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Buying Ralphs Grocery Store Disneyland Tickets

Getting Disneyland Tickets from Ralphs

Are you a frequent shopper of Ralphs? We love saving at their stores on everything we buy! We especially loved when they sold Disneyland Resort tickets at the counter. It was easy enough to buy them while shopping for our groceries. Unfortunately they no longer sell Disneyland theme park tickets. So what can you do now? Instead of losing out on Ralphs Disneyland Tickets for 2022, just purchase them online at a special discount with the internets #1 wholesaler.

Buying Ralphs Disneyland Tickets

As we mentioned, it used to be so easy to get a discount on your Disneyland tickets when you were shopping at Ralphs. Grab all your groceries that you needed for the week and then check-out. On your way out of the store you could stop by the service desk counter and purchase your Disneyland tickets and save a bit of money!


We did some intense research and found out that the average savings on a ticket was about . Some times more, sometimes less depending on the season and if there were any promotions going on.

Now it seems that Ralphs no longer carries Disneyland tickets at their stores. We checked with a few other chains including Vons and Costco and neither of them carry Disneyland tickets either. We’re guessing that Disney pulled contracts from grocery suppliers in order to keep their tickets more close to home.

This information is recent as of April 2022. We of course continually check in case something has changed

If you do come across a store or want to check just in case, use these simple steps to purchase your tickets:

  1. Call or visit your local Ralphs Grocery Store.
  2. Ask the service counter if they have any Disneyland tickets to offer.
  3. Be sure to ask what their price is compared to gate pricing. You don’t want to end up paying the same price when you could save over gate pricing.
  4. If they do have them and they have some savings, be sure to compare those savings to Undercover Tourist. You always want to make sure you’re saving the most money when it comes to tickets.
  5. If you like the price and think it’s worth getting them all you need to do is let them know how many adults and kids you need and you should be able to purchase them.
  6. Credit/debit cards and cash will be the only acceptable method to purchasing your tickets.
  7. Lastly, be sure that your tickets are not box office tickets, meaning, that you can go straight to the gate instead of having to do a box office exchange. This is extremely important and may be the biggest difference between Ralphs Disneyland Tickets and Undercover Tourist, who only offers e-Tickets so you can enter the parks right away using your phone.

If you follow these instructions you’re sure to save big on your tickets no matter what option you choose.

Undercover Tourist vs. Ralphs Grocery Disneyland Tickets

Instead of having to go back and forth between Ralphs and Undercover Tourist, we’ve put together a chart so you can compare ticket pricing and see how much you can save. Prices are current as of April 2022.

Ralphs Grocery Store Ticket Savings = $0

Undercover Tourist Ticket Savings = $5-$25 per ticket

You can see there is quite a difference in pricing but more importantly, there are savings on every single ticket.

Undercover Tourist is the oldest and longest selling wholesaler of Disneyland tickets online. They have been selling as a Disneyland partner for over 20 years. Because of this they have won many awards and recognitions in the industry. When you buy from them you’re guaranteed to save and receive the best price with their Best Price Guarantee. They will not be beat on pricing!


So even if Ralphs has Disneyland tickets and they seem to be the best, there is someone better! Don’t miss out on saving all that money by purchasing at gate pricing.

Undercover Tourist Ticket Benefits

You could by gate tickets and not save anything and only get your tickets. Or you could purchase from Undercover Tourist and save plus receive some really cool benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Refundable Tickets
  • Straight to the Gate Tickets

You won’t find tickets with these benefits anywhere else!

With Undercover Tourist you’ll also have the option to add Genie+, a service that allows you to save your place in line and come back later to skip the main line and get on the attraction faster. If you’re unfamiliar with service we have an article that talks all about this service. Get caught up and starting saving time at the parks to get more done.


With Genie+, if you’re at Disneyland Park waiting in line for Haunted Mansion and want to go on Guardians of the Galaxy next, you don’t have to worry about walking over to the other park. Just pull out your phone and make the Lightning Lane reservation. Boom! You’re done!

Lastly, with Genie+ you can download and keep all your attraction and PhotoPass photos for the entire day. We think this service is well worth the purchase of Genie+ as memories are priceless in our opinion.

Recap on Everything

  • Ralphs Disneyland Tickets cannot be found in stores anymore.
  • It doesn’t really matter because you can get the best-priced tickets online with Get Away Today.
  • Their tickets include a lot of benefits you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Genie and Genie+ are two great service you need to take advantage of.

Keep in mind that our entire website is dedicated to helping you save money on your Disneyland vacation whether it’s for tickets and packages, packing your gear or some ultimate freebies. Be sure to take full advantage of all our guides and news as well. There’s a lot to know and a lot to plan for a Disney vacation!