Buying Discount Universal Studios Tickets

We’ve been going to Universal Studios for years now and it’s definitely one of our favorite theme parks to visit. Of course there are two locations for Universal, our favorite being on Orlando and then Hollywood. Universal offers guests access into the movies with several great attractions, shows, characters and dining. Since the opening of Harry Potter at Universal, many guests have started referring to Universal as “Harry Potter World.” While many guests may attend Universal for Harry Potter we personally think Universal is more than this. This guide is about purchasing discount Universal Studios Tickets but we also offer great insight into the parks themselves.

How To Buy Discount Universal Studios Tickets

We’ve been researching discount tickets for theme parks for over 10 years now and have found only one website that we love the most: Get Away Today

For over 20 years they have specialized in offering the best priced theme park tickets including Universal Studios. With offers including free days and over $20 off per ticket, you can’t find a better website to purchase from.

Purchasing from them is super simple and can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Purchasing Discount Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets

1. Head to Get Away Today’s Universal Studios Hollywood tickets page.

Discount Universal Studios Tickets

2. Select your first day in the parks. This is important because it may change the selection and deals available to you. After selecting your date select the tickets you want to purchase. Typically for discount Universal Studios tickets Hollywood there are 1 and 2 day tickets available as well as a VIP experience. Simply select the ones you want, choose adults and kids and then add to cart.

3. The page you see will be an add-on’s page. This is where you can add additional tickets to your cart if you’d like to. If not go ahead and select Continue in the top right corner.

4. You will be given an order summary that shows exactly what’s in your cart as well as the opportunity to continue with Get Away Today’s Peace of Mind Plan or not. This optional ticket insurance is up to you. You can keep it or remove it from your cart. Now click Go To Checkout to complete your order.

5. The last page is just your information including billing/shipping and customer information. Once completed you’ll receive a confirmation email for your tickets. That’s it! You just saved a bunch of money on your Universal Studios Hollywood tickets!

Purchasing Discount Universal Studios Orlando Tickets

1. Head over to Get Away Today’s Universal Studios Orlando Tickets page.

discount universal studios orlando

Select the tickets you’d like to purchase. They typically have 2 days and up with some very special offers including free days. Keep in mind that Universal Studios Orlando has two parks so guests tend to spend several days there.

2. Select your first day in the parks. This is important as it may update the tickets selection below. After choosing your date select the type of ticket you want, update the number of adults and kids and then click Add To Cart.

3. Unless you’re wanting to add additional Universal Tickets just click Continue on the next page.

4. The summary page will show you exactly what you have in your cart, the final price and the option to add Get Away Today’s Peace of Mind Plan. It’s automatically added to your cart so if you think you don’t need it you can remove it. Now click Go To Checkout to finish your purchase.

5. Fill in all needed information and choose your ticket delivery method. Once you’ve completed your checkout you’ll receive a confirmation email. That’s it! You’ve just purchased discount Universal Studios tickets for Orlando!

Where Not To Buy Your Discounted Tickets

Not all online deals are legitimate. Many of them are too good to be true. Half-priced tickets don’t exist for Universal Studios and should be avoided like the plague.

Websites such as Craigslist and eBay should not be your go-to sites for purchasing discounted Universal Studios tickets. The biggest thing with these sites is verification. You can’t verify who’s selling them and you can’t verify if the tickets are new or used. We always suggest purchasing from authorized wholesalers like Get Away Today.

Other classified websites should be avoided and meeting people in person to purchase discounted tickets is also not recommended. Handing over cash for a theme park ticket in general is not the greatest idea. You may never seen that money again no matter what happens when you get to the gates.

Because Universal Studios recommends the same things, they do not have to replace or refund your money that you may have lost to a bad transaction. Purchase smart and use only authorized resellers such as Get Away Today or Costco. If nothing else, buy right at the gate. There won’t be any savings but there will be peace of mind.

Universal Studios Hollywood vs. Universal Studios Orlando

Yes, there are two separate resorts just like Disney. One is located in Hollywood California on a motion picture/studio lot and the other is on a massive chunk of land on Orlando. The original park is Universal Studios Hollywood and was built around an active movie studio lot. At first it started out as a tour of a working lot but grew into something much bigger over time with attractions being added, shows, dining and much more.

Universal Studios Orlando was built as an answer to Disney’s Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. It started out as one theme park and one water park and has now grown into 2 theme parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) and 1 massive new water park called Volcano Bay.

Initially Universal Studios has always been behind Disney when it came to theme parks. However, with the addition of Harry Potter to both their theme parks in Hollywood and Orlando, the game has changed. Crowds spiked at both parks and have continued to increase steadily over the years.

Universal Studios Hollywood is the smaller of the two resorts but features many of the same attractions and shows at Universal Studios Orlando. Harry Potter, the Simpsons and Jurassic Park are just a few of the same offerings. In 2019 Jurassic World – The Ride opened up at Universal Studios Hollywood making it the only park with this brand new attraction.

Speaking of Harry Potter…the Universal Studios Hollywood park contains the castle attraction and the Hippogriff attraction along with several stores in one area. Due to limited-room at this park there has not been an expansion here as of yet.

At Universal Studios Orlando there are two separate Harry Potter parks including the Hogsmeade and the Castle in Universal Studios and Diagon Alley in Islands of Adventure. With two major areas to explore, most guests prefer to purchase a park-to-park ticket so they can enjoy both on the same day. Guests who have park-to-park tickets can enjoy a ride on the Hogwarts Express to go between the two parks.

Both lands here offer much more space and several different attractions including a Hagrid Motorcycle attraction and the Escape from Gringotts attraction. There are also different stores to visit in both areas because of the ease of space.

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter we highly recommend visiting the parks in Orlando first. While it is a bit more expensive there is a lot more to do there. Keep in mind that Harry Potter tickets are really Universal Studios tickets. Many guests refer to them as Harry Potter tickets because that’s what they think Universal Studios is. And be sure to buy them for the right park!

How Can You Save at the Parks?

For starters you can buy discount Universal Studios tickets from Get Away Today. This will definitely save you some money. Once you arrive at the parks you can bring in your own food if you’d like. Pack a cooler with sandwiches, pizza, or whatever you want to bring in. Snacks are always a great idea.

You can save on water by asking any quick service restaurant for a cup of water. This is a nice little trick that will save you $3 every time you’re thirsty. If you drink a lot during the day, at Universal Studios Orlando you can purchase a refillable mug for the day for about $22. It’s a pretty good option if you enjoy soda during your visit.

Sometimes Universal Studios offers free dining or discounted dining when you book a complete package with them including hotel and tickets. Get Away Today does offer this packages at a discount and if you can score free or discounted dining, even better!