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Vegetarian Food at Disneyland: Top 9 Tasteful Vegetarian Options

In the past few decades, following a plant-based diet has massively grown in popularity. In some parts of the globe, it is a thing of culture, and millions of people are going vegan for health or ethical reasons.

For this reason, Disneyland has been doing its best to offer a variety of foods that are suitable for a vegetarian and vegan diet. With each year, the list gets bigger, and we can say with confidence that almost every restaurant at this magical place offers something plant-based.

As you probably know, there are a variety of different lands inside this park. This is the reason why we have decided to review the vegetarian food offered at these specific locations.

We will be going through the most visited restaurants, mentioning a few dishes, and discussing the available options. Without further ado, let’s get right to the vegetarian food at Disneyland.

Vegetarian Food Sorted By Disneyland Restaurants

As we have just mentioned, there is more than just a single attraction in this magical place. In fact, there are more than 10 available restaurants in which you can experience excellent vegetarian food.

Main Street, USA

Whether you are a regular visitor or you are yet to experience Disneyland, you have surely heard of Main Street, USA. It smells of baked goods and is the place where your chances of meeting the main Disney characters are the highest.

While you are at it, why not stop by a vegan/vegetarian bar and grab a snack?

Carnation Cafe

There are a couple of different dishes that you can experience at this popular place. The best thing about it is that it is set right on Main Street, so you will not miss out on anything.

Our personal recommendation is that you go ahead and order a Chef’s Vegan Burger. Believe it or not, for us it tastes better than any real-meat burger we have eaten.

The condiment we recommend would be chipotle mayo (vegan)! For a side, we would recommend a House Salad or a Spinach Salad.

If you go for the latter, make sure that it doesn’t include chicken!

Jolly Holiday

If you want to be served quickly and not wait for your food for 30 minutes, then this is the place. Much like the aforementioned restaurant, it offers a view of all the attractions and happenings on the street.

The Jolly Combo is something that you will definitely fall for as a vegetarian. Featuring tasty tomato soup and grilled cheese, you can leave the dairy treat out if you are a vegan!

Also, you can order a Caprese sandwich or enjoy the Jolly House Holiday Salad, which is a masterpiece of its own kind!


For someone who enjoys Starbucks, this bar is going to work as the perfect replacement. If you are a vegetarian, we recommend trying the spinach feta wrap.

On the other hand, there are a number of fruit pastries that you will find suitable as a visitor on a vegan diet!


It would be a shame to miss all the attractions that are found in this part of Disneyland. However, chances are you will get hungry from all the different rides and character meet and greets.

This is why a suitable restaurant will go a long way.

Bengal BBQ

While most people visit this place for meat, it is highlighted by some tasty vegetarian dishes. We would recommend a Tiger Tail Breadstick with some hummus trio and vegetables.

Also, their Outback vegetable skewer is phenomenal and so is the Bengal Rice plate!

Tropical Hideaway

If you are feeling in an exotic mood, then we suggest you visit this place. Enjoy their ramen shakey salad with some spiced vegetable bao; they are both filling and tasty!


Red Rose Taverne

As a Disney fan, you have surely watched Beauty and the Beast. Well, this restaurant is themed after the popular film.

Go for garden mozzarella flatbread or a cauliflower enchanted sandwich if you are a vegan. You will enjoy every bite of it!

New Orleans Square

This is the place where the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is situated, along with a number of other attractions.

Blue Bayou

If you want to get the best view of the ride itself, sit at this restaurant and enjoy a plate of vegetable pasta and golden beet salad.

Cafe Orleans

As a vegetarian, you shouldn’t dare miss the intricate three-cheese Monte Cristo sandwich served at this bar!


If you are planning to eat in this part of Disneyland, your best option is visiting Daisy’s Diner and enjoying a few slices of cheese pizza!

The Tastiest Vegetarian Snacks in Disneyland

While there are a number of places where you can enjoy a nice vegetarian/vegan breakfast and lunch, this is not all. In fact, there are a plethora of places across the park where you can stop by and get a refreshing beverage or a tasty snack.

Dole whip is considered to be one of the best snacks at Disneyland. The best thing about it is it is 100% vegan-friendly!

Another great option is churros. This warm, crispy, deep-fried dough is sure to take you back to your magical childhood.

Of course, there is the renowned Mickey pretzel, as well as cotton candy and pickles. We also suggest trying the Disneyland sourdough bread.

If you are in the mood for something sweet, then the place to go is Salt and Straw in Downtown. Much like the popular TAP bar, this place offers vegan-friendly ice creams and sorbets.

Final Thoughts

There is no chance that you will leave Disneyland hungry given all the different vegetarian and vegan food options. The park invests a lot of effort into making sure that all of their customers are satisfied.

Thus, the park has several restaurants that offer versatile, plant-based dishes. We have done our best to mention a few that we consider worth trying out.

It is your turn to book a Disneyland visit, experience it for yourself, and inform us of your opinion!