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Avengers Campus Update – Disneyland Resort

While the parks may be closed, Disney is still actively working on the new land coming to Disney’s California Adventure Park. This week marked a big milestone as Disney placed the Avengers Quinjet inside the land.

Parks President Josh D’Amaro took a tour of the new land with Walt Disney Imagineering and was able to see them bring the Quinjet in to its new home.

Avengers Campus D'Amaro

Avengers Campus was slated to open this summer at the Disneyland Resort but was delayed due to the closure of the resort from COVID-19. Construction eventually was started back up on the land and may actually be finished before the resort even opens.

Disney has a very open schedule when it comes to park enhancements while guests aren’t there so I would expect them to be able to finish up the land within the next 2-3 months.

Disneyland has yet to announce an opening date after being turned down by the state of California back in July. At this time, the state is not even considering looking at reopening plans from any theme parks while COVID cases are still high.

Guests who planned to visit the resort have been notified for any reservation through Sept. 5th that they will be cancelled. Disney is continuing to make cancellations on a rolling basis until they receive word on an actual reopening date.

Disneyland’s sister resort, Walt Disney World, has been open since July and is continuing to bring guests to the resort slowly though limited-capacity and hotel reservations. You can read about the reopening of the resort and the precautions they are taking in my Journal Series.

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