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Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park Guide

All you need are comfortable shoes and enthusiasm for discovering new thrills because Six Flags Great Adventure fills in all the gaps between now and having an entire day full of amusement fun. From the top of the record-breaking Kingda Ka roller coaster to the vast safari landscape filled with exotic animals around the world to mini-coasters keeping junior riders entertained, there are tons to enjoy in the chain’s largest theme park.

Find out what awaits you at Six Flags Great Adventures and learn about ways to maximize your fun at the park! Also be sure to check-out our other Six Flag theme park guides including Over Texas and Over Georgia.

Things to Do in Six Flags Great Adventure

Theme Park Rides for Everyone

From scream-inducing thrill rides to family fun to coasters fitting for the park’s youngest visitors, Six Flags Great Adventure is where roller coasters and other ride attractions reign.

Thrill-seekers will find precisely what they’re looking for. The record-breaking Kingda Ka roller coaster towers over the park at 456-ft making it the tallest in the world. You’ll hardly even stall going over the drop as you shoot out from the station and reach the top speed of 128 mph in 3.5 seconds. The Jersey Devil Coaster is one of the newest, most unique coasters as you sit in the red cars magically gripping the single-rail track that takes you up 13 stories high, then drop in for a wild ride. El Toro ranks as one of the world’s best wooden coasters that gives the same airtime you experience while riding an actual bull.

Tall white wooden roller coaster

Riders, both young and old, can enjoy the park’s family-friendly rides simultaneously. The Ferris Wheel is always an iconic ride in any theme park, but the Big Wheel in Six Flags Great Adventure was once the largest of its kind at 150-ft tall. So, if you don’t mind getting wet, climb into the tubes and rip through the waterways of the Congo Rapids.

Kids will run wild inside the Bugs Bunny National Park section full of rides from their favorite Looney Toon Characters. Take off on the Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots ride, soar to new heights on Daffy’s Hot Air Balloons, or ride in Porky Pig’s Camp Wagons. One of the most exciting areas is the Jr. Thrillseekers for kids to experience mini-roller coaster action. The Lil’ Devil Coaster packages the thrills of its bigger brother into a kid-friendly coaster with a 13-ft drop and speeds reaching 15 miles per hour.

Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure

Africa is closer than you think when you set your GPS to the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure. But instead of views of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, this 350-acre safari is set against the backdrop of towering roller coasters rising over the treetops.

Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure operated independently for nearly four decades before joining the Six Flags family and transforming the overall park into the second-largest in the world. Even more so since it offers one of the largest drive-thru safari experiences outside of Africa.

Get the whole safari experience by packing inside the park trucks for a guided tour of the park. Recreated landscapes instantly transport you from Jackson, New Jersey, to the grassy savanna’s in East Africa, where you’ll encounter many of the 1,200 animals inside the park.

Gravity defying coaster

Drive along the road where you’ll be met door side by towering giraffes who enjoy sticking their heads inside the windowless jeeps. And you’ll feel every ground shake as African Elephants walk gracefully beside the vehicle. Red Kangaroos hop within arm’s reach on the side of the road but try to keep your distance from the lions and rhinos.

With none of the animals kept inside cages, the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure is the closest you’ll get to meet these exotic animals in the wild. The experience is an hour-long drive. Tour guides keep you entertained with fun facts about the animals that you can also opt for listening to an audio guide from your own car—just watch out for baboons hopping on your car. 

Visitors can immerse themselves further in the safari experience with the park’s educational program taking riders on an off-roading excursion.

Admission to Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure can be purchased in addition to the main park entrance or included for Six Flags pass holders.

Dining and Shopping

Theme park goers always stay fueled up and energized during their visit to Six Flags Great Adventure. Get a taste from around the world or delight yourself with a world-class shopping experience that will have you leaving the park with much more than just exciting stories about the rides.

Six Flags Great Adventure is sprawled across more than three square miles, so you’ll work up an appetite by the time you reach the other end of the park. So, there are options for everyone, whether you’re taking a break from the rides for a sit-down meal or stopping by for something to quench your thirst.

Taste famous regional cuisines from around the world. The Best of the West serves up some of the park’s best barbecue with its signature BBQ Pulled Port Sandwiches. And the Boardwalk Po Boys takes your taste buds down south with classics like Po Boy sandwiches and gumbo.

Red roller coaster track with foliage

For those craving cultural flavors, head over to Mama Flora Cucina to sink your teeth in authentic Italian pasta, take the cheesy quesadillas and nachos from Casa fr Quesadilla, and order your favorite Asian dish at Chop Six.

While passing by the boardwalk, pick up a few snacks to find shops serving funnel cakes, fried Oreos, hot pretzels, and dipping dots.

Every season, the Six Flags parks release new merchandise. After popular rides like Green Lantern and Nitro, there are gift shops for photos and ride-themed apparel. Alternatively, go to the specialty shops for an even bigger selection. Main Street Market has the perfect souvenir gifts, explore the animal-themed clothing at the Safari Outpost or the Adventure Kids shop for children’s theme park merch. There is also a Mexican-style market called El Mercado.

Live Shows and Special Events

Thrill rides aren’t the only thing that will keep you entertained during your day at Six Flags Great Adventure. From random in-park experiences to scheduled programming, there’s always something new to check out.

As you’re wandering around the park, you’ll notice familiar characters hanging around outside. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, and the rest of the toon crew are always happy to make a special appearance. These showstoppers make everyone stop in their tracks to see the fun dance numbers that they put on. They’ll even be glad to hang around for photos when they’re finished.

Green roller coaster track

But Six Flags isn’t just a place for cartoon animals to step into the real world. Thanks to Golden Kingdom’s Wild Walkway, you can see plenty of exotic animals like cheetahs, sea lions, and more. The animals are on display daily, so try to catch them during feeding time!

In addition to the daily activities, there are plenty of seasonal attractions arriving at Six Flags. Its special events always invite guests to enjoy the park transformed for their liking.

Students are the leaders of our future, but they can enjoy the present moment with specials throughout the year. It creates a fun, educational experience for schools visiting during the semester, and all seniors will be looking forward to Grad Nite in the park.

Six Great Adventure evolves with every season. During the summer, sections of the park get redesigned in bursts of color for the Summer Vibes Festival. The Holiday in the Park illuminates the attractions and venues with lots of lights and holiday-themed activities for those who can’t get enough of Christmastime. But for those who prefer Halloween time, Fright Fest is an excellent way to add even more thrills and screams to your park visit.

Getting Around

It’s hard to conceptualize just how massive Six Flags Great Adventures is. But walking a straight line from one end of the park to the other is longer than half a mile—a route that’s even longer when you factor in the winding pathways through the park’s exciting roller coasters, shops, and other attractions. And on the park’s busiest days, like Columbus Day or the weekend, your arrival time to the next ride can increase exponentially, so plan accordingly to hit all your favorites.

Spinning carts amusement park ride

Some of the top park sections to check out in the park are:

  • Main Street – Main entrance location to find lots of shopping, dining, and even spot your favorite Looney Tunes characters.
  • The Golden Kingdom – Home to the iconic Kingda Ka roller coaster and the attached drop tower, Zumanjaro Drop of Doom.
  • Metropolis – Enjoy superhero-filled fun with Batman the Ride, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, and the Justice League Battle for Metropolis 4D experience.
  • Lakefront – Hang with your favorite villains like the Joker and Harley Quinn roller coaster
  • Bugs Bunny National Park – Designated kids section located adjacent to the Lakefront

An insider tip for zipping quickly between the Lakefront and Frontier Adventures sections, take the Skyway aerial tram. The eight-minute leisure ride lets you soar over the park’s crowds while offering 360-degree views of the entire park. 

Passes & Discounts

Six Flags is a major amusement park chain that not only wants visitors to enjoy for one day but to have flexibility in partaking in the thrills of other nearby parks. It manages the Six Flags Great Adventure Park, Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure, and Hurricane Harbor New Jersey, and that’s just within the local area. So, if you’re thinking about visiting each of these parks or others in the chain during the season, consider one of the special passes and discounts.

Tallest roller coaster track from distance

Six Flags opens up its season passes every year to give you a chance to take advantage of the park perks and discounts. The three passes to choose between are:

  • Thrill Seeker Pass – includes access to Hurricane Harbor New Jersey and Wild safari Drive Thru Adventure. The pass includes one single-use Skip the Line pass.
  • Extreme Pass – includes unlimited access to all the parks in the Six Flags chain, including the waterparks, safari, and other specialty parks. It also includes special rates for friends’ park tickets.
  • Unlimited Pass – Includes perks of other passes, dining plan and discounts up to 25%, merchandise credit and discounts up to 35%, and more.

Ways to Save

Nobody likes paying full price for anything, but with this guide, you’ll soon find out how you can enjoy all the park’s amenities for less. There are tons of ways to save, both online and in-person, so think about what you want to do in the park before arriving to maximize the savings and fun!

1.Shop online

Pre-purchasing your tickets online is one of the best ways to save on park admission. Even single-use day tickets cost less when purchased online versus at the park.

2. Get passes

True thrill-seekers anticipating the start of a new ride season at Six Flags can take advantage of the season passes to give them flexibility in when to visit the park, accessing other parks in the Six Flags chain, and other perks.

3. Purchase add-ons

You’ll be surprised at how much you can spend in a day at Six Flags when you factor in parking, dining, refreshments, and cutting in line to your favorite rides. While purchasing tickets online, customers have options to include add-ons that can save time and money by the time they arrive at the park.


What is the largest theme park in the United States?

Six Flags Great Adventure is the second-largest theme park in the US, ranking after Orlando’s massive Walt Disney World Resort.

When is Six Flags Great Adventure Open?

Six Flags Great Adventure opens seasonally from March to January.

Where is Six Flags Great Adventure?

Six Flags Great Adventure is located in Jackson, NJ, conveniently located less than an hour and a half from New York City and less than an hour away from Philadelphia. At night, riders can see lights in the distance from the two metropolises while riding the Kingda Ka.

Does Six Flags Great Adventure have night rides?

One of the most exciting parks about Six Flags Great Adventure is the nighttime rides. The park stays open until 8 pm on select nights and has Power Hours scheduled from 6-11 pm for nighttime fun.