Edelweiss Snack Review

Tucked away behind the iconic Matterhorn Bobsleds in Fantasyland lies the charming Edelweiss Snacks. This small alpine chalet-style quick-service location brings a taste of the Swiss Alps to Disneyland with its specialty menu items like bratwurst, chimichangas, and the famous Disneyland turkey leg. Edelweiss Snacks features a limited menu focused on quick, easy snacks that can be enjoyed while taking in the lovely surroundings.

Guests can grab a turkey leg, chimichanga, or corn on the cob to munch on while walking around Fantasyland. Or they can sit at one of the adjacent outdoor tables overlooking the Storybook Land canal and Matterhorn mountain while enjoying a frozen slush beverage.

Restaurant Details

Type of Food: American

Hours of Operation:  to 

Mobile Ordering: Edelweiss Snacks participates in mobile ordering through the Disneyland app. Mobile ordering is a great way to avoid long lines and minimize waiting at Edelweiss Snacks. It also makes it easy to order a snack ahead of time and pick it up when convenient.

Discounts: Magic Key holder discounts are not available at this time.

Meal Pricing: $14.99 and under per person (average cost).

Two Turkey legs

Edelweiss Snacks Menu

The Edelweiss Snacks menu focuses on quick, easy-to-eat snack items that can be carried around the park or enjoyed at the adjacent outdoor seating area.

Turkey Items

The star of the Edelweiss menu is the famous Disneyland Jumbo Turkey Leg, slow-roasted to perfection and bursting with juicy flavor. At $12.99, this turkey leg is a substantial snack. For a different take on turkey, guests can also order the Bratwurst with Sauerkraut, featuring a smoked bratwurst sausage topped with seasoned sauerkraut and served on a garlic chive brioche bun for $11.49.

Other Savory Items

In addition to the turkey offerings, the Edelweiss menu features a few other hearty savory snacks like:

  • Cheesy Garlic Pretzel Bread – A pretzel bread loaf filled with garlicky cheese spread for $7.49

These items make excellent portable snacks to eat while exploring Fantasyland and the rest of Disneyland.

Sides and Sauces

To complement the savory snacks, Edelweiss Snacks offers several dipping sauce options like marinara, cream cheese, and ranch dressing. These are available for $1.39 each.

Frozen Treats

What snack stand would be complete without frozen beverage options? Edelweiss offers three frozen slush flavors – Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Apple. These icy sweet slushes cost $6.19 each. For the ultimate frozen drink souvenir, guests can purchase a Disney100 Celebration Thermo Tumbler for $13.49 that includes a frozen slush beverage at the time of purchase. The insulated tumbler cup makes a great keepsake.


Beyond the frozen slush options, Edelweiss Snacks features an assortment of fountain beverages like Coca-Cola brand soft drinks. A regular size soda is $4.59, while a large is $5.29. Bottled water is also available for $4.39.



The Edelweiss Snacks location has an interesting history. When the restaurant first opened in 2009, it was designed to complement the classic Fantasyland dark ride attraction, Matterhorn Bobsleds. The Swiss chalet-style building fits in beautifully with the Alpine village theme around the Matterhorn. Meanwhile, menu items like bratwurst and turkey legs evoke European flavors. Prior to the opening of Edelweiss Snacks, there was no building or dining location in that corner of Fantasyland. The restaurant simply blended right into the existing surroundings when it debuted.

Over the years, Edelweiss Snacks has become famous as the go-to spot for turkey legs. On any given day, guests flock to Edelweiss to order the juicy, meaty turkey legs that have become a trademark Disneyland snack. While Edelweiss has a few other unique offerings like chimichangas and cheesy pretzel bread, it is best known as the turkey leg spot in Disneyland. Fans even come up with creative ways to carry around their turkey legs as they explore the parks.


With its specialty turkey legs, bratwurst, and cheesy garlic pretzel bread, Edelweiss Snacks offers a unique quick-service dining experience in Fantasyland. The alpine theme and charming surroundings make it the perfect place to grab a hearty snack while taking in views of the Matterhorn. Convenient mobile ordering makes a stop at Edelweiss fast and easy as well. We highly recommend the cheesy garlic pretzel bread with marinara dipping sauce, it’s absolutely delicious!


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