Splash Mountain ride with log drop

Disneyland Tips and Tricks Thursday – Line Saver Edition

There is no doubt the best way to do a Disneyland trip starts with the most important factor, a great morning to get you started. The best way is a little known event most people don’t take advantage of called Rope Drop. You see, when Disneyland states their opening time, Cast Members actually start allowing guests to enter Main Street U.S.A. about 30 minutes prior.

While no stores are actually open yet, it’s a great pre-park experience to get that excitement for the day ahead brewing. Once you are already in and the park is set to open, head to the entrance to your favorite land and wait for the countdown of the daily occurrence called Rope Drop. Rope Drop is an electrifying event filled with anticipation and enthusiasm. Everyone is on their toes waiting for the very second that rope falls to the floor so they can race to the front of the line for their favorite attraction.

If you manage to wake up early enough for rope drop, you’ll be blessed with a walk-on VIP experience for all the attractions you desire for at least the first half hour, often longer on non-peak days. Who else would be able to say they could hit all their favorite spots before breakfast!? It may be a bit of an early commitment, but there’s no better way to start off your day than with 3-4 back to back attractions.

If mornings aren’t your thing, don’t fret! You night owls also have an option to save some line time as well. Most people leave after the nightly fireworks, but if you can keep up that stamina just a bit longer, crowds die down drastically after the show-stopping fireworks. No matter which way you do it, early morning or late night, there is always a way to beat the wait times if you know how to work around those crowds.