50th anniversary statues of Mickey and Minnie in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

Where to Play, Eat & Shop on Main Street, U.S.A. – Disney World Guide

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As the song goes, no visit to Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World is complete without “walkin’ right down the middle of Main Street, USA.” Lined with old-fashioned storefronts peddling everything from Mickey Ears to all sorts of sweet treats shaped like Mickey’s iconic silhouette, this charming promenade rolls out the red carpet for guests, welcoming them to the park and setting the tone for the many family-friendly adventures that lie ahead.

Like Walt Disney said on the opening day of Disneyland, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” It is on Main Street, USA where your journey through the Magic Kingdom begins—and where you’ll probably do your souvenir shopping before you head out the door. But what else is there to see and do in this quaint corner of Walt Disney World? Jump in a horse-drawn trolley or, if you’d rather, a vintage fire engine, and join us on our guided tour of Main Street, USA.

Magic Kingdom Partners statue in front of Cinderella Castle

Walkin’ Right Down the Middle of Main Street, Disney World Resort’s Take on Small-Town America

For those who aren’t familiar, Main Street, USA is an ode to the small-town American main streets of yesteryear. It’s an idealized “Anywhere, USA,” a nostalgia-fueled trip down memory lane with a splash of pixie dust, complete with an old-timey architectural style, outmoded transportation and entertainment offerings that are meant to whisk you back to a simpler time. Here’s what Walt Disney had to say about the inviting themed land.

“Main Street, U.S.A. is America at the turn of the century—the crossroads of an era. The gas lamps and the electric lamp—the horse-drawn car and auto car. Main Street is everyone’s hometown…the heart line of America.”

While not all of them evoke the same time or place (or even share the same name), you’ll find a Main Street-like avenue at the entrance of each of the Magic Kingdom-style Disney theme parks across the globe, each culminating in a grand fairytale castle at the end. Similar to Disneyland Park, which takes its inspiration from the hometowns of Walt Disney and Disney Legend Harper Goff (Marceline, Missouri and Fort Collins, Colorado, respectively), Main Street in Magic Kingdom also takes its design cues from Walt Disney’s childhood. However, rather than Sleeping Beauty Castle rising in the distance, you see Cinderella Castle instead.

At Tokyo Disneyland, meanwhile, guests stroll past a Victorian collection of storefronts down a covered promenade called World Bazaar. And in Shanghai Disneyland, visitors enter the park by way of Mickey Avenue, an animated neighborhood that feels more like Mickey Mouse’s hometown than Walt Disney’s. That said, not all Disney Parks across the pond put a twist on its center street. Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris both feature a similarly styled Main Street, U.S.A., right down to the name.

Whether Main Street, U.S.A., World Bazaar or Mickey Avenue, each of these main streets shares the same purpose: It readies guests for the wholesome fun that awaits ahead. The nostalgic setting helps to put guests at ease while also readying them to be transported to a different place and time. Consider it a palate cleanser for the stresses of the everyday world.

Main Street Cinema in Magic Kingdom at Christmas

An Architectural Take on Opening Credits

If the Magic Kingdom was a Disney film, then Main Street, USA would be the opening credits. For more eagle-eyed guests, this postcard-perfect land doesn’t just serve as a massive welcome mat—it also pays homage to some of the many people who have helped bring the Walt Disney World to life.

Take a peek at the windows as you wander along, and at first glance, you’ll notice what appear to be signs marking the businesses that call Main Street home. In fact, these windows are like film credits commemorating individuals’ contributions. Only instead of their work on Disney films, they honor their legacy at the resort.

For example, look above the Main Steet Confectionery, and you’ll see a tribute to Walt’s brother, Roy, who oversaw the opening of the Magic Kingdom after Walt’s death. His window reads “‘If We Can Dream It – We Can Do It!’ Roy O. Disney – Dreamers & Doers Development Co.” Walt, meanwhile, boasts three windows: one over Main Street Cinema, one above The Plaza Restaurant and one on the Main Street train station.

As you’re checking out the windows, notice how the buildings seem rather tall. That’s actually just an optical illusion used by the Disney Imagineers called forced perspective. Although each building’s ground floor is built to scale, the second story is only 5/8 of its size. Third stories, meanwhile, are only half the size of the first story. This decrease in scale makes the storefronts seem taller than they really are. Take a peek at the windows of Cinderella Castle, and you’ll realize that a similar technique is used there, too.

A Winter Wonderland During the Christmas Season

Without a doubt, our favorite time to visit Magic Kingdom is during the holiday season, when all of Main Street, U.S.A. gets dressed up for the occasion with festive decorations. From the towering Christmas tree in the middle of Town Square to a blizzard of baubles, garlands, wreaths and twinkle lights decking the storefronts, it’s downright enchanting. If you happen to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, you’ll even be treated to a faux snowfall.

City Hall on Main Street U.S.A.

Where to Play, Eat and Shop on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom

Main Street, U.S.A. isn’t just “the heart line of America.” It’s also the beating heart of Magic Kingdom. Sure, there aren’t too many actual rides here, aside from the Walt Disney World Railroad, Main Street trolley and other old-school vehicles. What you will find, however, are several shops and restaurants, as well as some of the best live entertainment in all of Magic Kingdom.

This is also where you need to go should you require any help from park services during your visit. Located past the train station to the left of the entrance, City Hall is the headquarters for Guest Relations and is your go-to destination for any questions about your tickets or if you need assistance with a Lightning Lane reservation.

Main Street, U.S.A. Rides & Other Attractions

Unlike other lands in the park, Main Street, U.S.A. invites guests to slow down and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. So, there aren’t any dark rides or roller coasters to enjoy here. Instead, you can kick back and relax on the steam engine or one of the horse-drawn trolleys or while getting a trim in an old-fashioned barber shop.

While you’re there, be sure to stop by the fire station near City Hall. Formerly the starting point for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, an interactive scavenger hunt, the fire station is now home to Fire Engine No. 71 (a nod to the park’s opening day on October 1, 1971), as well as a display of patches from firefighters from around the world. Of course, no fire station is complete without a dalmatian or two. See if you can spot a couple from 101 Dalmatians hanging around.

Mickey Mouse inside a train

Harmony Barber Shop

Though technically considered a merchandise location, we decided to include the Harmony Barber Shop here instead. After all, getting a haircut in the Magic Kingdom is definitely an experience unto itself. Trims are available for guests of all ages. The barber shop’s signature service, however, is for little ones receiving their very first haircut (starting at $28), which includes commemorative Mickey Ears, an official certificate and a keepsake lock of their hair.

Lightning Lane Availability: N/A

Height Restriction: N/A

Best for: All Ages

Main Street Vehicles

Don’t just make a mad dash for your first attraction. Rather, slow things down a bit with a ride on one of the Main Street Vehicles. Transportation options include a horse-drawn trolley, a vintage fire engine, an omnibus (like an old-school double-decker bus), or a horseless carriage called a jitney. Vehicles pick up for these one-way rides in either Town Square or in front of Cinderella Castle from the central plaza.

Lightning Lane Availability: None

Height Restriction: Any Height

Best for: All Ages

Walt Disney World Railroad

All aboard! Take a spin on the Lily Belle, just like Walt and his family used to do on their miniature backyard railway, on the Walt Disney World Railroad. (For a peek at one of the tiny train cars, make your way over to the Carolwood Pacific Room at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, a Magic Kingdom Area hotel.) Named for Walt’s wife, Lillian, the Lily Belle is the steam-powered locomotive that powers Magic Kingdom’s railway.

The Main Street station also serves as the opening curtain to the show that is the Magic Kingdom. Other train station stops are located in Fantasyland at Storybook Circus and in Frontierland. Consider taking the 20-minute grand tour around the park sometime during your day to get the lay of the land or simply use it as a relaxing way to get from Point A to Point B.

Lightning Lane Availability: None

Height Restriction: Any Height

Best for: All Ages

Disney balloons on Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom Park

Main Street, U.S.A. Characters & Entertainment

To make up for the lack of attractions, Main Street, U.S.A. is positively jam-packed with entertainment offerings, from parades and stage shows to live music and fireworks. And, of course, don’t forget a meet-and-greet with the big cheese himself.

Sadly, although everyone’s favorite fairy previously held court in Town Square Theater next door to Mickey, you can no longer travel to Pixie Hollow to meet Tinker Bell on Main Street, USA. During the pandemic, Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook closed its doors, and the meet-and-greet location still shows no sign of reopening anytime soon. That said, with the recent return of Magic Kingdom character greetings like Ariel’s grotto and Enchanted Tales with Belle, there is hope that folks will be able to meet Tinker Bell at Disney World once more.

In fact, the famed fairy was actually spotted in Epcot at the end of January 2023. As this is where performers often go for training, it is possible that Tinker Bell was there earning her wings, so to speak. So, while Disney hasn’t actually announced anything yet, we can cross our fingers that Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook will open to guests sometime in the future. Until then, for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the sassy pixie, you’ll have to make do with a sighting during the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Tinker Bell isn’t the only Magic Kingdom mainstay that hasn’t made a comeback yet after COVID-19. Unfortunately, the adorable Main Street Trolley Show hasn’t returned either. With delightful song-and-dance numbers by talented performers, the Main Street Trolley Show charmed guests as they entered the park. Since the pandemic, however, it is now nowhere to be found on the My Disney Experience app or the Walt Disney World website. While this isn’t a great sign, Disney hasn’t officially canceled the Main Street Trolley Show yet. So, we’ll be holding out hope that it does return at some point in time.

Maleficent Dragon during the Festival of Fantasy Parade on Main Street USA at Christmas

Meet Mickey Mouse in Town Square Theater

You can’t go to Magic Kingdom and not meet Mickey Mouse. After all, he’s the reason why this magical place exists. To say “hello” to the big cheese, make your way to Town Square Theater, where Mickey greets guests backstage at his magic show. Yup, the talented mouse is a magician, too! While you’re there, keep an eye out for enchanted props and posters. Typically, Mickey mingles with his adoring fans from park open until roughly an hour before the park closes. This is subject to change, so check the My Disney Experience app for the latest schedule.

Festival of Fantasy Parade and Character Cavalcades

Hoping to see a slew of Disney characters? Don’t miss the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade or the Magic Kingdom character cavalcades, which float down Main Street, U.S.A. after traveling through Frontierland and Liberty Square. While the Festival of Fantasy Parade takes place at least once per day at 3:00 PM (a second showtime gets added on at noon during busier periods), Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade is typically offered at 10:45 AM, 1:35 PM and 4:25 PM daily. Featuring an impressive array of characters, the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade is usually held once a day at 5:10 PM.

Prime views can be had all along Main Street. However, some of the best views are offered in the central plaza in front of the castle, as well as from Town Square. That said, if you’re trying to take pictures, we’d recommend a spot in the middle of Town Square, as it tends to be less busy and you’ll enjoy multiple opportunities to snap your shot (as long as you don’t mind moving a bit).

Magic Kingdom Fireworks – Disney Enchantment/Happily Ever After

For the perfect ending to your theme park day, you won’t want to miss the nightly Magic Kingdom fireworks. This dazzling display lights up the night over Cinderella Castle with thrilling pyrotechnics and stunning projections, making for one heckuva finale. Until April 2, 2023, guests can catch Disney Enchantment once nightly before the triumphant return of Happily Ever After on April 3.

Like the parade and cavalcades, the best views can be found along Main Street, as well as in the central hub in front of the castle. Just keep in mind that this nighttime spectacular is incredibly popular, so be prepared to claim a spot early if you’re hoping to see the show from the central plaza. As showtimes are subject to change, check My Disney Experience for the current schedule.

Fireworks above Cinderella Castle

Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire

See Mickey Mouse and the gang take to the Castle Stage alongside popular Disney characters like Anna and Elsa, Tiana and Naveen, and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider during Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire. With a mix of both classic Disney pals and newer Disney Princesses, this all-out musical extravaganza is a ton of fun. Shows are held several times each day, so refer to My Disney Experience for the most up-to-date schedule.

Let the Magic Begin

Start your day in true Disney fashion: With Mickey and his pals during Let the Magic Begin, Magic Kingdom’s opening ceremony. Held on the Castle Stage, this show is a great way to kick things off with a bang. Since the stage show takes place just a few minutes before the park officially opens, you’ll need to be there bright and early if you want to catch it. Fortunately, as cast members typically open Main Street, U.S.A. ahead of schedule, you’ll be able to take advantage of fewer crowds in the background of your photos.

The Dapper Dans

Be serenaded by tight four-part harmonies during a performance by The Dapper Dans barbershop quartet. This charming group entertains guests with a medley of musical standards, tap dancing and vaudeville humor, making for a nostalgic interlude during your busy day. The Dapper Dans barbershop quartet performs up and down Main Street, U.S.A. several times daily, so check out the My Disney Experience app for current showtimes.

Main Street Philharmonic

Another quintessential Magic Kingdom music act you won’t want to miss is the Main Street Philharmonic. With brass instruments and a rhythm section performing everything from ragtime favorites to Disney songs, this marching band brings the fun to both Main Street, U.S.A. and Storybook Circus. The group even takes requests, so if there’s something you’d like to hear, be sure to let them know before they march away.

Inside baseball restaurant with dining menu

Flag Retreat

Feeling patriotic? Then you’re sure to Magic Kingdom’s Flag Retreat ceremony. Held every night since opening day at 5:00 PM in Town Square, this poignant display pays tribute to our nation’s servicemembers. The somber ceremony features the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as patriotic songs like The Star-Spangled Banner (often played by the Main Street Philharmonic, during the lowering and folding of the flag.

Casey’s Corner Pianist

Hear someone tickle the ivories to classic ragtime tunes during a performance by the Casey’s Corner Pianist. Another opening-day original, this musical offering is the perfect accompaniment to your hot dog or a sundae from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. Showtimes are held multiple times daily, so refer to My Disney Experience for the day’s schedule.

Main Street, U.S.A. Restaurants

From quick-service eateries to sit-down restaurants to character dining, there’s something to satisfy every craving on Main Street, U.S.A. Here’s everything that’s available.

Casey’s Corner

Take me out to the ballgame with something tasty from Casey’s Corner. Themed after America’s favorite pastime, this quick-service restaurant serves up all sorts of fully-loaded hot dogs, as well as corn dog nuggets and fries. A small amount of both indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Cost: Lunch & Dinner – $14.99 and under per adult

Cuisine: American

What to Get: Walt’s Chili-Cheese All-Beef Hot Dog, Corn Dog Nuggets

Reservations: None, Mobile Order available

Outside of bakery building

Main Street Bakery

Need a jolt of java to get you going? Then the Main Street Bakery (AKA Starbucks) is the place for you. This quick-service cafe offers an array of Starbucks drinks, as well as light bites like sandwiches and pastries. Just keep in mind that, as Main Street Bakery is located near the front of the park, it can get really busy, especially early on in the day.

Cost: Snacks – $14.99 and under per adult

Cuisine: American, Bakery

What to Get: Starbucks beverages and bites

Reservations: None

Main Street Confectionery

Got a sweet tooth? Chances are you’ll find something at the Main Street Confectionery that’s sure to hit the spot. This old-school candy shop dishes up a tasty assortment of treats, including cookies, fudge, cupcakes, popcorn and indulgent caramel and candied apples.

Cost: Snacks – $14.99 and under per adult

Cuisine: American, Bakery

What to Get: Caramel and Candied Apples, Mickey Pineapple Cupcake, Fudge

Reservations: None, Mobile Order

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

If you’re looking to cool down in the hot Central Florida sun, then consider stopping in for a scoop from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. This quick-service snack stand offers ice cream of all kinds and flavors, such as sundaes, dishes and floats.

Cost: Snacks – $14.99 and under per adult

Cuisine: American

What to Get: Main Street Float, Brownie Sundae

Reservations: None

Dining room with tables

The Crystal Palace

Whether you’re traveling with kids or are simply a grown-up fan of Winnie the Pooh, then consider booking a table at The Crystal Palace. Located next to Adventureland, this table-service character dining location features appearances by friends from the Hundred Acre Wood, as well as bottomless helpings of family-friendly dishes like fried chicken and mashed potatoes from the buffet. Characters stop by to take photos and sign autographs at your table, so remember to bring your book and something to write with.

Cost: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – $35 to $59.99 per adult

Cuisine: American

What to Get: Country Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Carved Prime Rib

Reservations: Advanced Dining Reservation, Walk-Up List available

The Plaza Restaurant

For a sit-down meal at an affordable price, enjoy a meal at The Plaza Restaurant. This table-service outlet serves up approachable eats like burgers, sandwiches and salads in an elegant, Art Nouveau-style setting. The restaurant is also attached to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, so don’t forget to save some room for dessert.

Cost: Lunch & Dinner – $15 to $34.99 per adult

Cuisine: American

What to Get: Seared Crab Cakes, The Main Street Burger, The Plaza Reuben

Reservations: Advanced Dining Reservation, Walk-Up List available

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Many of the buildings along Main Street, U.S.A. were styled after Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri, which was also the inspiration for the classic Disney film Lady and the Tramp. So, why not enjoy a meal at the restaurant where the two pooches shared their very first kiss? Tony’s Town Square Restaurant cooks up Italian favorites—like spaghetti and meatballs, of course—in a quaint, turn-of-the-century setting. Outside the table-service outlet, you can even see a pair of pawprints carved into the ground with a heart.

Cost: Lunch & Dinner – $15 to $34.99 per adult

Cuisine: American, Italian

What to Get: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Penne with Chicken Al Forno

Reservations: Advanced Dining Reservation, Walk-Up List available

Pretzel in the shape of Mickey Mouse

Main Street, U.S.A. Merchandise Locations

Along with entertainment and dining, Main Street, U.S.A. also boasts a ton of retail space, including the largest gift shop in Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Emporium. Since stores here are open late, feel free to save your shopping until the end of the night, so you don’t have to walk around all day with a bunch of bags.

Crystal Arts

You’ll find all things sparkly at Crystal Arts on Main Street. Presented by Arribas Brothers, this glittering gift shop stocks hand-blown glass figurines, glassware and more. If you like, you can even watch the masters in action as they create new works of art.

Curtain Call Collectibles

After hobnobbing backstage with Mickey Mouse, purchase a memento of your time together at Curtain Call Collectibles. Though plush toys and apparel are also on offer, we highly recommend a pair of Mickey Ears, which can be personalized on-site with your choice of embroidery.

Disney Clothiers

If it’s apparel you’re after, don’t miss a chance to look around Disney Clothiers. Attached to the Emporium, this clothing store stocks character-themed apparel for everyone, from babies to adults.


If there’s a Disney souvenir that’s on your list, chances are you’ll find it at the Main Street Emporium. This massive gift shop has everything any Disney fan could possibly need, like apparel, pins, housewares, plushies, toys, candy, Christmas ornaments and more.

Main Street Cinema

Are you a lover of all things retro? Pop by Main Street Cinema to check out Magic Kingdom’s collection of vintage apparel and collectibles, such as Mickey Ears, t-shirts, pins and more. While you’re there, take some time to admire the props and other old-school decor featured in the 50th-anniversary overlay.

Uptown Jewelers

Looking for a more upscale souvenir? Don’t miss what’s on offer at Uptown Jewelers. This quaint shop sells all sorts of fine goods, including PANDORA charms, designer handbags, watches, artist sketches and pieces from The Art of Disney store.

Red castle with green buildings

Well, folks, that brings our tour of Main Street, U.S.A. to a close. Before we hop on the Monorail to head home, what’s your favorite thing to do in this nostalgic part of the park? Let us know in the comments! Then, learn how to work some magic on your wallet and save on your next vacation with our discount Disney World tickets.