France is the perfect place to grab a quick glass of wine to enjoy as you explore the rest of France. Back in the new France expansion, La Crêperie de Paris serves up light flaky galettes and crêpes stuffed with tasty fillings, including one inspired by Remy’s famous Ratatouille. 

France Building at Epcot

Chefs de France is the first of the pavilion’s table service restaurants. This bright and airy spot serves French classics like Ratatouille and Boeuf Bourguignon. For exceptional French cuisine with a modern twist, you won’t want to miss Monsieur Paul. This signature dining restaurant is a step up from other Epcot restaurants – there’s even a dress code. For those with a sweet tooth, L’Artisan des Glaces is a quaint little spot for a scoop of artisan ice cream. Meanwhile, the nearby Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie is filled with grab-and-go delicacies like fresh baguettes and croissants as well as more substantial sandwiches and fresh quiche. 

France – Epcot Shopping

Shopping options here are almost as plentiful as the dining options. Wine lovers will adore Les Vins de France for wine by the glass and bottle, while fragrance and fashion snobs will go crazy over Plume et Palette. Looking for your next signature scent or high-end cosmetics? Be sure to visit La Signature. Finally, for all things France and Paris related, don’t miss Souvenirs de France. This is also where France’s Kidcot Fun Stop is located. 

United Kingdom

Rounding the bend into the homestretch, our next stop is the United Kingdom Pavilion. From the charming English gardens and pastoral cottage to the traditional architectural styles, this is another one of those pavilions that is set up to feel like a quaint village and we are here for it. 

PRO TIP: One of the sweetest details in all of Epcot can be found right here in the United Kingdom Pavilion. Hidden near The Toy Soldier behind a door marked Cast Members Only sits Christopher Robin’s room. This was once the meet-and-greet location for Pooh and Tigger, and we are very hopeful it will return because it is adorable. Be sure to put your nose to the glass and take a quick look around. Additionally, don’t miss the iconic red phone booth for a social media snap that says, “I went to London on holiday.”

United Kingdom – Epcot Attractions

The United Kingdom is yet another pavilion that is short on attractions but long on food. And we’re ok with that! Kiddos will enjoy the Kidcot Fun Spot location inside The Toy Soldier. If you’re lucky, you can also meet Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Winnie the Pooh here. 

Topiary of Winnie the Pooh

United Kingdom – Epcot Drinks & Dining

From beer blends to classic shepherd’s pie, the United Kingdom is filled with some royally good dining. If you need something quick but don’t want to skimp on quality, mosey on over to the Yorkshire County Fish Shop for a tasty basket of Fish and Chips. If you’ve got some more time on your hands, the Rose & Crown Dining Room serves up traditional British pub fare and killer views of World Showcase Lagoon. If you can time it right, this is another excellent spot to watch the evening fireworks. For a rousing good time, the Rose & Crown Pub is the perfect spot to down a couple of pints. Needing a drink to-go? Swing by the UK Beer Cart for a British beer and a packet of crisps.   

United Kingdom – Epcot Shopping

Looking for a place to wander as you sip your beer? There are plenty of shops available for all your gifting needs. Grab the tools you need to brew the perfect cuppa at The Tea Caddy, then head next door to The Queen’s Table to snag table settings fit for royalty. To leave this side of the street smelling as fresh as an English rose, pop into Lords and Ladies for a new perfume or handmade soap. Across the way, Sportsman’s Shoppe is the place to be for football (remember that means soccer here, folks) gear, while The Crown & Crest is the spot to have your family’s coat of arms emblazoned on a mug. Lastly, Beatles fans and Whovians looking for British Invasion and Doctor Who memorabilia, The Toy Soldier is for you.


Finally, the last stop of our tour around the World Showcase is the Canada Pavilion. With its combination of Great White North charm, First Nations-inspired artwork, and the enchantment of a grand Canadian chateau, we think this is one of the more unique pavilions in Epcot. 

PRO TIP: Don’t make the mistake of only viewing Canada from the front – there are walking paths throughout that let you get up close to the “mountains” and other parts of the pavilion which are perfect out-of-the-way spots for crowd-free photos. 

Canada – Epcot Attractions

In general, Canada has only two attractions: Canada Far and Wide and the pavilion’s Kidcot Fun Stop. Take in the sights and sounds of this vast country, and enjoy some shade and air condition, at the newly refreshed Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360° film. As you exit, be sure to complete your adventure at the last Kidcot Fun Stop

Waterfalls of Canada at Epcot

Canada – Epcot Drinks & Dining

With only a table service restaurant and a snack stand, Canada has the least World Showcase food options of the bunch. For a sweet snack to carry on your journey around the lagoon, stop by the Popcorn Cart for a box of Maple Popcorn. For one of the best steaks in Walt Disney World, you won’t want to miss Le Cellier Steakhouse. This intimate restaurant serves up warming Canadian cuisine like a velvety Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup and buttery Filet Mignon. 

Canada – Epcot Shopping

Canada has only two shops: Northwest Mercantile and the Trading Post. For NHL apparel, lumberjack shirts, and all things maple syrup, be sure to check out Northwest Mercantile. Or, if you’re looking for hand-carved wooden gifts and even more maple syrup, head next door to the Trading Post

Well, we hope you’re feeling inspired for your next trip to Epcot and dreaming of all the things to do at World Showcase. To set you and your family up for Epcot success, be sure to check out our 1-day Epcot plan. We show you how to hit all the must-see attractions and still have plenty of time for wandering World Showcase. Do you consider yourself a World Showcase regular? Which World Showcase restaurants are your favorites? Was there anything we missed? Let us know!