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Casey Jr. Splash “N” Soak Station at Disney World Review


Step right up and experience the wild and wacky world of Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station! Nestled in the heart of the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, this interactive water play area is themed after the iconic train from the classic Disney film Dumbo. Casey Jr. has rolled into the station and invites kids of all ages to come splash, play, and cool off. With its colorful circus train facade, spouting water features, and shaded seating areas, Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station is the perfect pit stop for families looking to take a break from the Florida heat and have some good old-fashioned fun. All aboard!


Attraction Overview

Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station opened in June 2012 as part of the New Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom. The attraction replaced the former Donald’s Boat water play area that was located in Mickey’s Toontown Fair before that section of the park was transformed into Storybook Circus. The centerpiece of Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station is the cheerful red locomotive engine with Casey Jr.’s smiling face, just like in the Dumbo movie. Surrounding Casey are several colorful boxcars featuring circus animal shapes like elephants and camels.

These figures periodically spray water and mist, creating a refreshing oasis that kids can run and play in. The entire area is designed to look like a train turntable and roundhouse. About every 10 minutes, Casey Jr. toots his whistle and begins his “journey.” Guests will notice the train sounds and misting from the engine increase, adding to the excitement. Two of the boxcars have been separated and sit across from the train on either side, providing paths for guests to travel through the spraying water.

While the kids get soaked, parents can relax and unwind on the low benches surrounding the splash pad area. The nearby trees are still young, so shade is limited, but there are large circus-themed umbrellas providing some cover from the sun. Thoughtful details are hidden throughout, like the classic Mickey Mouse head shape formed by three circles that can be spotted in the clouds behind the larger giraffe figure.

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station at the Magic Kingdom

Attraction Experience

Upon approaching Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, you’re immediately transported into a whimsical world of circus fun. Jolly music pipes through the air as you take in the vibrant primary colors of the train and water play structures. As you get closer, you’ll hear the sounds of laughter and squealing as kids frolic through the shooting water jets and geysers. Water cascades from the elephant and camel figures atop the boxcars, and even from Casey Jr.’s smokestack. The floor of the splash pad area features a soft, squishy surface perfect for running around on while getting completely drenched.

Every so often, a loud train whistle signals that Casey Jr. is gearing up for a big gush. The misters and sprayers suddenly intensify, dousing everyone nearby in a refreshing shower, much to the delight of the kids. But watch out – you may get caught in the crossfire even if you’re sitting on the sidelines! There are a few areas to explore around the splash pad, like the separated boxcars that provide a brief tunnel to run through. Little ones will be fascinated by all the bright colors, circus theming, and exciting water elements everywhere they look. It’s a fully immersive experience.

While there are not any slides or dumping buckets, the combination of sprayers, misters, geysers and jets provide plenty of soaking fun for kids to enjoy for a good 30–45 minutes or longer. Watching your children play and cool off is sure to put a smile on your face. For a relatively simple attraction, Casey Jr. packs a ton of joy and magic into a compact space.


Tips for Visiting

To make the most out of your time at Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, here are a few handy tips:

  • Bring or wear swimsuits, so your kids can fully enjoy getting wet without soaking their clothes. At the very least, bring a change of dry clothes.
  • Water shoes are helpful for protecting feet on the textured splash pad surface that can get slippery. Regular shoes will get sopping wet.
  • The nearby Casey Jr. Railroad Mercantile cart sells towels, water shoes, sunscreen, hats and more items that may come in handy. However, it does not sell swimsuits.
  • Slather on the sunscreen beforehand, as shade is limited in the area. The Florida sun is no joke!
  • If your kids are not fully potty-trained, bring swim diapers. For everyone else, restrooms modeled after a train roundhouse are conveniently located next to the splash pad.
  • Sit on the outer edge of the low benches if you want to stay dry. You may still feel some mist, though, so protect any electronics.
  • Keep a very close eye on young children. The metal fence around the Casey Jr. engine is meant to prevent climbing into the front, but it could be easy for a little one to slip if they try to scale it for a closer look.
  • Be aware that if there is inclement weather like lightning in the area, parts or all of the attraction may temporarily close for safety.
  • Consider combining your visit to Casey Jr. with a ride on the nearby Dumbo or Barnstormer roller coaster to keep the circus theme going strong. It’s also next to Pete’s Silly Sideshow meet and greet.

Circus train on tracks across bridge

Comparison to Other Attractions

While Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station is unique to Magic Kingdom, there are a few other similar attractions around Walt Disney World to be aware of:

  • The Boneyard play area at Animal Kingdom has a dig site theme rather than circus, but also features geysers, water jets and sprayers to play in. It has a larger footprint.
  • At Epcot, the Splash Pad near Journey Into Imagination has pop-up fountains that are great for toddlers and has more shade than Casey Jr.
  • In Fantasyland, the Scuttle’s Scavenger Splash in the queue for Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid has some spraying water features and a soft floor as well.

There are also two other Casey Jr. attractions at international Disney parks, but they are quite different:

  • Disneyland in California has Casey Jr. Circus Train, an actual train ride that takes passengers through miniature scenes from Disney animated films.
  • The same Casey Jr. train ride is found at Disneyland Paris as well.

So Magic Kingdom’s Casey Jr. offering is truly one-of-a-kind in its interactive water play format. It’s a nice complement to the Dumbo-themed area.



For a splash-tastic good time, you can’t go wrong with Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station. This delightful circus-themed water play area is ideal for letting kids burn off some energy while beating the heat. With its vibrant colors, playful water features, and nods to the classic Dumbo film, Casey Jr. delivers plenty of Disney magic in a compact space. While it may not have the thrills of a major attraction, it excels at its purpose – providing refreshing fun for the whole family. Be sure to pack the swimsuits and sunscreen and get ready to make a splash! Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station is ready to shower you with joy during your magical day at Magic Kingdom.

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Nearby Attractions

  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  2. The Barnstormer
  3. Pete’s Silly Sideshow
  4. Walt Disney World Railroad
Casey Jr. Splash “N” Soak Station at Disney World Review
The Final Word
Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station is a whimsical water play area where kids can cool off amidst colorful circus-themed structures. With spraying elephants, misters, and geysers galore, it's the perfect spot for family fun. Conveniently located near Dumbo, The Barnstormer, Pete's Silly Sideshow, and the Walt Disney World Railroad.