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BREAKING: Disneyland Offers Renewals On Magic Keys With Changes

The Disneyland Resort has finally released information on the Magic Key program and renewals for key holders. August marks the month that the Magic Key program first launched in 2021 and up until this point Disney had not yet told pass holders if they would be able to renew their passes or not. There was even some speculation that Disney would be getting rid of the program all-together after CEO Bob Capek made remarks that the parks could have done better financially without the pass holders.

Today however, Disneyland released renewals for 4 of the Magic Keys and some changes for the program as well. Here’s what we know:

Dream Key No Longer Available

The Disneyland dream is coming to an end. (And no, we aren’t talking about the Disney Dream cruise ship.) Disney is no longer offering the Dream Key which was their top pass. Instead, they have replaced it with a new key called Inspire. Inspire is now the top pass and Dream Key holders may renew to that pass now. They will not be grandfathered in to the Dream Key Pass. The Dream Key Pass will expire.

Text telling info about a Magic Key

Four Passes Are Available For Renewal

Disney is allowing 4 passes to be renewed at this time. They include:

  • Inspire Key
  • Believe Key
  • Enchant Key
  • Imagine Key

The Imagine Key is a So. Cal Resident-only pass. The rest of the passes are available to all guests.

Magic Key info on web

At this time no passes are available for first-time purchase. 

All Passes Have Block-out Dates Now

The Dream Key used to be the only pass that didn’t have any block-out dates. Now that that pass is no longer available, All four renewable passes have block-out dates. The top pass Inspire is now blocked out during Christmas weeks (see below). The rest of the passes still carry their same block-out dates and new ones including holidays and spring break time.

Calendar showing block-out dates

Changes Made To Magic Key Program

Disney has made a few changes to Magic Keys with the release of this information:

  • Pass holders can now purchase Genie+ service at a 20% discount when available and when using their pass at entry.
  • Unlimited PhotoPass downloads are coming soon to all passes.
  • Dream Key is out and the new Inspire Key is replacing it.
  • More block-out dates have been added, particularly to the Inspire Key.

We will continue to update this article as more information is released.