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How to score high on Toy Story Midway Mania

We all want it. That high score that beats everyone including the kids sitting next to us. The high score of the day. The winner.

Toy Story Midway Mania gives us the opportunity to really show people how skilled we are at shooting virtual darts and plungers at targets by pulling a stringed cannon. So naturally we would like to find out some cheats or hints to help us along to achieving that high score success in life. We’re not judging..

On the first screen you come to in the game you’re on a farm. At the bottom of the screen in one corner you’ll see a hen house with a fox on it. Shoot the fox off the hen house and out will come chickens. Shoot all the chickens then repeat for the entire game. It should land you around 40,000+ points.

On the next game you’ll see a volcano with balloons coming down from the mouth. Pop all the balloons until the volcano explodes with yellow balloons which you’ll want to shoot as many as you can. After this 2 comets will pop up on both sides of the screen. You and your partner must shoot these comets 3 times at which point an “asteroid” of balloons will crash land on the screen, each balloon is worth lots of points.

On the next game you’re breaking plates. A few seconds into the game 2 plates will shoot up, both worth 2,000 points. You and your partner must shoot and break both plates. Once you’ve done this several more plates will start shooting up, each worth lots of points!

Your next game is the ring toss. In the middle of the screen there is a space ship where the green aliens pop out of. If you and your partner can ring all the aliens before they repopulate the space ship will blast off revealing a machine monster. Each time it opens it’s mouth the point value increases. Shoot as many rings as you can into it’s mouth each time. While it’s mouth is closed, ring other objects.

Your last game is the western target shoot. There are serval targets in this game that when hit spawn more targets. If you and your partner can hit each target once then they will disappear and reveal new targets worth much more. Shoot the bunny in the saloon doors to reveal several high value targets as well.

Right after the targets comes the mine cars. Shoot the mine cars until you see 2 bats appear at the top of of your screen. Shoot the bat targets once and then again for 5,000 points. Now all the mine cars that come out will be worth 5,000 points.

Your last target grows as you hit it so pull that string with all your might! Most people who follow this guide will score around 200,000 points. If you want to score higher then this you need a partner who knows all the tricks too and is willing to help you out. Practice makes a better player and a better bragger.