Cheapest Way to Buy Disneyland Tickets

There are a lot of options out there for buying Disneyland Tickets. Most people just purchase through directly with Disney because that’s all they know. While it’s not a bad idea, you’ll never save money buying directly from them. The Cheapest Way to Buy Disneyland Tickets is actually through an authorized wholesaler of which there are several.

Of all the wholesalers out there, there is currently one that surpasses them all and that’s Get Away Today. They’ve been selling for over 20 years as wholesaler for Disney and have a Best Price Guarantee on all their tickets.

Cheapest way to buy Disneyland tickets

I highly recommend purchasing with them and know they are the best way to get cheap Disneyland tickets.

Of course when you talk about cheap Disneyland tickets we have to remember that that doesn’t mean half-priced tickets. Nobody sells half-priced tickets to Disneyland or $50 a day anymore.

The average discount for a cheap Disneyland ticket is going to be between $5 and $25. Now there are times throughout the year where this increases significantly to $75 per ticket or even $110 per ticket.

Discounts like those are typically seen around price increase season which is end of January to beginning of February. This is the best time to purchase before ticket prices go up and one of the best times to save big.

Another time to grab cheaper Disneyland tickets is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There tends to be savings into the $40 per ticket or more during this time, sometimes as high as $60. This happens right after Thanksgiving typically for about 1 week.

On top of saving actual money when you buy your tickets this way, there is another way you “save” when you buy online from a wholesaler and that’s time.

Time is one of the most valuable things you have at the Disneyland Resort and you don’t want to be wasting any of it. That’s why when you buy your tickets you want to make sure they are e-tickets.

e-tickets allow you to go straight into the parks without having to stop anywhere and do an exchange, typically at a box office. In general this will save you 30 minutes or more on your first day.

All you have to do is load up your tickets from your phone and head right into the parks. A Cast Member will scan each ticket from your phone as you head in.

Disneyland Ticket Discounts for Southern California Residents

This option is the 2nd best way to buy cheap Disneyland tickets. Residents of Southern California have the opportunity to purchase resident-rate tickets to Disneyland.

This option isn’t always available but is typically offered during the Spring and Fall times, of course at Disney’s disclosure. The easiest way to purchase them is online at a discount.

Disneyland Ticket Discounts for Southern California Residents

There are a few requirements that you have to meet in order to take advantage of Disneyland Ticket Discounts for Southern California Residents. First, you actually have to live in Southern California, specifically in these zip codes: 90000-93599.

Disney will require you to provide proof of this upon redemption of your tickets. How? They will ask for your drivers license that shows your current address and its zip code. Assuming everything is correct then you’ll be able to use your tickets.

If you don’t live in Southern California but you happen to know someone who does, you’re in luck! Residents can buy non-residents tickets under this program and get their friends and family into the parks for less.

Keep in mind though that the Southern California Resident will still need to show their ID in order to purchase the tickets. Once validated your guests can go free without having to show ID again.

This is the current offer for Southern California Residents:





This prices are for both Adult and Child tickets and savings up $111 per ticket.

Kaiser Permanente Employee Discount Tickets Disneyland

If you’re looking for Kaiser Permanente Employee Discount Tickets Disneyland we have a bit of bad news: They no longer offer it for them! That doesn’t mean you can’t save on your tickets. It just means you don’t need to go through the employee channel to get them. You can actually just buy them online at anytime.

If you’re part of the Kaiser Permanente Consortium then you may have been purchasing your Disneyland tickets through Tickets at Work. If this is the case be sure to read all about their program and why it’s still recommended you purchase your tickets through a wholesaler instead of them.

Kaiser Permanente Employee Discount Tickets Disneyland

The employee discount for Kaiser Permanente typically saved guests around $5 to $15 depending on the time of year. They also only offered exchange tickets which meant the employee had to stop at a box office to exchange their vouchers for actual tickets before entering the parks.

Over the years this has changed and for most sellers they no longer require an exchange on tickets. You can simply load them on your phone and head straight into the parks.

If you are an employee for Kaiser and still want to see what your options are for tickets make sure you visit the Kaiser Employee Website for any details or call HR at (877) 457-4772.