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Award Wieners is a Winner

We used to walk past this place without giving it any thought. A hot dog at a theme park. Nothing could be more mundane when it comes to food. The crazy thing was that the place had long lines from opening till close. We couldn’t ever figure out why..

Then we started hearing from friends and family that the place was really good. That they were more than just hot dogs with toppings. Still, it took us along time to make the effort to go and try it out. When we finally did we were not disappointed.

They are more than just hot dogs. Several of the dogs offered are actually very flavorful sausages. This is what we loved about them the most. The toppings are all great but the sausage was extremely delicious. Each bite bursting with flavor. The toppings were very complimentary no matter what dog we tried.

Our two favorite dogs were the BBQ Crunch Dog which has a cheddar sausage topper with BBQ sauce, cheddar jack cheese, and crispy fried onions and the Spicy City Dog which has a cheddar-jalapeno sausage topped with chipotle crema, queso fresco, and pico de gallo.

Whichever dog you end up getting, it’s going to be a winner!

Tips: Be sure to get there early. The line gets long during the lunch and dinner rushes. You’ll also want to have someone sit down at a table to ensure a seat. It’s gets busy and the tables are few..

Ask for a side hot dog without the chips or fries if you don’t care for them. They’ll charge you less just for the dog.