Avengers Campus: Earth’s Mightiest Land Guide

On June 4th, 2021, Avengers Campus was revealed to the world. This new land at Disney California Adventure Park was several years in the making, originally set to open in summer 2020. Then COVID-19 (our real-life blip) happened and it became another “in the making”.. till now. Avengers Campus is now officially opened to new recruits! The anticipation for Avengers […]

Gay Days at Disney – Celebrate Pride & LGBT+ History Month

Way before the teeming Red-Shirt-wearing masses began descending upon the Disney Parks for Gay Days, queer people have long had a love affair with Disney. From the freedom to just be yourself at the place Where Dreams Come True to Disney characters like Ursula and Gaston who have become gay icons, magic happens when Disney and the LGBT+ community unite.  […]

The Ultimate Universal Studios Orlando Rides Guide

Give ‘em the old razzle-dazzle! (Or, in Universal’s case, lots and lots of screens.) Like the other Studios in Orlando, Universal Studios Florida is an ode to show business, from popular film franchises to classic cartoons. The park has seen some changes over the years, and while it’s lost some beloved attractions, this family-friendly park is still a must for […]

19 Things to Do Around Orlando & Central Florida

With four theme parks, two water parks, two mini-golf courses, and a whole host of Disney resorts, there are enough ticketed and free(!) things to do at Disney World to keep you and your family busy for at least a couple of vacations. But every now and again, we love leaving the Disney dome to explore all the other amazing, […]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Disney World: Eat, Drink & Shop

Hola amigos! Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. If you’re visiting Walt Disney World over the May 5th holiday, you’re in luck! There are tons of ways to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture at Disney World, from listening to mariachi music and shopping for traditional handicrafts to snacking on guac and sipping on margaritas.  We know, it’s enough […]

2021 Disneyland Resort Refurbishment and Updates

The Disneyland Resort is always changing and that’s how Walt wanted it to be. He wanted his parks to be top-notch for every guest who walked through its gates. Thus it should come as no surprise that there are times when attractions and shows are not running at Disneyland due to refurbishments and updates. These can be annoying, we get […]

Celebrate May the 4th at Walt Disney World

May the 4th is almost upon us and you know what that means: it’s almost Star Wars Day! What better way to celebrate the most out-of-this-world holiday than by jumping into hyperspace and blasting off for the Outer Rim planet Batuu and the bustling village of Black Spire Outpost? We’re talking about visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Hollywood […]

The Essential Magic Kingdom Rides Guide

When most people think of Walt Disney World, the first park they think of is the Magic Kingdom. In fact, some people think Disney World is the Magic Kingdom. Imagine their surprise when they show up for their Disney vacation only to discover that they have three bonus theme parks and two bonus water parks to enjoy – talk about […]

Celebrating Earth Day at Disney World

Every year on April 22, people around the world share their love for this beautiful planet we call home as part of the celebration of Earth Day. For any tree huggers, green thumbs, or animal lovers visiting Walt Disney World over Mother Earth’s favorite holiday, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day, Disney-style, while on vacation.  Keep reading […]