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Disneyland Top 5 Rides

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Top 5 Rides at Disneyland

Top 5 Rides at Disneyland Park features rides that require a minimum height in order to ride. If you have a group with smaller children or guests check out our Top 5 Family Rides at Disneyland Park.

Top 5 Rides at Disneyland Park in no particular order:

  1. Splash Mountain [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] – This is a classic ride for anyone who wants to cool off on a hot day or just enjoy a massive plunge down a 50 foot waterfall. Either way be prepared for a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah time!
  2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] – Originally a calm train ride through nature’s wonderland this attraction is now haunted by spirits that send guests flying through Big Thunder on an out-of-control train!
  3. Space Mountain [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] – Head into space on a roller coaster? It sound strange but it’s one of the funnest rides at Disneyland! Did we mention it’s all done in pitch black?! Look for different versions of the attraction during Halloween time and Season of the Force.
  4. Indiana Jones – Temple of the Forbidden Eye [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] – Guests in search of fortune and glory should try their luck at this mysterious temple that sends you and Indy on one crazy adventure! Watch out for snakes!
  5. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] – The original attraction opened in 1987 and featured REX as your semi-professional Star Tours Driver. It has since been re-done into a 3-D experience and features C3P0 as your captain. With different beginning, middle and ends guests can experience over 40 different combinations of adventure!

All of our Top 5 Disneyland Rides are FastPass attractions so be sure to take advantage shorter lines! MaxPass is also available now at the Disneyland Resort. If you don’t know much about MaxPass be sure to read our guide.

If you want to know more fun facts and general information about each ride above be sure to click on their links. For more Top 5 at the Disneyland Resort click here!

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