Disney World Castle at night

Disney Increases Prices At Parks

Disney recently announced several price increases across its theme parks in California and Florida. The increases impact everything from single and multi-day tickets to annual passes, parking, and food & beverage. While price hikes are common, the latest round shows Disney continuing to push the limits on what guests are willing to pay.

Guest holding two Disneyland tickets with Storm Troopers and Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie

In California, Disneyland raised its single-day ticket prices by 4-9% depending on demand. The highest single-day ticket now costs $194, up from $179 previously. This top-tier ticket applies to the busiest days around holidays and summer. Multi-day tickets also saw increases of 9-16%. For example, a 5-day park hopper ticket now costs $480, up $65 from before. Annual passes, called Magic Keys at Disneyland, went up $50-$150 depending on the level. The top Inspire Key now costs $1649, a $50 increase. Parking increased $5 to $35 for standard lots. And the popular Genie+ skip-the-line service increased by $5 to $30 per day when purchased in advance.

Over in Florida, Walt Disney World took a lighter approach by keeping single and multi-day ticket prices the same. However, annual passes increased about 10% across the board. The top Incredi-Pass now costs $1449, up $50. Parking also went up $5 to $30 per day. Unlike Disneyland, Walt Disney World did not increase the cost of Genie+. But it did announce the return of all-day park hopping starting in January 2023. Previously, park hopping was restricted until after 2pm.


In both California and Florida, Disney also increased prices at restaurants, quick service locations, food carts and more. Guests can expect to pay $0.25 to $3 more for items like burgers, pizza, popcorn, churros and specialty drinks. A regular cup of coffee is now $3.79, up from $3.49 before. Even classic treats like Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars increased from $5.99 to $6.29.

According to Disney, “We are constantly adding new, innovative attractions and entertainment to our parks and, with our broad array of pricing options, the value of a theme park visit is reflected in the unique experiences that only Disney can offer.” However, industry experts note the price increases come amid record revenues for Disney’s parks division. In 2022, Disney Parks brought in $7.4 billion in operating income, up 70% over 2021. The price hikes allow Disney to grow revenues even further while managing crowds.

Three Disneyland Park Tickets

At Disneyland, the resort looks to ease overcrowding while boosting attendance in Florida. Keeping single-day tickets flat at Disney World may help attract more guests to make up for those priced out in California. Of course, rising prices could eventually reach a tipping point where attendance declines. But for now, Disney appears comfortable with the trade-off of higher revenues despite crowd management concerns.

For fans trying to save money, experts recommend buying tickets and booking travel before prices increase. Multi-day tickets can be purchased now and used for travel through late 2024 in most cases. This locks in current prices before the hikes take effect. Booking with authorized ticket resellers like Park Savers also provides access to discounts and incentives not offered through Disney. Savings on tickets, hotels, food and more can offset some of the price increases.

No matter the cost, visiting a Disney park remains a top bucket list item for families worldwide. And the value of the experience continues to exceed prices for many guests. But the latest round of increases may stretch budgets thinner, especially for lower and middle income families. Disney has given no indication these will be the last price hikes. With strong demand likely continuing, fans should prepare for prices to keep inching upwards. Finding ways to save through discounts, budgeting and trip planning will become increasingly important.