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Walt Disney World To Increase Park Capacity

Since reopening in July, the Walt Disney World Resort has been operating at 25% capacity or less due to COVID-19 restrictions. Now, Disney has announced that they will increase that number to 35%.

The increase, which should take effect this month, will only allow 10% more guests onto the property and into the parks but will not change how they are currently operating. Due to social distancing rules, lines for attractions in the parks are physically longer with 6 feet of spacing between each ground. Because of this, the FastPass+ service in not operating, having dedicated those lines to holding more guests.

Dining locations will also not change with several still closed and all running, including quick service locations, at limited capacity. All locations require guests to mobile order and show that their food is ready for pick-up before going inside and sitting down. Dining reservations still remain at 60 days out.

Park tickets will also remain limited to 1 park per day and require park reservations. Disney is currently planning on bringing back park hopping for 2021 as well as reopening one of its water parks, though it’s contingent on CDC guidelines.