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Disneyland Celebrates 67 Years – What’s Next For The Resort?

Today we celebrate 67 years of The Happiest Place on Earth (we got it right Chapek). Disneyland has certainly been a “joy and inspiration to all the world” as Walt put it in his opening day speech and we’re so happy for all the time we’ve been able to share there.

And as much as we would love to see Disneyland stand-still and never change, that’s never happened in its 6+ decades of being open. In fact, Walt said Disneyland would “never be complete.”

So what’s next for Disney’s oldest operating theme park? The future looks somewhat bright but mostly steady. A lot of Disney’s theme park expansions happen on the other coast at Walt Disney World, mostly because they have unlimited room to grow. Disneyland on the other-hand has limitations, again, mostly with space. And while the resort has been able to squeeze in a few things over the past several years (Galaxy’s Edge and the Toontown expansion) most of it has come in the form of replacement, i.e. a bug’s land into Avengers Campus and Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier.

And moving forward, we see more of the replacement and re-theming inside the existing parks than any kind of addition. Here’s a few things that we know are coming and a few things that are rumored to be coming to the parks in the next several years:

Toontown Re-imagination and Expansion

Concept art of Toontown

It’s been happening for several months now and should be finished in 2023. The Toontown expansion includes a total make-over of the land and the addition of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

The expansion is mostly for the new attraction that pushed out some old buildings that were behind Toontown in order for it to happen. The new land will feature open spaces, lots of greenery and lots of attractions for all ages to enjoy.

Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Disney characters in boat

This has been being talked about for several years now and it wasn’t until recently that Disney finally confirmed that the changes were happening and that they should be done by Fall of 2024.

The change will have us saying goodbye to Brer Rabbit and friends and saying hello to Tiana and friends as they create a whole new story for riders to enjoy. Of course it will still include the plunge that we’ve all come to love.

Paradise Pier Hotel into Pixar-themed Hotel

Artist rendering of Pixar Hotel

No official name has been given for the hotel after its remodel yet but we believe there should be something about it at D23 this year. Disney did confirm that the changes would be happening and it couldn’t come sooner. The Paradise Pier Hotel has been lacking for so long that this re-imagining into Pixar with be a breath of fresh air.

Already work has been done to improve the hotel’s access to the parks with a brand new entrance opening in June of 2022 at Disney California Adventure Park. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting change.

Downtown Disney Re-imagination

It’s currently underway and we can’t wait for it to be finished. While no new hotel is going in like they had originally planned, the new west-end of Downtown Disney is going to be beautiful with all of it’s new greenery, walkways, shopping and dining. This should be completed by 2024 though no official announcement has been given.

Tarzan’s Treehouse Re-imagination

Also never officially stated but with pretty solid rumors we feel confident in saying that this attraction is being re-themed into Encanto. Work started several months ago and has been progressing. We would expect to see it re-open by early 2023.

Finding Nemo Re-imagination

Octopus on top of a rock

It’s been underway for over a year and should be completed by July 25th. This attraction is receiving a complete make-over as well as some additions. One can only hope that the submarines will be better ventilated and less claustrophobic.

New Disneyland Hotel DVC Tower

Also underway and a much needed addition to the Disneyland Hotel is going to be Disney Vacation Club’s latest offering; a fourth tower on the west-end featuring rooms and villas for DVC members. Currently only the Grand Californian Hotel has DVC rooms but there isn’t many and they tend to fill-up very quickly. Not to mention the contracts cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Rumored Expansions

Again, keyword is rumor here. And maybe these are jus things we would love to see Disneyland do.

Tomorrowland Re-imagination

New Tomorrowland Entrance

Lots of rumors have been swirling about a Tomorrowland make-over which is long over-due. There’s even rumors swirling that Disney may bring back the PeopleMover which closed many years ago. While none of the track is up-to-date or code by any means, it could get there. We’d love to see the Star Wars Launch Bay removed (along with Autopia) and have Tron put in like they are doing over at Magic Kingdom.

If they keep Autopia, we’d love to see them move to battery-powered cars. It’s the future! As for the Launch Bay, Maybe do some Meet the Robinson’s House attraction or really any future concept that Walt loved. Just as long as its actual future.


It’s not supposed to be a rumor. In fact we should have it listed under current projects…but we’ve yet to see any movement on this front. The biggest expansion that would come from this project would be a third park or something similar. Because space is so scare for Disneyland its been said that existing parking lots would be converted into attraction space.

Artist rendering of theme parks

Of course they also didn’t mention attractions specifically so it could be shows, shopping etc. There are a few ways they could do it and we’d love to see it. Look for more information on DisneylandForward at D23 in Sept. of 2022.

Third Attraction For Avengers Campus

The area that currently houses nothing but is home to shows in Avengers Campus is rumored to be the location of a third attraction for this land. Something along the lines of a Quinjet perhaps.