Waffle with nutella and strawberries on top

11 Best Snacks at Disney World

Disney World is one of the best places to visit for many people around the globe. You’ll become so engrossed with the activities that you won’t want to leave. You’ll also notice the many eateries and restaurants in the park.

Disney has a knack for making even the simplest snacks irresistible. The best honor would be to try out their offers of the best snacks at Disney World. If you don’t want to buy snacks blindly, here are some that you shouldn’t miss.

Best Snacks at Disney World

  1. Mickey Bar

The Mickey Bar is one of the classic snacks at Disney World. It’s named after the famous mickey mouse because its shape resembles Mickey’s head.

The snack is simply creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a succulent chocolate shell. You can find the bar in almost all ice cream carts around the four theme parks.

  1. Nutella Waffle

Nutella with fruit or waffles could be your favorite snack at home, but something about it is different at Disney. Here, you’ll get a full, warm, and fresh waffle laced with Nutella, berries, and bananas.

The serving size is large enough that the snack can serve as a meal. However, if you’re spending the whole day at the park, you’ll want more than just one serving. You can buy it from Sleepy Hollow at Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom Park.

  1. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

While at Sleepy Hollow, you can also grab yet another tasty snack. The Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich on a waffle is also large enough to be taken as a lunch-time meal.

The waffle is stuffed with two sweet and spicy chicken tenders and topped with coleslaw dressing. The handful of house-made chips on the sandwich completes the deal.

  1. Redd’s Revenge

If you want to beat the heat with something more than a soft drink, go for Redd’s Revenge. It’s a frozen concoction made of a blend of Strawberry Fanta and Strawberry Dole Whip.

You can get it from the Sunshine Tree Terrace. However, avoid it if you don’t like carbonated snacks.

  1. Arendelle Aqua Cone

The Arendelle Aqua Cone is a pretty treat for your Instagram photos. Photography aside, it’s one of the best snacks at Disney World, with a delicious aftertaste that makes you want more.

This Frozen-inspired cone comes with ice cream with an Elsa Blue cotton candy flavor. It’s endowed with cotton candy sugar sprinkles and a sugar cube with the shape of Mickey Mouse on the side.

The sugar will make you feel refreshed, but be sure to proceed with caution. It’s a snack with the highest sugar levels, and you’ll want to eat something heavier and with less sugar afterward. Get it from the Storybook Treats in the Magic Kingdom.

  1. Egg Rolls

If you’re looking for something savory to break up the sugary Arendelle Aqua snack, grab the egg rolls. They provide for a quick bite which you can eat on the go.

They won’t create a mess as you walk around, and they also tend to make you feel full. You can choose to grab a seat at the Lotus Blossom Café and enjoy your snack while resting your feet.

  1. Mini Mango Pie

Are you looking for another fruity snack? Try the mini mango pie. It’s a refreshing and filling snack that’s not too sugary.

The best part of the snack is the crust that holds the ingredients together. The butter makes for a delightful and light taste. With the rest of the ingredients, the bite is the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

It’s yet another wise snack choice to try on a hot day in Disney land. Get the snack from the Yak and Yeti Local Foods Café in the Animal Kingdom.

  1. French Fries with Pulled Pork and Cheese

This list of savory snacks to try out at Disney land is not complete without some cheesy bites. Don’t leave without these crispy french fries piled with pork and cheese. The generous serving of the chips and pulled pork is enough for a meal.

As a tip to get the most out of the servings, order the snack and the servings separately. This way, you get more toppings and better value for your money. The snack is available at the famous Flame Tree Barbeque eatery.

  1. Beef Brisket Poutine

Another meaty snack that replaces pork with beef is the Beef Brisket Poutine. In this case, the French fries are topped with brown gravy which forms the poutine. Other additions are beef brisket, beer cheese sauce, and crispy onions.

It may sound like a simple snack, but you’ll be amazed at how filling it is. You can head down to the Refreshment Port for it.

  1. Funnel Cakes

Haven’t had some cake yet but are in the mood for some? The Funnel Cakes from Epic eats won’t disappoint. They can even be your meal for the day.

The cakes are available in strawberry and vanilla flavors. The toppings are in different varieties, including vanilla ice cream and Oreos. This mixture of hot and cold is a sweet treat you don’t want to miss.

  1. Mickey Soft Pretzel

The Mickey Soft Pretzel wins the trophy for being Disney’s best snack. It’s little wonder that you’ll find it in snack carts all over the parks in the resort. Anyone who’s well familiar with the place should be able to point you to a Mickey Soft Pretzel snack.

The snack comes in a substantial quantity and is quite savory. You can buy the pretzel plain or with some cheese to dip it in. Another version of the snack is stuffed with cream cheese or jalapenos.


Some of the things that make a visit to Disney World so enjoyable are the snacks. They come in plenty, in all shapes and sizes. The common factor among them all is that they’ll awaken your taste buds and make you crave more.

Whether you’re looking for a fruity or creamy snack, Disney has them all for you. You also won’t go wrong with meat, egg, or cheese-stuffed snacks.