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Disney VIP Tours – How To Book and What To Expect

If you’ve come to this page you’ve undoubtedly heard about Disney VIP tours for their theme parks and are interested in learning more. You’ve come to the right place. In this guide I’m going to break down everything about a Disneyland and Walt World VIP Tour including who can book them, how much they cost, are they worth it and what to expect from one. I’ve mae this very personal as I’ve had the opportunity to experience VIP tours over 15 times in my travel career. I also book VIP tours for clients (including you) and have a lot to offer to help you make the most of your experience should you choose to do one.

Let’s start off with some of the most basic questions:

How Do You Book a Disney VIP Tour?

With me of course! Guests who are interested in booking an VIP Tour for Disneyland or Walt Disney World should use the form below to contact me. Once the form is submitted I’ll go to work getting your quote. Once I have this I’ll get back to you and let you know the price and everything included. When you’re ready to book just let me know and I’ll confirm it. 

Why book with me? As I mentioned before, I’ve been on over 15 VIP Tours and know how they work. I have guides to recommend, reserved seating suggestions and in general, how to get the most out of your tour. My services are very fast, friendly and professional. I’ve booked tours for families, businesses, and even celebrities. Whatever your needs are, I will accommodate. Plus every guest who books with me receives a $100 Disney Gift Card to use at the parks while on their tour. A special thank you from me to you!

I can also book your admission for the theme parks at a discounted rate.

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What is a VIP Tour at Disneyland and Walt Disney World?

If you’ve even been to the parks and seen a Cast Member in Plaid walking around the parks with a group of guests and taking them on rides, you’ve probably seen a VIP tour. They are private tours for park guests that include a guide for a predetermined amount of hours, typically 6 or more. The guide (a specially trained Cast Member) accompanies your group and is able to provide several services including quick access to attractions and shows, reserved seating for entertainment, dining reservations and more. 

Over the years however, VIP Tour guides have become known as human FastPasses. The idea being that most guests book a tour so that they can skip the lines at all the attractions and experience more without waiting. And to be completely honest, this is 80% of it. It’s the biggest perk you’ll get out of a VIP Tour and really the dream everyone wishes they could experience. 

Tour guides however do also provide a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the parks and are an amazing asset to you when you have questions or concerns. Nobody knows more about the parks and how they run than tour guides. This is very useful, especially for guests who have never visited the parks before.

Who Can Book a VIP Tour at the Parks?

I have great news! Anyone can book a VIP Tour at the Disney Parks. It’s just a matter of setting one up for the time you plan to visit. Most people think that these tours can only be done by celebrities or connected people at Disney. This is not true. In fact, most tours that you see are being done with regular people who want to take advantage of the tour perks. 

There are currently three categories of tours that Disney offers and one is for any guests who want to do one:

  • Premium VIP Tour – For Celebrities who are visiting the parks.
  • Club 33 VIP Tours – For Club 33 members and their guests.
  • VIP Tour – Available to anyone who wants to book.

Despite there being 3 “different” ones, they are all pretty much the same. You’ll have a guide who will take you around the parks, get you on rides, and help in anyway they can. The only difference for a Premium VIP Tour is that they are only for celebrity guests (a decision made by Disney) and typically move guests from one are to another via backstage or corridors so that they don’t get bombarded with fans. Otherwise that tour is also the same as the other two.

I have personally booked my own VIP Tours for several years as well as experienced ones through Club 33 and I can tell you they are exactly the same.

How Much Does a VIP Tour Cost?

The biggest question of them all: Pricing. I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise that VIP Tours are expensive. Consider what you’re getting for your group plus the personal attention for a Cast Member dedicated to your wants and needs for the day. Having said that, tours start out at $2,975 and go up from there. Several factors will decide your total cost:

  • The day your visiting
  • Availability
  • How many hours you need

There is a cost per hour but nothing that’s set in stone as it changes based on the day you want to do the tour. For instance, a tour on New Year’s Eve will cost you much more per hour than say a Wednesday in February. Same goes for weekends. They are typically pricier than a weekday. The lowest cost per hour is going to $425 and can go all the way up to $600+ per hour.

The average cost for a VIP Tour is about $4,000 with 7 hours of tour time.

Disneyland VIP Tours

Tours at the Disneyland Resort include quick access to all attractions, reserved seating for parades and fireworks (based on availability), parking, dining reservations and more. Your tour group can have up to 10 guests and can last for as many hours as you want with a minimum of 7 hours each day. Keep in mind that every BODY counts toward your party number, including babies and infants that don’t require tickets. This means you can’t have 4 adults, 6 kids and 2 babies as that puts your group count at 12 which is over the 10 that’s allowed. 

VIP Tours at Disneyland can include both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park if you have a park hopper ticket. Since the Tour does not include theme park admission, whatever ticket you buy is what you can do on the tour. So if you purchase a 1 park per day and choose Disneyland as your park, you can only do the tour in that park. 

Guests may request reserved seating for the fireworks and/or parades that may be happening the day of their tour. Dining reservations may also be made in advance for places including Blue Bayou, Carthay Circle Restaurant, Lamplight Lounge and more. 

Guests can expect to experience both Disneyland and California Adventure Park in a single day while on a tour. This includes most attractions and entertainment. Typically the tour length for this is 8 hours but with the right group could be done in 7. Guests on tour do receive Lightning Lane access to both Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and WEB-SLINGERS along with every other major attraction with Lightning Lane. 

You also receive quick access to all non-Lightning Lane attractions as well including Peter Pan’s Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise and more.

Walt Disney World VIP Tours

Walt Disney World is a very unique place to do a VIP Tour and, in my opinion, the best place to do one. With four parks to experience, there are several ways to attack your day and get a lot done. Like Disneyland, tours in Orlando also include quick access to major attractions via Lightning Lane as well as exit access to smaller attractions. Essentially there’s no waiting for much. 

VIP Tours include all four parks including Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom. You can visit all or one or two or however many you want during your tour as long as you have the Park Hopper option with your ticket. Also remember that theme park admission is not included with your tour. If you do purchase a 1 park per day ticket, your tour will be in that one park for the entire day.

Tours can include up to 10 guests with a minimum of 7 hours booked. Every BODY counts towards that number including infants or babies so be aware of that when booking.

The other thing that I love about Walt Disney World VIP Tours is that they include a lot of backstage access which is always fun for the Disney lover.