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2020’s Guide to Discount Disneyland Tickets

Discount Disneyland Tickets – Best Places To Buy

discount disneyland tickets

You’re in the business of finding discount Disneyland tickets and I’m in the business of telling you how to get them. It’s very simple. So here I go:

Yes, you can purchase discount Disneyland tickets online. They work just the same as if you bought them from Disney; they’re just cheaper. No, you’re not going to save 50% off but you will save. That I guarantee. Speaking of guarantee, there’s only one seller online that offers a Best Price Guarantee on discount Disneyland tickets: Get Away Today

The best way to know if you’re getting a discount on tickets for Disneyland is to compare pricing. Here’s a current table of what Disney’s gate pricing is and what Get Away Today offers. If gives you a good idea of how much you can save on tickets.

2020 Ticket PricingDiscount PricingDisney Gate Pricing
2-Day Park Hopper$288$290
3-Day Park Hopper$360$365
4-Day Park Hopper$390$395
5-Day Park Hopper$395$415
2-Day 1 Park Per Day$233$235
3-Day 1 Park Per Day$305$310
4-Day 1 Park Per Day$335$340
5-Day 1 Park Per Day$340$360

As you can see, discounted tickets typically save between $2 and $20. There are certain times of the year where you can save more though.

Best Time To Buy Disneyland Tickets

discount disneyland tickets

This is actually quite important when it comes to Disneyland tickets. You want to save the most you can and there are certain times of the year when this is possible.

Keep in mind, if you can’t purchase during one of the listed times, that’s okay. It’s better to save something than nothing.

  • January-Early February: Disneyland historically has raised its prices every year for the past 5 years. This is done around early February so if you’re planning on going anytime that year, purchase before the price increases.
  • Spring time typically has special offers like Adults at Kids Prices or special offers for child tickets. In 2020 the Spring Offer saved guests over $100 per ticket.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also great times to shop for tickets. You can find savings upwards to per ticket, sometimes more.
  • Fall time usually brings an Adults at Kids Prices sale which typically doubles the amount of savings per ticket.

There are also times where savings are less because it’s a busier time at the parks. This would include summer and the Holidays from November thru December.

However, if you know you’re going to be traveling to Disneyland during these times, purchase during one of the earlier sales. Tickets sold during there special offers are typically valid throughout the whole year including summer and the Holidays.

Where Can I Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets?

There are several places you can purchase tickets to Disneyland in Southern California. I mentioned one above who offers year-round savings and a best price guarantee on each ticket they sale, Get Away Today.

They offer tickets that can be purchase online and mobilly. They are delivered via email and can be linked to the official Disneyland app. You can also purchase tickets with MaxPass.

All Get Away Today tickets include Fast Pass and immediate entry at the parks turnstiles. No box office stop required.

You can also purchase discount Disneyland tickets with the following companies:

  • Costco Wholesale – Not currently available but sometimes they do offer discounts.
  • AAA Insurance – You can purchase tickets online or in person with a valid membership.
  • Sam’s Club – Like Costco, as long as you have a membership you can purchase tickets through them if they are available.
  • Ralphs Grocery Store – Live near a Ralphs? Call to see if they offer any savings.
  • Vons Grocery Store – Same deal here. Call you local Vons and see if they have any savings.
  • Military Tickets – Disney offers these every year and are the best deal you can get on tickets.
  • Canada Resident Tickets – Residents of Canada can get special pricing.
  • Disneyland California Resident Discount – Save on tickets just because you live in Southern California.
  • Disneyland Resort Hotel Package – You can save on tickets when you purchase a ticket + hotel package.
  • Australia Resident Discount – From the down under? Grab some special tickets for your upcoming visit.

Now let’s talk about where you shouldn’t buy your tickets from. It may be the most important list on this page. Nobody wants to lose hard-earned money to a scam so please avoid these places:

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Online Classifieds
  • People on a street corner
  • Friends and family with used tickets

If you are tempted to buy from these places because someone is offering $50 per day or 50% off tickets, it’s a scam and you’ll be left in the dark and a hole in your pocket. Please don’t do it!

How much are the Disneyland tickets?

How much are the Disneyland tickets?

This all depends on how many days you want to go for. There are a lot of guests who want to go for just one day so I’ll talk about those first.

Disneyland introduced a new five-tier pricing plan for one-day, one-park tickets as follows: $104 (Tier 1), $114 (Tier 2), $124 (Tier 3), $139 (Tier 4) and $154 (Tier 5). Tier 1 pricing is used on the slower days at the parks and Tier 5 is used on the busiest days at the park.

For 1 day park hopper tickets the pricing is as follows: $159 (Tier 1), $169 (Tier 2), $179 (Tier 3), $194 (Tier 4) and $209 (Tier 5). Like the 1 park per day, the park hopper ticket system is based on attendance so Tier 1 is the slower days and Tier 5 is the busiest days.

For all the other tickets, you can use the table below to see what tickets cost. You’ll also want to see the table above for discounted pricing.

2020 Ticket PricingDisney Gate Pricing
2-Day 1 Park Per Day$235
2-Day Park Hopper$290
3-Day 1 Park Per Day$310
4-Day 1 Park Per Day$340
5-Day 1 Park Per Day$360
3-Day Park Hopper$365
4-Day Park Hopper$395
5-Day Park Hopper$415

We try and keep this information up to date but you can always confirm at

Military Disneyland Tickets

military disneyland tickets

First of all, thank you for your service if you or a family member are serving or have served. Disney feels the exact same way and as a thank you from them they offer active and retired military service men and women discounted tickets to Disneyland.

As of 2020 the current Military ticket prices are as follows: 3-Day Military Promotional Ticket: $184 and 4-Day Military Promotional Ticket: $204. Tickets are valid for use January 2020 through December 18th, 2020. You can add Disney MaxPass for $15 per ticket per day.

Currently these Military discounts do not apply to veterans; only active and retired members and their spouses.

Military tickets can be purchased 2 ways. First, members can purchase them at their local military base. It doesn’t matter which branch of the military you are serving or served in. You can visit any branches base and buy tickets. Call ahead to ensure their recreation center is available to sell them to you. Bring your valid military ID. Member or spouse can purchase the tickets.

Second, you can purchase military tickets at the Disney box offices with valid military ID. The only difference is that bases do not charge taxes whereas Disney will.

Once you have you your tickets you will need to show ID at the park entrance in order to go in. You only need to show it one time. The rest of the days you don’t need to show ID.