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The Uncertain Future of Disneyland’s Magic Key Pass Program and Prices

We’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for an official answer to THE question: what is happening with the Magic Key Passes?? As the expiration for many key holders creeps up, Disney remains silent. But we have gotten a few clues as to the possible future after Disney’s most recent financial statement report released on Wednesday. Disneyland is not only financially recovering from the pandemic period, they are thriving with profits up to “Fantasmic!” levels. But even after that, there is a catch. The report stated the profits would have been projected to be higher if not for “an unforgettable attendance mix”, referring to the stats that about 50% of attendees were magic key holders, who often spend far less than normal ticketed park goers.

CEO Bob Chapek commented on the continued high demand for passholders to want to reserve dates. There never seemed to be enough reservations to go around and that was clear to him. From the talks going on during Wednesday’s report, it seems like the Disney team had no interest in raising the amount of key holders allowed to hold that precious pass, nor the amount of reservations allotted to the key holders as a whole.

In a recent interview with CNBC, the CEO also commented on the possibility of raising even regular prices. Stating that if the demand for Disney Parks continues to rise, the ticket prices will also follow. This should come as no surprise, as Disney Parks seem to raise their ticket prices almost yearly, but it is certainly not happy news to hear.

While the future remains cloudy for what is going to happen to the key holder system and now even park tickets, we will all continue to wait on the edge of our seats these next few weeks in anticipation for the looming announcement to come.