Extra Magic Hour is more magical than you know

For several year Extra Magic Hour and Magic Morning Early Entry were cool to have but not that cool. We’ll we’ve got news for you: it’s super cool now.

As years go by and Disney crowds build it seems like you get less and less done during your vacation. This makes us weep. And with the addition of Star Wars Land coming in 2018-2019 it’s only going to get worse. 

Fear not though for Extra Magic Hour and Magic Morning are here to save the day! Having used these services for several years now we can tell you that they are becoming more and more necessary to get the things done that you want to. 

Although an hour seems like not a lot of time, it is when the crowds are gone. Our favorite is when EMH (the cool way of saying it) is at DCA park. The WHOLE park is open including Soarin’, Toy Story, and Racers. The big 3. These lines typically exceed 35 minutes during regular hours, Racers is typically 60 minutes or longer. That’s crazy!

So why is our favorite day at DCA? You can get the big 3 done within that hour and spend the rest of the day on other rides or heading over to Disneyland Park. So how do you do this? Everyone goes to Racers in Cars Land first. Literally everyone. If you end up somewhere in the middle of that crowd your wait time will be about 15 minutes which is great. 


However, if you are late getting there, move on. Head over to Toy Story which is walk-on and ride it several times. Try and beat your high score! Then head over to Soarin’ and spend 10-15 minutes in line there. You’ll see the world! Now head over to Racers Fastpass line and grab one of the first ones. Wait about 10-15 minutes and then speed through that line like lightening!

One good thing to remember is that you still only have 1 hour. If you don’t get in line for that Racers Fastpass before they let all the other guests in, you’re going to have to accept a later return time. 

Now, concerning Disneyland Parks EHM and Magic Morning, only two lands are open: Fantasy and Tomorrow. Space Mountain is prime for the ridin’ during this time. So is Matterhorn. Peter Pan is another story. Our only conclusion as to why this attraction has a long line ALL day long is because it has a long line ALL day long. It’s sorta like being famous because you’re famous (we won’t name any names Kardash…..). It’s a decently fun ride but certainly not worth spending beyond 35 minutes in line for. Either get there early and be one of the firsts or kiss it goodbye. 

Remember, to take advantage of EHM you have to be staying at a Disneyland Property hotel: Paradise Pier, Disneyland Hotel, or the Grand Californian Hotel. 

Magic Morning is only at Disneyland Park Tues, Thurs, and Saturdays. It’s for guests with 3 day tickets or more excluding Military and AP holders.