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eBay Disneyland Tickets

Purchasing eBay Disneyland Tickets

Are you looking for a killer deal on Disneyland tickets for your next vacation? Thought that eBay might be a good place to look since they tend to offer great deals on millions of products? You’re not wrong in your thinking that there may be a great deal on eBay Disneyland Tickets. However, before you jump into “auction” there are a few things you will want to consider before buying.


eBay has been around for many many years and has become known as THE place to sell used items that you no longer need. Over the past several years it’s also become a place where you can purchase many new items at a great deal. Comparable to Amazon in a way. In fact, guests looking on eBay may find that most items listed are brand new. For most people this is great because they get a brand new item at a great price. However, used items can sell for much less but there is no guarantee on the condition that it’s in.

This situation is cause for reflecting on what is worth the risk and what isn’t. For a computer it may not be worth it because the hard drive could crap out 2 days after purchasing it. For a piece of clothing the risk is minimal because you can see the item before you buy it to look for any tears or holes. The same thing should be applied to purchasing eBay Disneyland Tickets. While you may feel like you’re protected because it’s eBay, there is no guarantee.

Initially searching eBay for tickets you would type in the search “disneyland tickets”. The results are going to be all over the place. You may see an auction or buy it now for tickets are what seem like reasonable prices. Pictures will show that they are tickets from Disneyland and the auction itself may sound great. Usually people are saying something like they couldn’t make their trip, had to cancel. Don’t fall for it! Disney does not allow the resale of tickets to other guests and you don’t know if they’ve been used or not.

eBay Disneyland Tickets

Another auction/item you might see is a Special Offer for $20 or less on tickets. These are not actual tickets but a promo offer for discounted tickets. Basically what they are doing is selling you access to discounted tickets, like what our partner Get Away Today offers. Save your time and money and just go direct to the source!

Lastly, you’ll probably see some plastic card tickets with Mickey on them oor another Disney character and a price. These are tickets that can be picked up at Albertsons or Vons and reflect gate pricing. What this means is that there are no actual savings. If you want to go this route head to your local grocery store and pick them up yourself. Be sure to use your phone to get the grocery rewards!

The other thing to be aware about buying eBay Disneyland Tickets is the dating of some of the tickets. While it may seem like you’re getting a great deal on tickets, there may only be 2 weeks left to use them! If it’s April and you’re going in June this won’t work and you’ll have lost all that money. It’s very important to read all the details of the auction before purchasing anything.


If your first step in purchasing tickets is to look at eBay, we highly recommend to change your thinking. While eBay may seem like a great place to score cheap tickets, it comes with a very high risk. As we mentioned before, some items are worth purchasing used because there is a very small chance something major is wrong with it. But some items, like a computer, are risky. We would compare Disneyland Tickets to this same scenario; it’s very risky.

What could go wrong you ask? We’ll the biggest risk is that you purchase fraudulent tickets because there is no way to confirm how many days are on a ticket without having it scanned at the parks. What this means for a guest who purchases their tickets via eBay is that they may receive them and everything seems fine but it’s not until days or weeks later that you find out at the gates that the ticket is no longer valid because all the days have been used. Now what?

Well, you first have to buy new tickets at the parks which is going to be pricey. Then you have to spend your entire vacation wondering if you’ve lost all this money.

eBay Disneyland Tickets

Even though eBay offers certain guarantees on products that are sold, this process is very time consuming. It could take weeks for you to get anything back, if at all. If you paid through PayPal, your protection drops significantly if you signed for your tickets upon delivery. eBay can be the same way. Unfortunately tickets don’t have the same protection as a jean jacket might have. These are all things you should consider before purchasing.

Keep in mind that Disney has several policies in place that prohibit the selling for Disneyland tickets after purchase and especially after first use. Your biggest hint to a fraudulent ticket is if someone is selling a ticket that has been partly used. Why? Because when the ticket it used for the first time, the guests picture is taken and added to that ticket. From then on, everytime the ticket is scanned for entry the guests photo pops up and is verified. This means unless you were the first person to use the ticket, there’s no way you’re getting in.


YES! And it’s one that we’ve been recommending for years. Our most trusted partner is Get Away Today. They’ve been selling discounted Disneyland Tickets for over 20 years and have a direct relationship with Disney. This means that their tickets are 100% authentic and work just like if you were to purchase direct from Disney. The only difference is that you’re guaranteed to save over gate pricing!

What we love about Get Away Today is that all their tickets are eTickets which means that you don’t have to go to a box office and exchange anything upon arrival. Simply print your tickets from home or have them ready to show on your smartphone then head to the park gates. A Cast Member there will scan your tickets, hand you your actual park ticket and you’re on your way! The process is very simple and can save you over 30 minutes of waiting!

Outside of our partner there are several other options including AAA Tickets, Costco Tickets, Sam’s Club Tickets and even Von’s Disneyland Tickets. Some of these options may work out for you and some may not. It’s always good to check with the respective program to see if they still carry Disneyland Resort Tickets. If they do be sure to compare pricing between them and Get Away Today, who offers a Best Price Guarantee on every ticket they sell.

There is one place that we don’t recommend buying tickets from and that is Craigslist. Unfortunately this website has become notorious for scams when it comes to buying Disneyland Passes. Like eBay Disneyland Tickets, they cannot be verified before arriving at the parks so there is a very high risk to take when purchasing this way.

We have never recommend this and would highly discourage you from buying from there or any classified website. Our rule of thumb is twofold: First, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. This means that if someone is offering half-price tickets they are either fraud of there is a catch (like a timeshare preview).

Second, you can’t use already used tickets which we’ve explained above so if someone is saying there are two days left on a ticket, one you can’t verify this and two you can’t use them anyway because the persons photo ID is attached to it. If they say otherwise this is untrue. Don’t lose your hard-earned money this way!

Does eBay Sell Disneyland Tickets?

Technically eBay doesn’t sell anything themselves that I’m aware of. As of 2020 I saw nothing official from them concerning theme park tickets including Disneyland.

As eBay is centered around other people selling their stuff and eBay just facilitates that sale, you’re always going to be buying from some random person.

Of course this is what’s so scary about buying your tickets this way. If eBay themselves was an authorized ticket seller for Disney then this would be a different story. I would have no problems recommending them for purchase as long as there were some savings involved as well as some other things like delivery etc.

So when you scroll through eBay looking at tickets you’ll want to be aware that there’s nothing official going on.


Let’s review what we’ve gone over:

  • eBay is a auction website that sells new and used items including eBay Disneyland tickets.
  • You may see several different types of Disneyland tickets on eBay. We highly encourage you to read the auction before purchasing. Get all the details you can before buying eBay Disneyland tickets.
  • The biggest risk you take with buying online is that you can’t verify that the tickets are authentic. There’s a good chance the tickets either don’t have days left on them or they have been used already.
  • There are lots of other options out there for discounted tickets including our trusted partner Get Away Today.
  • Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don’t lose your hard-earned money to a scam online.