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How To Book Cheap Disney Cruises

Unofficial Guide for Cheap Disney Cruises

Are you booking a Disney cruise? Traveling all around the world and leaving from various ports including Florida, Texas, California and New York, it’s possible to find the perfect, magical cruise for you and your family. You can journey to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, or even head to Alaska, Europe and beyond. It’s entirely up to you which adventure you choose!

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Families are often worried that a Disney cruise isn’t going to match their price range. However, in this guide, you’ll discover some of the best ways to book cheap Disney cruises that won’t break the bank. Whatever your budget, you can afford this awesome spellbinding vacation. If you’re looking to sail with another cruise line be sure to check at our guide to saving with cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises.

Special Deals 

You should make sure that you are looking for special offers on Disney cruises because there are quite a few to consider. For instance, you can get onboard credit spending money. One of the ways the cost of a Disney cruise adds up is the money that you’ll spend on the ship itself. Onboard credit of up to $300 can certainly provide the financial support you need to keep costs low even once you’ve unpacked. 

This isn’t the only type of special deal worth considering either. If you shop around, you’re sure to find other options so it’s worth completing some research. The official site even runs offers at certain points throughout the year to make a cruise more affordable for the whole family. 

Compare The Different Cruises 

As mentioned, Disney actually runs multiple cruise ships through the year and they are all heading to different locations. Some travel further and head out for longer with incredible port calls including at private islands like Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. As you might have guessed, if you look at the different cruises you’ll find that prices differ substantially. As such, if you’re flexible about where you want to go, you can definitely save by selecting one of the cruises which aren’t quite as popular but just as magical. 

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If you use a travel company, they will be able to check out these different cruises for you and help you find the one that perfectly matches your budget. 

The Right Time

It’s certainly true to say that the cost of a Disney Cruise will differ depending on when you want to set off. Generally speaking, the cheapest time for a Disney cruise is late in January, early in February or early in May. Spring months including March and April also come with great savings

If you are planning on heading on a cruise later in the year, then you might want to consider booking a week in September early November or early December.

Book a Disney Cruise

The most expensive times for a Disney cruise are around the holiday seasons including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Although, booking during these times does grant you access to unique seasonal treats and entertainment options that you are sure to love. 

Booking Early 

Do make sure that you book early if you want to save money on a Disney cruise. When it comes to DCL prices start at their lowest point and as the cruise gets closer will rise substantially. While you might be lucky and discover a cancellation at a discounted prince, this is quite rare. After all, who cancels a cruise with Disney? That said, there is a Special Offers page on the official website which highlights these types of last-minute discounts. 

Booking early isn’t just about saving money though. These cruises and particularly the cheapest rooms tend to sell out fast. It’s recommended that you book as close to a year in advance as you can and then spend months leading up to your cruise looking forward to an incredible getaway. 

Consult An Expert 

You should think about using an expert to book your cruise like Get Away Today. These are specialist sellers of the Disney Cruise Line and as such can provide fantastic deal options directly to you. As well as helping you save money, this also saves you on stress as well. You won’t have to complete the legwork yourself when you are looking for the right deal. Everything will be taken care of for you. Companies like this can also often provide opportunities to access exclusive deals that you won’t find elsewhere on the market. 

Do You need The Drink Package?

Perhaps not because soda, lemonade, hot tea, milk, and coffee are all complimentary on a Disney cruise. These are also available 24/7 from dispensers just like the Disney parks. You can find them inside and close to restaurants. 

Discount Disney Cruises

Most people don’t know that you can bring your own alcohol on board a Disney cruise. That’s going to be a huge money saver because you won’t have to pay for the drinks at the bar. If you’re over 21, you can bring two bottles of wine that haven’t been opened or two champagne bottles. Alternatively, you can bring six beers and these can be picked up at each port. You need to make sure that these are stored in your carry-on luggage. If they are in checked luggage, the alcohol will be removed and returned at the end of your trip. 

Restricted Guarantee And Secret Rooms

If you are booking late, then you can get a restricted guarantee room. You will have no choice of the room you receive and it will be assigned to you a few days before. You can save as much as $400 on your trip with this tactic. When you book a restricted guarantee room, there is no refund available and it is also non-transferable. So make sure that you’re definitely taking the trip before you book. 

There are also secret rooms on two of the cruise lines. These provide slightly obstructed views which makes them a little cheaper to book. You can typically gain these if you book early and request for them. Restricted views include rooms with portholes rather than full windows or verandahs that are slightly obstructed. 

We hope this helps you find the right cheap Disney cruises and deals for you and your family!