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Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park Guide

Southern California has established itself as the ‘Thrill Capital of the World’ thanks to the excitement that Six Flags Magic Mountain brings to the region. Home to 20 roller coasters—many breaking records for height, speed, and thrills—it’s one of the best parks in the system.

Formerly Magic Mountain, the Six Flags brand revitalized this historical park by bringing signature flavor like the Looney Tunes and DC comic book worlds to life in the various themed sections. Each area immerses you in a new experience as you enjoy the thrill rides, family attractions, live shows, and more. 

Get an inside look at Six Flags Magic Mountain to see how you can feel the magic of the theme park. And if you’re thinking of visiting some other Six Flag parks be sure to read our guides on Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Great Adventure.

Things to Do in Six Flags

Thrill Rides

Adrenaline pumping rides with breath-taking views at the top of the drop and that leave your stomach there as you begin to plunge into a roaring adventure is what keeps up the reputation for thrill-seekers visiting Six Flags. And with the most roller coasters of any of the parks, Six Flags Magic Mountain gives you lots of bang for your buck as you experience some of the world’s tallest, fastest, and loopiest rides.

Goliath lives up to its name with a massive 255-ft drop and speeding along the winding tracks at 85 miles per hour. 

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Race against the opposing riders on the Twisted Colossus or West Coast Racers rides. These twin roller coasters give riders a unique experience by sending off two cars simultaneously to twist, turn, and dive around the track. You’ll nearly high-five riders on the other track as you tilt overhead or dip below to see who can make it back to the station first. It’s a ride that deserves back-to-back rides to see which lane you prefer.

Snakes aren’t everyone’s favorite animal, but the Viper Roller Coaster frequently charts at the top for thrill-seekers. Slither around seven serpent-like loops at speeds topping 70 miles per hour. You’ll want to leave everything in your pockets behind before getting on the X2 roller coaster because this thrill ride flips unpredictably as you tumble your way to 200-ft elevation and back down in a brain-spinning adventure.

Six Flags continues to add to the park’s thrills with the newest edition of Wonder Woman Flight of Courage. Not only does it break the world record for the number of rides, but this 20th addition to the park is the tallest single-rail roller coaster, with its 13-story drop. Summer 2022, the ride makes its debut.

Rides for Family Fun

Six Flags is a place for everyone! The adults will have plenty of time to sneak off to ride the exciting roller coasters, but on your way to the next thrill, enjoy time with loved ones on these family- and kid-friendly rides.

Become an honorary member of the Justice League to fight alongside Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and other DC heroes in the Battle for Metropolis to stop the antics of the Joker and Harley Quinn. The 4D ride experience puts you in the DC comic world, where you’ll feel the trembles, wind, and heat in every scene.

On a hot day in California, tons of families can be seen filing in line to cool off in the park’s refreshing water rides. Feel the pull of gravity as you rush down on the Jet Stream slide solo or paired with your kids to a splashing halt at the bottom of the drop. For even more wet fun, slide over to the Roaring Rapids to strap into a tube large enough for your entire family to splash, swoosh, and spin along the river. Just watch out for the unexpected waterfall drop.

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Take the wheel at the Pacific Speedway where “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” This go-kart racetrack might be the only where you look next to you and see kids speeding along the track as fast as you are—but if they’re too short, they’ll likely be barking out directions from the passenger seat. Alternatively, experience road rage in the Jammin’ Bumpers, where you’re encouraged to bump your way around the track and see who can make who spin out first.

Kids will spend plenty of time with the Looney Tunes characters on their signature kids rides. They are cordially invited to Pepe Le Pew’s Tea Party to spin around in teacups, join the never-ending search for ‘wabbits’ by soaring high in Elmer’s Weather Balloons, or escape from Wile E. Coyote on the Road Runner Express kid’s roller coaster.

Shopping and Dining

You’re guaranteed to leave Six Flags Magic Mountain with tons of stories about the experience, but did it really happen if you don’t have anything to show for it? Pick up souvenirs and merchandise around the park. Shop toys and merch from your favorite cartoons in the Looney Tunes Super Store or dress like the superheroes in the DC Superhero Store. 

The cameras are always rolling on the biggest rides like X2, Goliath, Viper, and Full Throttle, which offer professional photos of your expression that screams ‘fun’ snapped at the height of the thrills.

If you lost your voice and stomach somewhere at the top of the massive drops and corkscrew loops, stop by one of the nearby restaurants to regain composure before the next exciting ride likely to do the same thing. As soon as your head stops spinning from the Viper roller coaster, enjoy Asian cuisines like chow mein and orange chicken at Chop Six. And you deserve a meal fitting for a king after conquering Goliath, and Food Etc. is the perfect spot to find everything from tacos to chicken bowls to vegetarian dishes.

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Going on adventures with the Justice League to keep Metropolis safe from villains is a full-time job that takes up a lot of energy to accomplish successfully. Refuel after an encounter with the Joker’s henchmen with tasty All-American food like burgers and fries from Big Belly Burger or a BBQ sandwich at Ace O’Clubs.

Six Flags Magic Mountain closes at 5 pm during the week, sending you on a race against time to see how many rides you can fit in. Attendees on a mission to check off as many rides as they can prefer the snack parlors dotting the park to get a bite on the go of popcorn, pretzels, ICEEs, funnel cakes, and other snacks while en route to the next attraction.

Live Shows and Events

Rides aren’t the only thing to experience during your visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain. This park truly brings the magic with live entertainment and events happening all season long. When your eyes aren’t glued to the sky watching the massive roller coasters toppled over their drops, look around, and you might find some exciting things happening on the ground level.

Six Flags is a magical place where all your favorite cartoons and comic book characters come to life. You’ll feel like you’re in a multiverse as you get immersed into the fictional worlds across the park. You’re likely to spot Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Taz, and other Looney Tunes hanging out with attendees waiting in line to snap pictures with them. Time it right, and you might get a chance to see them show off a few of their dance moves.

Next, explore Metropolis, where Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and the rest of the Justice League can be found posing for photos after a successful mission.

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Stay tuned to the scheduled program in Six Flags Magic Mountain to check out one of the local shows. In a place like California, where talent is everywhere, you’ll get world-class entertainment without even leaving the park. Seasonal music concerts, dances, and others are always on the bill, so grab tickets and be a part of the audience!

Six Flags keeps its park in the festive spirit, regardless of which holiday it is. There is no need to plan a high school skip day, but Six Flags opens its doors for a special Senior Grad Nite. And it’s the perfect place to host birthday parties, school field trips, and other community organizations.

During autumn, zombies come alive in a real-life thriller that wander the park at night during Fright Fest. However, for a more jolly experience, visit during Holiday in the Park to enjoy Christmas lights and themed activities.

Theme Park Sections

Immediately upon entering the park, you’ll hear the roaring coasters and screaming coming from Baja Ridge. It’s one of the most exciting areas in Six Flags for roller coaster enthusiasts who can enjoy Viper and X2 in the same location. And be sure to stop by one of the newest sections, Screampunk, to enjoy even more of the signature roller coasters like the Twisted Colossus and namesake Scream ride.

Take the path of the ninja warrior in Samurai Summit to find the Ninja and Tatsu roller coasters or have a wet n’wild time in Rapids Camp Crossing to cruise the Roaring Rapids. While Wonder Woman gets ready to reveal what’s hiding behind the construction wall, navigate your way through Metropolis to be recruited in the Justice League with a 4D ride experience and roller coasters.

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When you’re feeling looney, hang out in Bugs Bunny World with the entire Looney Tunes crew in this kid-friendly section of the park, complete with rides and attractions. Or let them step back into time with the railroad-themed Whistlestop Park.

The boardwalk is always an excellent location to find in-park restaurants and snacks when you get hungry. 

Passes and Discounts

Heads up! Six Flags Magic Mountain is the most expensive theme park in the Six Flags chain. One-day tickets start at $65.00ea (compared to other parks like Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Over Georgia starting at $34.99). While it’s well worth the price for the number of rides and attractions it offers, you’ll have even more fun knowing that you saved money on admission and other activities during your time there.

Six Flags offers three tiers for season passes to gain access to special perks and member’s only discounts. You can choose from the following options for one visit or multiple visits at other parks:

  • Thrill Seeker Pass – Admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain, tickets for Hurricane Harbor LA, single-use Skip the Line Pass, and special rates for up to two extra tickets.
  • Extreme Pass – Unlimited access to Six Flags parks, food and merchandise discounts up to 25%, two Skip the Line Passes, dining plan, and other perks.
  • Ultimate Pass – Unlimited access to Six Flags parks, food and merchandise discounts up to 30%, five Skip the Line Passes, ride credits, park rewards, and other perks.

Ways to Save

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Unlimited riding is more accessible than ever, thanks to flexible payment options so that you can have fun today and pay later! Also, consider purchasing season passes from another Six Flags location if you’re nearby because the price may be slightly lower.

If you already know how you want to spend your day in the park, you can save time and money with add-on packages while purchasing tickets online. These options include Flash Passes to cut in line, dining deals with all-day drinks, photos, and other benefits.


What is the most expensive Six Flags theme park.

Six Flags operates 23 theme parks in North America, including a property in Montreal, Canada, Mexico City, Mexico, and waterparks. Ticket prices vary across the parks based on popularity, the number of attractions, and other factors. The most expensive park in the Six Flags chain is Six flags Magic Mountain.

When is Six Flags Magic Mountain open?

Six Flags Magic Mountain is open all year long, unlike other parks in the chain that close during the winter.

Why is it called Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Magic Mountain was a theme park that opened in 1971. Six Flags later purchased it in 1979 and rebranded it when adding it to the park chain.

Which Six Flags theme park has the most rides?

Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most roller coasters of any theme park in the world. It will break its own record in Summer 2022, with the opening of the Wonder Woman Flight of Courage ride becoming its 20th roller coaster.