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David’s Vacation Club Rentals – Rent a Disney Villa

I’ve been using David’s Vacation Club Rentals for many years now, both as a DVC member selling points and as a buyer renting a villa. I only have great things to say about his service for both DVC members and guests who are looking to rent something nice during their Disney vacation. Below I’ve outlined my experiences with his services as well as what he does and how you can save.

What is David’s Vacation Club Rentals?

David’s service is very unique and is a sort of niche into the Disney Vacation Club world without being directly associated with it. The main service that David’s Vacation Club Rentals does is sell DVC member points to non-DVC members so that they can enjoy staying in villas at Disney property resorts for less.

David's Vacation Club Rentals Review

Disney Vacation Club members pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a contract with Disney property resorts so they can stay in home-like villas while they are vacationing with Disney. Properties include Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hilton Head, Hawaii and even Disney Cruises. These contracts also require the DVC members to pay annual dues on top of the big payment they made.

David finds members who are willing to sell their allotted yearly points and buy them for around $14.50 per point. He then rents them out to guests who are looking to stay in villas at $18 per point. The difference in point money is David’s to keep for his service.

What’s It Like to Rent?

Renting from David’s Vacation Club Rentals is a pretty easy process. You’ll need to fill out a form and agreement online which takes about 10 minutes or less. You can get more information about renting DVC below and in this online guide.

David's Vacation Club

First David needs to know when you plan to go on your vacation so you’ll enter your dates. Next you choose your first resort choice which can be any DVC property. The list of available places to stay include the following:

By choosing your first resort you’re telling David that this is THE place you want to stay. However, sometimes there isn’t availability so he asks you to add a second room choice. If you say no he’ll only look for the one resort.

Next you’ll choose your room type which is anything from a studio to a 3 bedroom grand villa. Like all hotels, the bigger the room the more money it costs to stay.

Now you’ll start to add in your personal information such as name, address, phone and email. Next he’ll ask for your group size including adults 18+ and kids 17 and younger. Now you’ll provide him with each guests name (all of this is required to book a DVC villa from Disney whether you’re a member or not).

Lastly, you’ll need to agree to his terms and pay an initial refundable deposit. Here’s what you’re agreeing to:

  • Prices include taxes and fees, except Hawaii which requires that the Resort collect a transient accommodation tax when checking in.
  • The $126.00 deposit is taken (by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal), which is refundable to you if your reservation request(s) can not be fulfilled as submitted, usually within 24 hours (weekends and holidays sometimes excluded).
  • The $126.00 deposit will be absorbed for work performed if we fulfill your reservation request as submitted and you do not pay the balance due when requested.
  • All Sales are Final. No refunds. Cancellations, upgrades and date modifications are not permitted. Due to the contractual obligation we have with the Member who is fulfilling your reservation, the lead guest name must also remain the same.
  • Payment is due in full within 24 hours of being notified that your request has been fulfilled.
  • Please be advised that you may want to explore the possibility of adding optional Travel Insurance to protect yourself against unexpected situations. We do not provide this insurance. For Canadian travelers, we suggest that you explore optional “Out of Province” health insurance. We do not provide this insurance.
  • Documentation Requirements: If you have indicated that you are an International Citizen (reside outside of the United States of America) then you will be required to present a valid passport in order to enter and exit the United States of America. International Citizens without a valid passport will be refused entry and returned to their Country. Please note entry to another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents.
  • Living standards and practices at the destination and standards and conditions there with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found outside of the United States of America.
  • Our company is located in Canada. All funds are in United States dollars. Residents outside of Canada are encouraged to check with their credit card issuers about the possibility of foreign exchange fees, or cross border fees. Not all credit card issuers charge additional fees.

Now submit the form and pay the deposit. Next you play the waiting game..but I’m going to tell you what happens behind the scenes while you’re doing that.

DCA Mater

David will get your request, look it over and begin his search for a DVC member who either owns at that resort (depends on how far out you’re trying to book) or any DVC member who has points to rent that fall closely to the number of points required to rent the room.

He’ll then send an email out to his qualified DVC members with your booking information including resort, room type and dates. If a DVC member is willing to book it they respond back and say they can book it.

He’ll then email this DVC member with your details including Names, ages, email, address and phone number. The DVC member will book the room for David’s Vacation Club Rentals and then pass the confirmation to him. He’ll then confirm the booking and let you know that you owe the rest of the money for you room minus your deposit.

Once you’ve paid, everything is settled and you’re good to go! You can now link your resort hotel room to your My Disney Experience account if you’re headed to Walt Disney World. You paid, the DVC member gets paid and David gets his cut of the transaction.

What’s It Like to Sell Points?

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If you’re a DVC owner and you’re looking to sell your DVC points to help cover your annual dues, David’s Vacation Club Rentals is the best place to do it for a hassle-free transaction.

Right now David pays $14.50 per point for premium resorts. That includes all DVC Resorts except Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Hilton Head and Vero Beach. For those 4 resorts he pays $13.50 per point.

Most DVC owners who rent their points through David’s Vacation Club Rentals are looking to cover their annual dues for the year or simply take a different vacation other than Disney.

David also offers a service where you can rent out an existing reservation if you have one that cannot be cancelled or you have a set week. In this case he makes a listing where his guests can see it and people who are interested can purchase it. More on this below.

I’ve rented my points several times and have had a great experience. Here’s what you can expect:

Go to David’s website and select DVC Owner, then select Sign Up towards the bottom of the menu. A form will pop-up and you’ll need to fill in all your details starting with the type of rental you’re doing; points or confirmed reservation.

Let’s assume you’re going to rent your points, David needs the owner information on the contract, then things like your address, phone and email. He’ll also need a PayPal email address so he can pay you when your points rent. If you don’t have PayPal you’ll need to sign up for one.

Next you’ll need to fill in emergency contact information just in case they can’t get a hold of you if the guest is having troubles.

Technically you can list up to several home resort points at once but most people do one at a time so we’ll go with that. Select the resort that you’re selling your points for then fill in your month use year, what year your points are sitting in, how many points you’re renting, if any of them are banked or borrowed and if you’re wanting to rent any future points. He also needs to know your annual allotted points.

The next part is to choose how much you want to be paid per point. As I stated above, David will pay $14.50 per point on premium resorts but it’s only a good idea to list at this price if your points are usable 7-11 months out. If you have points that are going to expire 7 months or less it may be a good idea to list them for less.

The reason for this is availability can get scarce during this time so it’s harder to rent. David’s Vacation Club Rentals has recommendations for listing and at what price. He’s been doing this for a long time so I would highly recommend following them.

Once you’ve selected your price you’re good to go! Just submit the form and wait for David to send over his agreement via email.

The agreement between you and David is pretty straight forward. I’ve posted it below:

This electronic agreement is made January 23, 2020 by and between ********* (‘DVC Owner’) and David’s Vacation Club Rentals (‘Intermediary’).

  1. The DVC Owner requests assistance from the Intermediary for the purpose of finding and managing guests in exchange for an agreed price per rented point payable to the DVC Owner and an agreed commission per rented point payable to the Intermediary.
  2. The DVC Owner and the Intermediary acknowledge that they are completely familiar with the terminology used by the Disney Vacation Club and are fully familiar with the operations and the rules and regulations of the Disney Vacation Club and neither will rely on the other for guidance regarding policies or procedures of the Disney Vacation Club.
  3. The number of points made available for rental by the DVC Owner under this agreement is set out below. The Intermediary has no responsibility for any points not rented to guests during the specified rental year or for any points which expire for any reason whatsoever prior to being rented. This agreement shall cease to be applicable with respect to Intermediary’s responsibility to supply DVC Owner with guests seeking rental opportunities after the full number of points available for rental in the specified rental year have been rented or after the end of such specified rental year (with respect to any unrented points). A new Intermediary Agreement may be entered into by the parties after all points available for rental have been rented or the specified rental year has ended.
  4. The Intermediary agrees to be responsible for:
    1. Supplying the DVC Owner with guests who are seeking rental opportunities, as available to Intermediary
    2. Contacting Disney Vacation Club’s Owner Services to check availability for guests
    3. Contacting the DVC Owner with eligible guests’ rental inquiries
    4. Collecting funds from the guest for a reservation made by the DVC Owner for such guest
    5. Creating and receiving an agreed rental agreement, in form approved by Intermediary, from a reserving guest
    6. Paying the DVC Owner for rented points used to secure reservations, at the price agreed with Intermediary, payable 70% after the reservation is made and 100% of the funds for the reservation have been collected by Intermediary from the guest, and the balance at the time of check-in
    7. Ensuring that a guest’s reservation is confirmed to the guest
    8. Providing the DVC Owner with a credit card or other financial information from the guest if the guest elects to add a dining plan, ticket package or other Disney Vacation Plan optional add-on to enable processing of such add-on request by the DVC Owner
  5. The DVC Owner agrees to be responsible for:
    1. Providing the Intermediary with full details on how many points are available for rental in the specified rental year, as noted below
    2. Advising the Intermediary which Home Resort the points belong to, as noted below
    3. Advising the Intermediary which year that the points belong to, as noted below
    4. Advising the Intermediary whether and how many points may be banked or borrowed in order to secure reservations in the specified rental year
    5. Keeping maintenance fees and mortgages payable by the DVC Owner current at all times
    6. Keeping DVC Owner’s membership in the Disney Vacation Club current and active so as not to adversely affect any active reservations or potential reservations during the specified rental year
    7. Honoring all reservations made for which funds (partial or full) have been remitted to DVC Owner
    8. Maintaining an active PayPal account with which to receive payment for funds collected by Intermediary with respect to guest reservations
    9. Obtaining a confirmation from Disney Vacation Club with respect to each guest reservation using the information provided by Intermediary to DVC Owner with respect to that guest and then sending that reservation confirmation electronically to Intermediary
    10. Processing all reserved guests’ requests for optional add-ons and for specific room requests with Disney Vacation Club and/or Walt Disney Company (“Disney”). A copy of all email confirmations from the Disney Vacation Club and/or Disney with respect to such add-ons must be forwarded to Intermediary for further forwarding to the guest in question.
    11. Processing payment for guests’ optional add-on requests using a credit card/financial information obtained by Intermediary from the guest and provided to DVC Owner. DVC Owner will use such credit card/financial information only for the express purpose of processing the add-on requests with Disney Vacation Club and/or Walt Disney Company (“Disney”) and not for any other purpose and will otherwise keep such information strictly confidential.
  6. The DVC Owner further agrees and promises:
    1. Not to list for sale, and not to list for rental with another rental agent, the points covered by active reservations or available for rental hereunder during the specified rental year
    2. To keep all Disney Vacation Club maintenance fees, dues and assessments current
    3. To keep all mortgages with respect to the DVC Owner’s Disney Vacation Club property current
    4. To keep the DVC Owner’s membership in the Disney Vacation Club in good standing
  7. The DVC Owner further agrees with the Intermediary to make full restitution to the Intermediary and a guest with an active reservation for any and all costs related to a cancellation of that reservation caused by or relating to the failure of the DVC Owner to honour the reservation or otherwise not comply with any obligation or responsibility of the DVC Owner under this agreement including, without limitation, any legal fees, costs and expenses associated with the collection of said costs.
  8. The DVC Owner hereby agrees to indemnify Intermediary from and in respect of all losses, costs, damages and claims suffered or incurred by Intermediary as a result of the DVC Owner failing to fulfill any responsibility or comply with any obligation of DVC Owner hereunder.
  9. This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein. All parties hereto agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario with respect to any disputes relating to, or legal actions brought in respect of, any matters under this agreement.
  10. The DVC Owner represents and warrants that the following information is complete and accurate with respect to the DVC Owner:

For the DVC Owner:

The following points are being made available for rental:

DVC Owner also represents and warrants the following with respect to the points being made available for rental under this agreement:

  • BoardWalk Villas
  •  **********
  • September
  • 2020
  • 54
  • 4
  • 50
  • 0
  • 54
  • 0
  • $14.50
  • $4.50 per rented point
  • David Mullett
  • Melissa Mullett
  • DVC Owner
  • 800-610-5791

By returning the agreement, I, **********, accept all terms and conditions of this Intermediary Agreement.

Once you receive this email and assuming you agree then you’ll reply saying something like Yes, I agree.

David will then respond saying he’s received your agreement and that the next available booking that falls into your point contract will be sent out. It’s good the be patience at this point. I’ve rented my points within 1-2 hours of listing them but I’ve also waited a week. Just look for an email from David that says he has a guest request.

You’ll want to respond to this email quickly to ensure you’re the first one and be available to book the request right then and there. Towards the bottom of this email you’ll click a button that says YES! Send me the details.

David will then send another email with the booking details and you’ll be expected to log on to Disneyvacationclub.com and book it with the provided guest information.

Once booked you’ll again click a button you the guest information email that says you’ve booked the room and you’ll provide the reservation number. Lastly, David will send a follow up email asking you to forward the booking confirmation email to him that you received from DVC.

The booking is now complete and you’ll receive your first payment from David within 24 hours via PayPal. You’ll get 70% up front and 30% after the guest has checked-in.

Keep in mind that you are required to keep your DVC account in good standing and you cannot cancel the reservation. I highlight this because some people who rent their points are also looking to sell their contract. If you have points rented out you cannot sell your DVC contract until the guest has finished their trip.

You’ll also need to keep up on your dues per David’s Vacation Club Rentals agreement.

My Experiences

As I mentioned before, I’ve sold and booked with David’s Vacation Club Rentals for DVC and both of my experiences have been great. David’s team communicates very well and quickly. You can reach them through email and phone pretty much everyday.

Over the years they’ve updated their website and online forms and emails to make things easier for you to rent and buy. Both processes as described above happen fairly quickly. If you’re buying a rental be prepared to pay that day for the entire vacation. As soon as you submit your request they are going to ask DVC members to book it.

It can be a little nerve-racking to spend so much money for a hotel with a website you’ve never used before but I can assure you that David’s is a great experience and they will always take care of you. Just follow their instructions and you’ll have a smooth transaction.

My latest experience with David was selling 50 points from one of my Boardwalk contracts and this is how it went:

  1. Submitted my Agreement form online for Boardwalk Villas – 1:50pm
  2. Received Agreement email from David’s Vacation Club Rentals – 1:58pm
  3. Responded and agreed – 1:59pm
  4. Received a response that my points had been entered into their queue – 2:50pm
  5. Received an email that a guest wanted to book – 3:31pm
  6. I responded and said yes I could book – 3:37pm
  7. David sent me the booking information for the guest – 3:42pm
  8. I booked the room and let David know it was done – 3:55pm
  9. David responded and asked me to forward the confirmation email to them – 4:16pm
  10. I forwarded the confirmation email to David – 4:28pm
  11. David payed me the first 70% – 7:33am next day

The next 30% was paid on the day the guest checked-in and the transaction was complete!

I hope you found this information useful if you’re looking to rent with David’s Vacation Club Rentals. If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World be sure to see our discounted tickets so you can save even more.