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AARP Disneyland Tickets

2020 AARP Disneyland Tickets

Are you a member of AARP and have been looking into planning a Disneyland Resort vacation? You’ve come to the right place! Park Savers is here to show you a comparison between AARP Disneyland tickets and our partner Undercover Tourist. Find out who has the best prices for tickets and why we pick one over the other.

aarp disneyland tickets

AARP Travel Services

Currently members of AARP can take advantage of many different services including Restaurant, Entertainment, Travel, Shopping, Insurance and Finances to name a few. In order to take advantage of these services you must be a member of AARP. This is done on a yearly membership similar to AAA. Once you’ve paid your dues you’ll have access to all these things and more.

Members of AARP can join at the age of 50 and enjoy the benefits of membership for as long as they’d like. Members can take advantage of travel service once they’ve joined. Many of the travel services are provided by Current travel services include:

  • Car Rental Services
  • Cruises including River Cruises
  • Flights
  • Vacation Packages
  • AARP Disneyland Tickets
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Rail and Tours
  • Travel Planning

All the travel planning is searchable via Expedia and may include additional discounts over regular pricing. Prices are subject to change base on availability and some services may not be offered based on your location. Using these services is as easy as logging-in online and selecting what you’d like.

AARP Disneyland Tickets vs. Undercover Tourist

To be honest with you, this is an unfair fight for one main reason: AARP doesn’t offer individual Disneyland tickets for their members to buy. At some point they may have but currently there is nothing. That’s why Undercover Tourist comes out ahead on tickets. They offer all types of individual tickets including 2-5 day Park Hopper and 1 Park Per Day. You can also get combo tickets that include Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm and SeaWorld San Diego.

AARP via Expedia may offer Disneyland Resort tickets but these are typical sold at gate pricing. The whole point of this is to receive a discount. While we did a search for tickets via the AARP website, it ended up pulling the same prices as any Expedia guest would receive. There was no additional benefit to shopping via AARP for Disneyland Resort tickets.

Here’s a pricing comparison for AARP vs. Undercover Tourist in 2020:

AARP vs. Get Away Today

2019 OffersAARPGet Away Today
2-Day Park Hopper$280$276
3-Day Park Hopper$355$249
4-Day Park Hopper$380$266
5-Day Park Hopper$395$276

As you can see Undercover Tourist has much better pricing than current AARP Disneyland Tickets. On top of this we would like to point out that Undercover Tourist does offer a Best Price Guarantee on their tickets. They are so confident you won’t find anything cheaper that if somehow you did, they would match it. If you want to feel confident in your purchase knowing you’re getting the best price out there, it’s with them. We’ve scoured the internet and have not found anyone cheaper than them for tickets.

Looking for Last Minute Disneyland Tickets? Be sure to check-out our savings on all tickets 2 days and up if you’re arriving within 48 hours or less.

AARP Packages and Undercover Tourist

Of course many guests like to book packages for their visit including tickets and hotel. AARP’s travel center does offer packages but again, it’s done through Expedia and not themselves so we saw no advantage to booking this way. Expedia can have great deals on hotels sometimes but when combined with full price tickets we saw no real savings.

Undercover Tourist does have unique relationships with the hotels they offer in Anaheim and get usually get you a free night at the hotel you’re looking for. This is a big plus when booking with them. Other benefits can include free breakfast or shuttle to the parks.

One thing to remember is that booking your hotel and tickets together is usually a convenience thing and not necessarily a money saving technique. While other companies will say book your tickets and hotel together and save 35% off the hotel, what’s actually happening is that they are showing you a rack rate and then discounting it.

Companies like UCT just show you the discounted price upfront so you don’t have to mess around with getting a deal. They do allow you to add a hotel and ticket together in the cart as you check-out but the savings are already there whether booked together or not.

There are many potential travellers who only need to book tickets as they have made arrangements to stay somewhere like a friends or families home while on vacation. Other guests may have earned points via credit card spending or welcome offers to use at hotels like Marriott or Hilton. This is a great time to use them as these hotels tend to have several options close to the parks that you can walk from.

If you don’t have any of these options, booking your tickets and hotel together does make sense since you will need a place to stay. You can see our top Disneyland Hotel suggestions to get an idea of where you should stay on your vacation in Anaheim.


AARP members have access to great savings when it comes to general travel in the United States and elsewhere. However, when it comes to Disneyland, there are better companies out there that specialise in Disney that can offer much better deals. As usual, it’s always a good idea to shop and compare. Look to see what AARP is offering on vacations to the resort and them compare wholesalers such as UCT.

From all our research UCT came out on top for tickets only and packages. Again, there are several reasons for this which include:

  • Wholesale pricing directly from Disney on tickets.
  • Partnerships with local hotels to offer free nights, breakfast or shuttles.
  • They don’t offer convenience ahead of savings on either components.

It’s always best to look at the whole of the vacation and the small details such as parking, shuttles, breakfast etc. These things tend to add up quickly, especially parking at $15-$20 per night. One hotel offer may be $20 ;ess but not offer free parking over the other in which case you would want to pay the $20 more overall to get the free parking.

We hope you found this information relevant and helpful for your vacation planning. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!