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Tiana’s Palace Restaurant To Open At Disneyland Park September 7, 2023

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Disney is thrilled to announce the official debut of Tiana’s Palace restaurant in Disneyland Park on September 7, 2023! This revamped quick-service eatery takes its inspiration from Princess Tiana’s restaurant featured in the cherished film by Walt Disney Animation Studios, “The Princess and the Frog.”

The launch of Tiana’s Palace signifies a progressive effort by Disney to immerse visitors in Princess Tiana’s narrative within New Orleans Square. This journey started with the unveiling of Eudora’s Chic Boutique, spotlighting Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets last year, and will further evolve with the introduction of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction in 2024. Disney is eager to further delve into Princess Tiana’s tale, honor New Orleans’ rich culinary culture, and usher visitors into Tiana’s Palace in the imminent future.

The restaurant is adorned with refined details that subtly nod to Tiana’s New Orleans heritage. Beneath the glowing marquee labeled “Tiana’s Palace”, suspended over a gleaming gold balcony, visitors will notice an emerald green iron railing and awnings shaded in hues of yellow and green, echoing Tiana’s iconic ball gown. Inside, patrons will be enveloped in Mardi Gras hues, seated at golden-yellow tables, atop creamy, vanilla-hued chairs accented with green, all under the canopy of matching umbrellas.

Artist rendering of a restaurant

Disney’s design team drew extensively from the movie for the restaurant’s interiors. Notably, a vast mural depicting the bayou graces the walls. Diners will spot various elements from Tiana’s journey – from lily motifs on signs and fixtures, frog-themed porcelain items, a collection of Tiana’s cherished cookbooks, to her father’s treasured gumbo spoon exhibited with pride. Additionally, letters from her father and neighbors and a nostalgic photograph of a young Tiana will be showcased.

An interesting tidbit: Tiana’s Palace’s portrayal in “The Princess and the Frog” was influenced by the French Market Restaurant, previously located in this very spot in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park. The movie’s artists incorporated a wheelhouse and twin smokestacks to endow Tiana’s eatery with a distinctive profile. When Disney decided to manifest this vision in Disneyland, those elements were seamlessly integrated, culminating in a nostalgic full-circle moment.

Disney eagerly anticipates inviting everyone to witness this remarkable transformation, along with the comeback of the Mint Julep Bar! At Tiana’s Palace, patrons can savor new culinary delights that resonate with Tiana’s narrative and capture the essence of New Orleans. Efforts have been made to procure certain ingredients straight from Louisiana. Additionally, these delectable offerings will be available for mobile ordering via the Disneyland app upon the restaurant’s opening. Stay on the lookout for a sneak peek of the comprehensive menu, arriving shortly!

Tiana’s Palace in New Orleans Square will open Sept. 7, 2023!

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