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Missing Disney? Turn Your Amazon Echo into a Disney Character

It’s a hard time for current Disney fans, missing the parks and the magic, and unsure when they will again be able to cross those iconic gates. If your magical, perfectly planned trip to the parks was canceled, or if you are just missing Disney and need a little more of its magic in your day to day life, there’s a new option available to you to look into.

For owners of the Amazon Echo, read below to find out how you can have the Star Wars droid of your own that you always dreamed of. There are also other Disney characters you can turn your device into!

If you don’t own an Amazon Echo, don’t go yet. We’ll include some other ways to add a little splash of magic into your life.

A Droid of Your Own

First, be aware that this is geared towards owners of the 2nd and 3rd generation Amazon Echo. To get started, head over to BigUpCreative’s Etsy shop. Here, you’ll be able to purchase a set of R2-D2 accessories, available in white and black color schemes.

For between $30 and $35, you’ll be able to buy all of the pieces you need to attach to your echo to turn it into a droid.

Once your set arrives and you attach it to your Echo, open up the Alexa Skills section of your Alexa app and enable R2D2 talk. This novelty skill lets you talk to R2D2 through your Echo.

Enjoy the iconic sounds of R2-D2 and the joy of having a droid of your own to chat with. It’ll look and sound just like the real thing!

Disney Accessories for the Amazon Echo Dot

BigUp Creative has other Disney accessories for you to enjoy. If you have a 2nd-gen tabletop unit, check out this kit that allows you to turn it into a sweetly pretty Minnie Mouse.

Google Nest Accessories

For owners of the Google Nest, you can order this kit to turn your speaker into Mickey Mouse. The kit includes his ears, pants, and shoes set, making your Google Nest absolutely adorable and bringing the joy of Disney to your home.

Apple Watch Disney Accessories

Head to Infinity and Beyond with brave Buzz Lightyear with this Disney animated Buzz Apple Watch cover. It even has that important red button that all Toy Story fans know to look out for. For the classic Disney fans, here is a Mickey Apple Watch cover.

Here are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Apple Watch charging covers, allowing you to make even charging Disney-themed.

Other Ways to Disney-fy Your Life

Disney Ringtones

Make the sound of your phone ringing also work to brighten your day! Choose a Disney song, maybe one from a film or a classic theme, and set it as your ringtone.

Disney Playlists 

Curate your perfect Disney playlist through your streaming service to have playing in the background as you cook, clean, or work.

Disney Wallpaper

Set the background of your phone and/or computer to a photo of you at Disney, or a photo of the park or ride you’re missing most.

Live Stream Rides

The beauty of the modern world is that we can now experience some of our favorite things virtually. There are live streams of almost every Disney experience online. Sure, it won’t be exactly the same. But a virtual ride on your favorite coaster, or a video of those iconic fireworks, could add just a touch of magic to your day.

Disney Dinner + Movie Night

This is the perfect way to spend an evening at home. With your family, vote on a Disney movie you haven’t seen for a while. Then, choose a recipe from the parks to recreate. Feeling creative?

Try this recipe for Mickey Mouse shaped Beignets with powdered sugar. Need something quick and easy? Here’s Toy Story Land’s grilled cheese recipe. Whatever recipe and movie you choose, it’s sure to be a Disney-filled evening. 

Order Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea

Many Disney lovers find that there’s no taste like the tea and coffee found in the parks. Something about those flavors, particularly the ones that come out of Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea, leaves you always wanting more.

Add a little Disney to your home by ordering your favorite tea or coffee from Joffrey’s online. They have Mickey hot cocoa and coffee, Alice in Wonderland tea, and Moana inspired coffee to choose from, just to name a few.

Order the one that jumps out at you and make a cup in your Disney mug. Close your eyes and savor the flavor of the parks found in the comfort of your home.

Make a Story

One of the best parts of visiting Disney is feeling like you are a part of the characters’ story. Every detail is so carefully curated that you find yourself swept away, living alongside Bella, Ariel, and Mickey. Use your imagination to create a story of your own life that’s Disney inspired.

If you are artistic, draw the images of the obstacles you have tackled, the battles you have won, and the friends you’ve made along the way. Or write a story starring yourself as the hero or heroine and depicting the journey of your life thus far.

You can use whatever creative outlet you can think of here- singing, dancing, even programming could all work to allow you to create a Disney-inspired story of your own life.

One thing is for certain: there are no fans like Disney fans. Embrace the magic of Disney whichever way you choose- by turning everyday objects into Disney characters, cooking Disney recipes, or living the life of a Disney character. We can’t wait to see you once again at the parks!