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Carved wood tiger with "The Bengal Barbecue"

Bengal Barbecue Review

Bengal Barbecue

Name: Bengal Barbecue

Rated: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Location: Adventureland

Serves: Lunch and Dinner


Bengal Barbecue: Tear into some toothsome jungle skewers at this quick-service stand featuring spicy or sweet beef, chicken, bacon-wrapped asparagus or fresh vegetables. Still foraging? Satisfying options like spring rolls, tiger tails, parfaits or a healthy hummus trio will help fuel your adventure—and don’t forget a refreshing beverage to tame that ever-ferocious thirst!

Our Take:

Bengal Barbecue is a staple in Adventureland, offering up some of the best skewered meats we’ve had! While the location isn’t very big, they did just expand the seating area in 2017 which has made a huge difference! It’s located right across from the entrance of Indiana Jones and is open for lunch and dinner.

This line can get long for both lunch and dinner so arriving early isn’t a bad idea. You’ll notice the menus above the registers or you can view it on the Disneyland app. Our favorite thing to order is the Bengal beef skewer covered in a sweet Zulu sauce. This is good chunks of meat that aren’t hard to chew. Just the perfect bite. Typically each skewer comes with 4 pieces of meat and the sauce.

Our other favorite skewer is the Safari skewer which is bacon wrapped asparagus. It’s sounds awesome and it is awesome! Nice tender pieces of asparagus wrapped in crispy bacon. It’s healthy!….

Sides include tiger tails which are breadsticks and then they typically serve a parfait that is very rich and sweet. It’s a dessert for sure and one that should be shared with someone. Don’t go it alone! Sometimes, and we say sometimes because it comes and goes, they serve a boba drink. Be sure to ask if they have one because you won’t want to miss it!


  1. Because the line here can get long try coming between the hours of 1pm and 5pm. Typically the line is much shorter then.
  2. This is one quick service location that you can get free water at! Just ask at the register and a Cast Member will get you a free cup of ice water!

We hope you enjoyed our Bengal Barbecue Review!

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