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Disney World Ticket Prices – See How To Save

Disney World Ticket Prices – Park Savers

If there is one place in the world that is filled with magic, it’s Disney World. The parks are wall to wall fun, and even the grown-ups get something from the magical atmosphere that Disney World has to offer. With friendly cast members, something to do at every corner, and some of the most beautiful fireworks shows in the world; it isn’t any wonder that you’re currently planning your trip to Disney World (or at least you should be!) 

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The parks themselves are packed with history, though you may not think it, but the one thing that stands out for most who are booking is the ticket prices. Disney World is known for being an expensive place to visit – the dream destination – and given what you get for your money, it’s no wonder. However, the prices have changed massively over the years. Those who have been to Disney World across the decades will have noticed the price changes, but those who are not veterans at attending Disney World won’t have seen how prices have changed over the years.

When you buy your Disney World tickets with Park Savers, we make sure that you get the best possible discounts and prices that are available. Our team will help you to build your Walt Disney World package and give you the Disney World ticket prices that you are looking for. Let’s learn a little about the history of Disney World ticket prices.

Disney World Ticket Prices: A Little History


Over the decades, the admission costs for Disney World have continued to rise. Those who love to go to the most magical place on earth will be hard pushed to remember a time where they were affordable! Some of the increases have come with inflation, but the rest has occurred with the growing popularity of Disney World and all associated parks. There has been speculation in the past that the growth in Disney World ticket prices has come from the fact that it’s an overcrowded place to be! In an attempt to curb the overcrowding issues with Disney World. 

When Walt Disney World opened its gates in 1971 (almost 50 years ago!), the ticket prices sat at $3.50 per ticket. Now? They run at $99 for the value option for a day ticket and $119 for peak price day tickets. Between 1971 and 1981, the ticket prices leaped from $3.50 to $13.25. By 1986, the ticket prices were $26 for a single-day ticket. With another ten years to 1996, the fares had risen to $39.75, with annual passes up at $288 per year. In 2005, the day tickets peaked at $59.75, and yearly passes sat at $395. That’s almost $100 up from 1996! By 2011, the tickets had peaked at $85 with annual passes at $519.

Since 2012, day tickets have risen from $89 to $119 each by 2018. The annual passes in 2018 peaked at $779, a far cry from the previous few decades. The most significant spike that occurred in Disney World ticket prices was in 2012, and they have seemed to have leveled out now! Disney World ticket prices are always going to change as they bring in new and exciting things for guests to enjoy, and keeping up with the park prices is so important if you plan to visit with your family.

Disney World Tickets: Choosing The Best Price


When you purchase tickets with Park Savers, you are going to be able to build your own Disney World park ticket package. All of the tickets with Park Savers are FastPass+ enabled, and they can be linked to the My Disney Experience as well as any MagicBands that you receive. At Park Saver, we allow you to pick up your tickets at any of the Walt Disney World Resort box offices, and you can also choose to have them mailed to you. If you decided to buy MagicBands, those could be sent to you, too. All tickets with us are non-refundable, so make sure you’re sure before you buy! 

With Park Savers, we offer a 3-Day One Park Per Day Ticket. Those aged over 10 years old will pay $367.62, with those aged 9 and under paying $353.44 for three days in the park. With our tickets, you can choose from the following:

  • Base. With these tickets, you can get into one park each day of your visit. You can’t go to more than one park in one day. These are the cheapest tickets available and the four parks you can choose to visit include: 
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Hollywood Studios
    • Epcot
    • Animal Kingdom

Base ticket holders can go in and out of the same park all day, but you won’t be able to enter other parks.

  • Park Hopper. You can access all four parks in one day if you want to! With the Park Hopper, you do get access to all of the four Disney World parks. The Disney World ticket prices vary per ticket type, but you can come and go from these parks as you like, visiting more than one in a single day. The face value of these tickets cost more than the Base ones, but you get to spread out your visit and the longer you stay, the more you can save money. Checking out our Disney World ticket prices based on length of stay is a smart decision when you want to save money.
  • Park Hopper Plus. These tickets allow you access to all four parks on the same day as well as visits to the water parks. You can also access the mini-golf and Golden Oaks Golf Course on this ticket! With the Park Hopper, you do get access to all of the four Disney World parks. The Disney World ticket prices vary per ticket type, but you can come and go from these parks as you like, visiting more than one in a single day. The face value of these tickets cost more than the Base ones, but you get to spread out your visit and the longer you stay, the more you can save money. Checking out our Disney World ticket prices based on length of stay is a smart decision when you want to save money.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

At Park Savers, it’s our mission to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your purchase. It’s a total dream to be able to spend time at one of the Disney World parks, and those who have the chance to buy tickets are in the right place! At Park Savers, we make it our mission to ensure that you have the right tickets and passes for the perfect trip.

Whether you want to stay in the park or not – it’s totally up to you! With our help, you will find the purchase of Disney World park tickets to be the easiest experience ever. We’ll also aim to help you save money on your Disney World park tickets. With the many options in front of you, choosing Park Savers is the smartest plan to avoid being inadvertently scammed by online merchants who are not aligned with the correct standards for selling Disney World tickets.

Avoiding purchasing tickets on Craigslist and eBay is smart – you want to ensure that you are getting the best price, and Park Savers can offer you that! As official sellers of Disney World tickets, you can guarantee that you are getting trustworthy service.

How Many Days Should You Buy?

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You may want to stay in Disney World for weeks on end; there’s plenty to do, after all. However, you need to consider your budget, and at Park Savers, you have the choice of buying tickets from between three and ten days. You even get the chance to choose the dates in which you are most interested. The length of time you decide to stay will depend on what you are looking for in your Disney World visit, and the Disney World ticket prices are likely to help you to determine how long you choose.

If you want to spend time in all four of the Disney World parks, you should consider a Park Hopper or a Park Hopper Plus. A Base ticket isn’t going to offer you the same range, and you will end up spending way more money than you’d planned! We offer both choice and simplicity here at Park Savers, so don’t hesitate to check out the options for you. You can experiment with our booking system as much as you like, and doing so will give you an accurate idea of what works for your budget.

Process For Buying Tickets


So, how can you buy your Disney World tickets with Park Savers? Our process is straightforward! Not only will you find it easy to purchase the tickets you find, but you can also save money, and that’s the goal for many who are excited about joining the list of those who are fortunate to get to Disney World in the first place. So, let’s talk through our process:

  • Start with choosing how many days you want to buy for
  • Then select the type of ticket you wish to purchase. Don’t forget to check out those Disney World ticket prices!
  • Next, you must decide how many adults (aged 10+) and how many children (aged 3-9, under 3 go free!) you want with you in your party.
  • Use our handy calendar to choose which dates you want to visit and then add them to your order. This will give you your subtotal that includes the taxes you’ll pay for your tickets.
  • Review your order and choose your payment and delivery method. You can even add insurance to your trip with Park Savers
  • With us, you can add in a Memory Maker! This is going to allow you to have unlimited Digital Disney PhotoPass for your photos throughout Disney World.
  • The checkout page allows you to pay for your tickets and complete your purchase. Our website is secure and safe, which is why we offer an online payment service!

Which Parks Will Your Disney World Tickets Get You Into?

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At Disney World, there are four major theme parks that you can visit! You can also visit two water parks and other attractions that you can add to your trip. Knowing which attractions are available to you can help you to plan your Disney World ticket prices properly and make sure that you are getting the best possible experience when you go. Our park tickets include the following parks and water parks:

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

You can check out the Disney World ticket prices that include the Magic Kingdom with our packages. The Magic Kingdom is included in all of our ticket types, and it’s the first park that opened in 1971 – so you’d be stepping into history when you visit! There are over 20 million annual visitors, so when you buy your Magic Kingdom tickets, you’re going to be enjoying time in a park that is the most popular park in the whole of Walt Disney World. 

There are six segments that your Disney World tickets will allow you entry into here, from Tomorrowland to Main Street U.S.A. It’s open from 9am to 7-9pm, and the most popular attractions are great for both children and adults. You can see the Cinderella Castle here, as well as the original Thunder Mountain Railroad. The Magic Kingdom is absolutely worth visiting, which is why we recommend purchasing our Park Hopper Plus – so you can guarantee you set foot in this iconic park!


Believe it or not, Epcot is often lower rated than the rest of the Disney World parks, but that just makes it a rare and hidden gem. It’s the second oldest park that your Disney World tickets will get you, and it’s one of the biggest favorites for us here at Park Savers. If you are able to get into Epcot on your Base ticket, you will miss out on the other parks on the same day.

However, you can still find yourself in Epcot along with the other parks when you choose the Park Hopper or the Park Hopper Plus. It’s not just rides here, but the International Food and Wine Festival is held here, too.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

This is included in your Disney World ticket prices, as is the International Flower and Garden Festival. With so many things to see and do at Epcot, you’re going to have a blast. You’ll be able to spend time on the Test Track Presented by Chevrolet, and you’ll be able to use your Park Hopper Plus miniature golf course game here, too! The Fantasia Garden course is included in the ticket cost, but if you buy the Park Hopper or the Base ticket, you’ll spend $14 per person for those over 10, and $12 per person aged 3-9.

Hollywood Studios

It’s one of the best parks to visit when you head to Disney World, and it’s included in all of our Disney World ticket prices! This is one park you won’t want to miss, as it’s got the Rock’n’Roller Coaster ready to go! This is a 9am-9pm park, so if you are in possession of our excellent Park Hopper tickets, you can spend a few hours in one park, and then head here for the evening. There are some spectacular attractions here, including Toy Story Mania, which the kids absolutely love. Any lovers of Hollywood will be enchanted by Hollywood Studios, as the atmosphere alone is enough to impress.

Spend time here and fall in love with the movies all over again. At Park Savers, you can choose to visit from 3 days or more, and this gives you plenty of time to take a look at the rides, attractions, and all the park has to offer. Check out the Disney World ticket prices for entry to Hollywood Studios today!

Animal Kingdom


This is the newest park at Disney World, but it’s still included in your Disney World ticket prices with Park Savers. You can learn about the animals, explore the Safaris, and enjoy some exciting festivals and dining options. The Animal Kingdom is one of our favorites, and with the Park Hopper Plus, you can visit this one as many times as you like over the course of your ticket booking. The Avatar Flight of Passage is a fantastic ride to be on, and you can easily find your way around the Kingdom. Use our Disney PhotoPass as part of our Park Hopper Plus, and you’ll capture memories all day long!

The Water Parks

At Disney World, there are two fantastic, take-your-breath-away water parks. With Park Savers, you can get entry into these water parks and really enjoy a splashing time! Our Disney World ticket prices are all-inclusive, including taxes, so if you want entry into some of the best water parks in the world, shopping today with Park Savers is the best choice you could make! Let’s take a look at the water parks you can get into with our Park Savers Disney World tickets!

Blizzard Beach

A Park Hopper Plus ticket gets you entry into Blizzard Beach, or you could pick to get an individual Base ticket for the day, instead. Florida is a warm place to be, but when you cool off at Blizzard Beach – a perfect, ski-themed water park – you can feel refreshed and enjoy a day in the water. There are slides, lazy pools and wave machines to enjoy all day long, and with our Base Disney World ticket prices, you’ll find something that works for you without a problem. Kick back and relax here for the day, and you can ensure you make the most of the money you spend on your Disney World tickets.

Typhoon Lagoon

Caribbean Beach Resort Pool

The second water park at Disney World is by no means worse than Blizzard Beach – it’s just as excellent and just as much fun! As with Blizzard Beach, you can find your entry to Typhoon Lagoon included in your Park Hopper Plus tickets. You can laze away at the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool and enjoy Castaway Creek. If you haven’t bought the Park Hopper Plus, you can still head to Typhoon Lagoon on a one-day Base ticket. It’s perfect for all of the family, and you can enjoy as much time as you like in this water park.

Buy Disney World Tickets

Walt Disney World Tickets

When you choose Park Savers for your Disney World park tickets, you’re choosing top-quality customer service and excellent prices, all wrapped up in one. We don’t believe in showing you the rates without the taxes, so we are transparent every step of the way. We have the experts on hand that can help you with longer hours in the park, among other perks that you can get with Disney World

You deserve the best possible vacation, and if we can help you to save money on your Disney World ticket prices, we will do everything we can to make that happen. The prices may have changed over the years, but our high-quality service never will. We understand that this is a big vacation for you: it’s expensive and you are planning every dollar for this trip. With our Disney World ticket prices, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for your money!

Making your family’s dreams come true in the most magical place in the world is our biggest goal, and if we can do that for you, we absolutely will! Park Savers is proud to be a professional business designed to offer you a better deal on your Disney World ticket prices. Check out your ticket prices on our website today, and we will be able to talk you through our offers and perks that’ll make your vacation the best it can be. You will have a memorable vacation, and at Park Savers, we are confident we can help!

Disney World has everything you could want in your best vacation ever – what are you waiting for?