How To Save Money at Castaway Cay – Disney Cruise Line

As a private island exclusively for Disney Cruise Line, Castaway Cay offers pristine beaches, fun water activities, delicious dining, and unique shopping opportunities. However, a day in paradise can add up, so use these money-saving tips to keep your budget on track.

Ship in water with signage

Reduce Food and Drink Costs

Eating and drinking on Castaway Cay can get pricey, but there are ways to curb costs:

  • Take advantage of the free food. Three all-you-care-to-eat restaurants serve burgers, hot dogs, ribs, salads, fruit, and cookies at no extra charge. Grab lunch between 11:30am-2pm to avoid missing this complimentary dining.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. Stay hydrated without paying for bottled water by toting your own bottle and refilling it from fountains around the island.
  • Limit alcoholic purchases. Alcohol costs extra on Castaway Cay. To reduce bar tabs, set a budget and stick to a certain number of drinks.
  • Snack smart. Resist impulse buys of popcorn, ice cream, and other snacks outside of mealtimes. The free food should keep you satisfied.

Snorkel Lagoon

Book Excursions in Advance

Castaway Cay’s adventures like snorkeling, parasailing, and stingray interactions come with a hefty price tag. Use these strategies to trim costs:

  • Reserve early. Booking excursions ahead of time allows you to take advantage of discounts only offered to early planners. Last-minute bookings typically cost more.
  • Research options. Compare similar excursions to find the best value. For example, the adult-only snorkeling trip costs less than the regular one.
  • Share costs. Splitting excursion fees among a group makes them more budget-friendly per person. Get a few families together to lower individual prices.
  • Weigh pros and cons. Decide if an excursion is worth the splurge. Less costly activities like biking or visiting Serenity Bay can be just as fun.

Tents and foliage on island

Shop Smart for Souvenirs

You’ll be tempted to buy keepsakes at Castaway Cay’s gift shops, but you can rein in spending with these tips:

  • Set souvenir budgets. Agree on a spending cap for yourself and any kids before entering shops. Stick to predetermined limits.
  • Buy early. If you wait until the cruise ship to purchase island gear, you’ll pay higher retail prices versus the duty-free shops on Castaway Cay.
  • Research sales. Check if any current promotions can reduce costs on certain merchandise. Disney often runs special Castaway Cay offers.
  • Consider alternatives. Instead of souvenirs, capture memories with photos around the island. These free mementos will last beyond a trinket.


Take Free Transportation

Getting around Castaway Cay comes with plenty of complimentary options:

  • Ride the tram. This convenient shuttle transports passengers from the ship to various spots around the island at no cost.
  • Walk when feasible. Hoofing it on foot can save time waiting for trams. Plus, it’s free exercise!
  • Rent a bike. Bikes offer easy, inexpensive transportation for exploring Castaway Cay’s winding paths.

With strategic planning, you can indulge in Castaway Cay without overspending. Focus on free amenities, book early, set budgets, and take advantage of complimentary transportation to keep your cruise affordable. Little changes go a long way to saving money in paradise.