Bridge with hanging lights and foliage

San Fransokyo Opens at Disney’s California Adventure Park

Today the Disneyland Resort opened its latest makeover of a land, San Fransokyo Square, at Disney’s California Adventure Park. The area, previously known as Pacific Wharf, was re-themed after the Disney animation film Big Hero 6.

All buildings received a makeover on the outside and several of the restaurants received a revamped menu or name including Aunt Cass Cafe (what used to be Pacific Wharf Cafe). No former restaurants were removed.

Building with signage and hanging lanterns

The best change to restaurants came to The Lucky Dragon where, for several years, the menu was lacking anything great. Now guests can find an awesome Karrage-inspired Crispy Chicken Sandwich and a Beef Bulgogi Burrito.

Cafe signage with wooden sign

Guests can mobile order from all the restaurants including The Lucky Dragon, Cocina Cucamonga and Aunt Cass Cafe. Ghirardelli’s corner shop has yet to add any type of mobile order to its store.

Ice cream shop with sign on the roof

The Square also features a new shopping market as well as a photo area where guests can meet Baymax and get their photo taken with him.

Bridge with hanging lights and foliage

The biggest change to the land was the build up of the new bridge crossing from Paradise Gardens Park to San Fransokyo Square replicating the one seen in the film.

Tall tower on top of building with foliage and signage

At night the entire land shines with color from hanging lanterns, strands of light and neon signage.

Theme park land from across a small lake

The new land is the perfect fit for Disney California Adventure Park which has been slowing changing from its original California theme to more of a Disney-centric one. Previously Disney has changed Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier and added Cars Land as an expansion to the park.

Sign with Baymax crossing

The Paradise Pier Hotel is currently being reimagined into Pixar Place Hotel and will be completed sometime in 2024.