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Guest Removed From Disneyland Park For Unruly Behavior

A Disneyland Resort guest and his family were escorted out of Disneyland Park for unruly and noncompliant behavior. The incident started when the guests were trying to get on the “it’s a small world” attraction. Instead of parking their stroller over in the designated parking area, they left it outside the attraction near the entrance of the small world gift shop. When a lead at the gift shop asked them to move it to the stroller parking area, the guest became angry.

The family was about to leave the stroller and get in line for the attraction when the lead asked if they could move the stroller for them so they didn’t have to walk it themselves. This made the guest even more upset and he started to yell and curse at the Cast Members there. Security was called and the following video was recorded by another guest (Language Warning):

Since the release of the video, a Cast Member who was working at the gift shop during the incident, has verified what happened saying, ” coworker politely asked them to park their stroller in the designated area n they were saying it was too far n the husband told her (the wife) to just leave it where she had parked it in front of my lead and coworker (at the gift shop).” She went on to say, “..if they had just moved their stroller instead of complaining none of this would have happened..”

This incident is one of many that have been happened over the course of several months at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Another stroller incident took place not that long ago at Walt Disney World and a guest fight broke out just before that.