Looking for 1 Day Disneyland Tickets?

Many people heading to Southern California would love to head to the Disneyland Resort. It’s one of the most visited theme parks in the world. But not everyone has 2 or more days to visit the parks which is why 1 Day Disneyland Tickets are available for purchase. If you find yourself on a business trip or a layover in the LA area, think about visiting Disneyland!

Before we jump into explaining 1 Day tickets we want to suggest you look at doing 2 days or more at Disneyland with our discount tickets. We offer the best online pricing for 2 days or more for not much more than a 1 day ticket. You can’t get everything done in one day so why not take 2 or 3? See our guide on discount tickets for more details.

If you want to purchase 1 Day Disneyland Tickets you can use our form below. We offer e-tickets which is express email delivery of your tickets. To redeem them all you need to do is bring your mobile phone and show them at the gate as you enter the parks. You don’t even need to print them out and no box office exchange is required! All of our 1 day tickets come with Fastpass so you can skip the main lines of certain attractions and get on the rides faster!

Not too long ago Disneyland made a change to their 1 day tickets that made them date-based. This means that the price changes based on the day you’re visiting. There are currently 3 types of days:

  1. Value
  2. Regular
  3. Peak

As you may have guessed the pricing is based on historical data and days Disney feels is going to be busier than others. Thus peak days are the most expensive because those will be busier days. It’s sort of a way to tip people off that there a better days to come on but it’s also not.

Of course you can also add the Park Hopper option to your 1 day tickets so that you can visit both parks on the same day. This option does cost a bit more but it does allow you to do more!

1 day disneyland tickets