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How To Score Higher On Toy Story Midway Mania

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We all want it. That high score that beats everyone including the kids sitting next to us. The high score of the day. The winner.

Toy Story Midway Mania gives us the opportunity to really show people how skilled we are at shooting virtual darts and plungers at targets by pulling a stringed cannon. So naturally we’d like to know anything that could give us a leg up over our opponents. Here are all the tips, tricks and secrets to score higher on Toy Story Midway Mania.



Toy Story Midway Mania is a wildly popular 4D interactive ride at Disneyland’s California Adventure and Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Riders compete in a series of carnival-style shooting galleries inspired by the Toy Story films. Follow this guide to learn the games, find the secrets, and get high scores!

Game Order and Details

There are 5 main games (and a practice) played in the following order:

Practice Round

  • Throw pies at targets held up by Toy Story characters
  • Practice your aim here before the real games begin!
  • Only shoot to get a feel for your cannon then stop to save your pulling energy!

1. Hamm & Eggs

  • Launch eggs from a cannon at barnyard animal targets
  • Hit the horse, rooster, and mouse to flip the barn and increase all target values
  • Shoot the fox off the top of the hen house and all the chickens that run out. Then repeat. 1,000 points each
  • End the game with 50,000+ points

2. Dino Darts

  • Pop balloons on moving dinosaur targets by throwing darts
  • Shoot the first ballon coming out of the volcano, then the two, then the three. This will cause the volcano to erupt with tiny high-value balloons
  • Shoot the comets on both sides of the volcano three times to activate a ballon astroid that gives out several high valued balloons
  • In the center there will be balloons that grow. Pop them at their biggest for several high valued targets
  • End the game with 60,000+ points

3. Green Army Men Plate Break

  • Shoot and break plates with the Green Army Men
  • Look for two plates on both the left and right that are getting tossed up. Break them before they come all the way down to activate a tank that shoots plates worth 3,000 points each
  • Keep shooting towards the top of the game where there are more 2,000+ point plates going across the screen
  • End the game with 60,000+ points

4. Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers

  • Launch “Flying Tossers” (rings) at targets
  • Aim for the green aliens in the rocket ship and ring them all before any respawn. This will activate a ring-eating robot mouth where you want to shoot as many rings into it while open. The value of each mouth opening goes up. Skip the first one and aim for the 5,000 point aliens.
  • Look for the 5,000 point aliens in the way-back, then the 2,000 point ones towards the front
  • End this game with 60,000+ points

5. Jessie and Woody’s Critter Roundup

  • Shoot plungers at targets with Woody and Jessie
  • Each item in the screen will have one target. Shoot it to pop-out several higher-value targets. Shoot all of them in order to repeat the process.
  • As you head over to the gold mine look for the 2,000 point targets. Shoot ones next to critters to increase the value of other targets.
  • At the gold mine shoot as many mine carts as possible. At the same time shoot the bat target early on to reveal a 5,000 point target. Immediately go back to the carts to reveal several 5,000 point targets.
  • When the large target appears, consider switching hands to pull the cannon string as fast as possible for the most points
  • End this game with 80,000+ points

Tips for High Scores

  • Team up with your ride partner to help reveal some of the secret targets including the comets on Dino Darts, 2 tossed plates on Plate Break and the rocket ship alien men on Ring Toss
  • Go for constantly moving targets as they tend to be worth more points
  • Ride multiple times to improve your skills. It will take several rides to see and understand each of the secret targets
  • Use Lightning Lane to maximize your rides

With practice and sharp shooting, you’ll be a Midway Mania master in no time! Compete with your family and friends to see who can top the scoreboard on your next ride. Remember, you can play Toy Story Midway Mania at both Hollywood Studios and California Adventure theme parks!