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Test Track Review Epcot – Walt Disney World Resort

Test Track

Location: Epcot – Future World

Height Requirement: 40″

Attraction Type: Thrill Ride

FastPass+ Attraction: Yes

I didn’t go to Walt Disney World until I was a bit older compared to when I started going to Disneyland. So when I asked people about the Florida theme park they always mentioned Magic Kingdom, MGM/Hollywood Studios and then Epcot. I could never wrap my head around what Epcot was exactly because it sounded so strange.

Of everything I was told about Epcot though one thing always stood out: Test Track. I was always told I needed to do Test Rack because it was one of the best attractions at Epcot, let alone Walt Disney World Resort.

At the time when people would explain it to me it was something like you get in a test car and then you’re like a test dummy where you go through all these “car tests” and it’s really fun. It sounded very odd to be honest. Needless to say I went on it and it was a lot of fun. However, this attraction has changed since its initial launch so it’s not what it used to be.

The theme is more around testing a simulated car as it does various things such as quick turns, accelerating and braking, different road conditions, wind resistance and speed. Does that sound like the old one? It kinda does but things definitely changed and the new one is much better than the old one.

Test Track

The one thing I love about Test Track is the guest participation. Because you’re riding in a SIM car you need to be comparing it to something right? That’s where you come in. Part of the attraction is you designing your own SIM car and then seeing how it holds up on all the tests compared to the SIM car you’re riding it.

More on this in a minute. Here’s what you can expect when you ride Test Track.

The entrance to Test Track has 3 lines. Be sure to read the signs above each one so you don’t accidentally go into the wrong one. The first is the standby line where anyone can enter the attraction. On a normal day at Epcot this is going to run 50-60 minutes long.

The second line is FastPass+ and this is one of those attractions where you’ll want to have made a reservation about 40-60 days in advance. You could probably get away with 30 days before arrival but your available times may be very limited. The FastPass+ line will take you about 15 minutes before you load.

SIM Car Test Track

The third line is a single rider line. Because guests load 3 and 3 with 6 total to a car there are always open seats. Thus the single rider line is a great way to spend less time waiting and more time riding. One thing I love about this attractions single ride line is that it actually shows you an estimated wait time. Most attractions with single rider lines don’t do this.

There’s only really one drawback to the single rider line and that’s that you don’t get to design and test a sim car. The line skips right past the design studio and heads right to boarding. So if you want the complete Test Track experience you’ll want to fo the standby or FastPass+ line.

Once you’ve entered the attractions you’ll see some really cool concept cars that GM (the official sponsor) has. As you continue forward you’ll head into a loading room where you’ll be assigned a number to stand one right outside the design studio. There are two of them so guests are always entering at different times.

Once it’s your turn to enter the studio you’ll be lead down an isle of computers until you stop at yours. Your designing is limited so be sure you hurry through and get everything done that you want. You’ll design the shape of the car, the base, wheels, color and components to name a few. You can read our guide on how to design the best car. For now we’ll just say that it’s a lot of fun and your design will be put onto your MagicBand (you’ll need to tap your band before you start) fo testing later.

Test Track Epcot

Once you leave the design studio you’ll walk up a ramp and around a corner and you’re at the car boarding area. You’ll be asked how many are in your group and then put into lines. There are lines for the front of the car and back. You can always ask the Cast Member for the front if you prefer. This is where you may be put with a stranger if you’re riding with an odd amount of people in your group. Just be friendly!

When your sim car pulls up be sure to scan your MagicBand so that your designed car can be tested. You’ll load into your vehicle and put your seatbelt on for the upcoming seatbelt check which is just around the corner. When you’re done here, it’s off to testing! Get ready for some quick turns, fast brakes and a serious speed test outside.

When you’re done you’ll be led down to a GM showroom where you can look at all the GM cars on the market including a Camaro. Take pictures, ask questions and see how your designed car held up to other cars that day.

You can watch a video of the Test Track attraction below to see what it’s like to ride.

Watch this and more of our attraction videos on YouTube!


  • Get a FastPass+ reservation as far out as you can. 60 days is preferred.
  • Be aware of the height restriction for this attraction.
  • This ride does feature a lot of quick and sharp turns and stops. If you have any back issues you may want to forego riding.
  • This attraction does offer parent swap if you have children who can’t ride.
  • If you want to get better at designing a car you can always use the design computers that are on your way out of the attraction (close to the showroom with all the GM cars in it).

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