Buy Costco Disneyland Tickets

Buy Costco Disneyland Tickets

buy costco disneyland tickets

“Buy Costco Disneyland Tickets” is a popular term to search these days because Costco can offer some great deals on Disneyland Resort tickets. In fact, at one point you could get a 4-day Park Hopper with a $50 Disney Gift Card and save over $50 on the ticket! That’s an incredible deal. If you’re looking to buy Costco Disneyland tickets be sure to check-out this link for any offer they might have. Be aware though that Costco typically does not have any Disneyland tickets these days.

The second best way to buy Costco Disneyland tickets is to call your local warehouse to see if they carry them. If they don’t you’ll want to check-out our exclusive pricing on Disneyland Resort tickets. While we wish we could buy Costco Disneyland tickets, the truth is that they are rarely carried anymore by any warehouse. The good news is that our Disneyland Resort tickets can save you some serious money over gate pricing!

How do I buy Costco Disneyland Tickets?

Buy Costco Disneyland Tickets

It’s as simple as clicking on our exclusive link and seeing all the options that we have to offer. Once you’ve landed on the page you’ll see a very simple search widget. It defaults to packages for Disneyland so if you’re in need of a hotel and tickets, leave it how it is. If you just want tickets simply change the search from Hotel + Ticket to Tickets Only. Now fill in all the other information like your first day in the parks and how many adults and children. Remember that kids 2 and under are free.

Now click search and you’ll be shown all your ticket options including Park Hopper, 1 Park Per Day and combo tickets with other theme parks. Select which one you’re interested in purchasing to view current pricing. On this page you’ll see all of the tickets listed from 2 to 5 day tickets and what their current price is. It also shows you how much you can save over gate pricing. If you need to change the number of adults and children you can. If you are all set, simply add them to your cart and start the checkout process.

You will need to enter your information in and choose e-tickets or shipped tickets. We recommend e-tickets as they are the most convenient way to receive them. They allow you to skip the box office lines and head straight into the parks by showing them from your phone or a printed version of them.

Fastpass with MaxPass is available with these tickets and can be purchased day of when you enter the parks or you can now purchase your discounted tickets with MaxPass included before you arrive at the parks. The tickets work exactly the same, the only difference is you’ll save a bunch of time by getting at purchase instead of adding at the parks each. Keep in mind that FastPass is a free service but MaxPass does cost $15 per day per person. It does include unlimited downloads of your PhotoPass photos though which in our opinion is very valuable.

Best Price Guarantee

Even if you cannot buy Costco Disneyland tickets, don’t fret! We have discount Disneyland tickets to offer with a Best Price Guarantee. Find a lower price and we’ll match it! All you need to do is show us where you found the deal and you’ll receive the difference back! There’s nothing better than knowing you’re getting the lowest price possible!

2022 PricingGate PriceUndercover Tourist
2-Day 1 Park$255$248.68
3-Day 1 Park$330$311.32
4-Day 1 Park$360$339.62
5-Day 1 Park$380$358.49
Park Hopper Option
2-Day Park Hopper$315$307.19
3-Day Park Hopper$390$367.93
4-Day Park Hopper$420$396.23
5-Day Park Hopper$440$415.10
1 Park Per Day with Disney Genie+
2-Day 1 Park w/ Genie+$295$287.68
3-Day 1 Park w/ Genie+$390$367.93
4-Day 1 Park w/ Genie+$440$415.10
5-Day 1 Park w/ Genie+$480$452.83
Park Hopper with Disney Genie+
2-Day Park Hopper w/ Genie+$355$346.20
3-Day Park Hopper w/ Genie+$450$424.53
4-Day Park Hopper w/ Genie+$500$471.70
5-Day Park Hopper w/ Genie+$540$509.44
SoCal Resident Offer
SoCal Resident 3-Day 1 Park$330$187.74
SoCal Resident 3-Day Park Hopper$390$244.34
SoCal Resident 3-Day 1 Park w/ Genie+$390$244.34
SoCal Resident 3-Day Park Hopper w/ Genie+$450$300.943
Please note that gate admission prices don't include taxes and fees, while Undercover Tourist ticket prices are all-inclusive. The SoCal Resident Special is for a 3-Day Weekday Ticket. To access the SoCal Resident Special, your billing address must have a Southern California postal code.

What ticket options do we offer?

We offer both 1 Park Per Day tickets and Park Hopper tickets. 1 Park Per Day tickets allow you access to either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park. You cannot go between both parks. The one you enter first is the one you’re essentially stuck at for the entire day. Though this ticket type does not offer much flexibility it is cheaper than the Park Hopper ticket.

The Park Hopper tickets allows you to go between both parks as much as you want all day. You’ll pay a little bit more for the Hopper option but you’ll have the most flexibility. If one park gets busy you can leave and go to the other one. This is our recommended ticket. Be sure to check out the specials we have going on for these tickets such as a free day or Adults pay Kids prices.

For a complete resources we recommend viewing our Discount Disneyland Tickets Guide. This is the #1 online guide for finding and purchasing discounted Disneyland tickets.

There are other vendors out there that offer cheap Disneyland tickets including the following:

Some of these are worth looking at and some of them we do not recommend at all. You may want to read about each one individually and see what your options are concerning tickets. Some have stopped selling all together and some are just a dangerous way to purchase tickets. That’s why we always recommend our trusted partner Undercover Tourist for your tickets. They are an authorized seller and have been selling for over 20 years. They have the best prices online and offer a Best Price Guarantee on everything they sell.

How do I receive my tickets?

Park Savers offers 2 options for your receiving your tickets including shipped and will call. Our hard-stock shipped tickets is the recommended option as it allows you to have your tickets in hand before you arrive. It also allows you to skip the box office lines and head straight into the parks. As of 2018 all tickets can also be received in e-ticket format as discussed above. These allow you to receive your actual tickets via email and present them at the gates as you’re heading into the parks. Whereas before your will call confirmation required you to visit a box office, you do not have to do that anymore. Simply show your e-tickets from your phone and enter the parks.

What’s included with my ticket?

Right now we’re offering over $400 in digital coupon with EVERY ticket purchase! You can’t beat that plus the savings on your tickets! You’ll also be able to use Fastpass to help you skip the big lines and get to your favorite attractions faster! And of course you’ll be receiving a Best Price Guarantee with your ticket purchase. This ensures the best price so you don’t have to worry if there was something lower.

Groupon Disneyland Tickets vs. Buying Costco Disneyland Tickets

If you’re in search for a discount on Disneyland Resort tickets you can purchase them here for cheaper than gate pricing. If you want to continue to learn about Groupon Disneyland Tickets keep reading. We’re going to give you the low-down on these tickets and if they are available for you to purchase or not. We specialize in finding discounted tickets to Disneyland and have so for over 10 years. We always update our pages as new information is discovered on tickets and potential discounts.

How Groupon Works

groupon disneyland tickets

If you’re unfamiliar with Groupon and how the website functions, it’s fairly easy to learn. Basically Groupon puts on flash sales for items such as massages, travel, local restaurants and services, entertainment and more. When you purchase your groupon, let’s say for instance Disneyland Groupon Tickets, you then receive a voucher that you can use for redemption with that company. So if you have a 2-day Disneyland Ticket that you purchased from Groupon, you would redeem that voucher with Disney to receive the discounted price and ticket.

Your downloaded voucher would have instructions on how to redeem your Groupon, or, if you have the Groupon app you could also use that to redeem. A Groupon voucher for Groupon Disneyland tickets would probably require you to redeem it at a box office located at the Disneyland Resort. While it’s not the most time-saving way of getting discounted tickets, depending on the price it could be worth it. We say this because most of the time box offices have long lines throughout the mornings which could tack on an additional wait time of 30 minutes or more.

Because Disneyland tickets are typically sold at e-tickets or electronic tickets, redeeming a voucher is pretty unusual. Don’t let this stop you from searching for the best deal on your tickets. Some discounts are worth the wait! You can also Buy Costco Disneyland Tickets and save a bunch.

Once your voucher is redeemed, your transaction with Groupon and that company you bought for is done! You can now use your purchased product or service as usual. One thing to keep in mind is the redemption instructions. Be sure to read the fine print before purchasing anything from Groupon but most especially Disneyland Groupon Tickets.

We mention this because there may be certain limitations to your Groupon such as restricted hours or a required appointment or just additional requirements in general. Take for example a Jiffy Lube Groupon. It’s going to be an awesome deal for an oil change but the deal may only apply to certain locations. You don’t want to end up driving for 45 minutes just to get to the Jiffy Lube that accepts your Groupon.

For Disneyland tickets from Groupon it could be that you’re required to redeem that during certain hours or that your tickets are only valid during certain dates. They also may only be valid for children ages 3-9. You just never know so you always want to be sure you read the full disclosure before purchasing. Getting a refund may be very hard work if you find a mistake later on. Usually they are non-refundable.

Does Groupon Sell Disneyland Tickets?

We recently did a site-wide search of for Disneyland tickets (Dec. 11th, 2019) and found nothing listed for discounted Groupon Disneyland tickets. There were several close items including:

While there aren’t exactly what you may be looking for it might be worth taking at look at some of those in case you’re headed to one of those theme parks or need transportation in the area for less. One other thing we noticed is that they were running a special promotion for Father’s Day on things like activities, spas and dining. They offered a coupon code for an additional $25 off your purchase of anything that fell into those categories. Be sure to check the website for promotions like these before you purchase. It could save you some serious dough!

Other Disneyland Ticket Options

Now, just because we didn’t find anything during our search doesn’t mean that Groupon never carries Disneyland tickets. It’s just at that time they did not. We would encourage you to search each time you’re looking for Groupon Disneyland Tickets to see if they’ve added them or are running a promotion. In the meantime, if you do do a search and can’t find anything, all is not lost. We recommend using Get Away Today for purchasing discounted tickets if Groupon doesn’t have any.

Undercover Tourist specializes in offering discounted tickets to many theme parks, especially Disneyland. Undercover Tourist has been doing so for over 20 years and they offer the best prices we’ve found on the internet. Every ticket is sold below gate pricing and are e-tickets. These allow you to avoid box office lines and redeem them right at the gate.

Undercover Tourist offers a variety of ticket options as well. These include:

  • 1 Park Per Day Tickets
  • Park Hopper Tickets
  • Park Hopper Tickets with MaxPass
  • 1 Park Per Day Tickets with MaxPass
  • Combo tickets for Disneyland and Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld and more.

Tickets range from 2-5 days for Disneyland and 1 days or more for other theme parks.

On top of having a wide variety of options for your tickets Undercover Tourist offers a Best Price Guarantee that we highly recommend you take advantage of. Whether you find a better price before you buy or after, they will match it. This ensures you pay the lowest price no matter what. They will even beat anything that you might find on Groupon which is great! If you do a search and don’t find them and decide to buy from Get Away Today, you have no worries!

With their Best Price Guarantee behind your purchase you can stay confident that you’ll always have the best price. The best win isn’t always to buy Costco Disneyland tickets if they are available.

Outside of Undercover Tourist, there are other options for tickets. We’ve listed a few here and encourage you to read about them:

This is a pretty good list or alternatives if you’re interested in reading up on what they may offer for discounted tickets. Many of them do require memberships but some are just local chains that may have something to offer you. It’s always worth a check for savings on Disneyland tickets and passes.

There are a few places that we would not recommend and if you want to you can also read up and see why we discourage the purchase or use of them (we still think Groupon Disneyland Tickets are safe):

Again, please read those pages for complete details on why we discourage you from booking or buying your tickets from there.


Groupon is a great place to purchase flash sale discounts on thousands of products and services. As of late, we have not seen any discounted tickets for Disneyland listed but we always encourage you to search! You may find other discounts near or around that area that will be useful. If you’re looking for a source that you can count on for great discounts on tickets, see Undercover Tourist and their Best Price Guarantee.

Lastly, try to avoid certain places to purchase your tickets. It may end up that you lose some money and we don’t want that! That’s why you want to Buy Costco Disneyland tickets!

If you’re interested in saving more on your Disneyland vacation be sure to check out our $50 Disneyland Tickets pageHow to do Disneyland Cheap Guide, or even our 2020 Disneyland Planning Guide for tips and tricks on how to save. You can also combine ticket and hotel to save even more with a Discount Disneyland Package.